Looking for coeliac friendly gluten free London tips? Well you have come to the right place! As a coeliac who has lived in London for almost a decade, I am right in the middle of the gluten free action and have lots of guides to make your time in London easier and stress free.

Explore this section for lots of London tips and guides. All my recommendations are coeliac friendly, unless stated otherwise. However, please always ask your own questions when you visit in case menus or processes have changed. I try to stay up to date as possible but the London food scene is ever changing and sometimes I miss things.

If you have any updates for me or places you would like to share, please ping me an email at mygfguide@gmail.com.

Thanks! Laura xxx


I have so many London tips that I have divided them up into guides, hopefully this was I can help both visitors to London and coeliacs living in the capital.

The best place to start, if you are visiting for a short amount of time or want to discover the very safest places to eat, is my gluten free London guide dedicated to the fully gluten free locations here (good news, we have lots!):