Hey guyssss, welcome to a new regular blog featuring showcasing some of the best gluten free things I have eaten recently in London. I like to try new places and have started to really try to seek out new coeliac-friendly dining spots in the capital. Hopefully my exploring will give you all some new ideas as to where you can get a safe meal, rather than sticking to the same old spots.

Nearly everything featured here (aside from two) comes from mixed facility restaurants. I eat out regularly without issues, but am always very cautious to ensure my meal is safe. If you aren’t sure what steps to take when eating out as a coeliac, have a read of my handy guide.

Note I was invited to try a number of these restaurants, but am under no obligation to share anything about them. These are my honest opinions but for the sake of transparency I have added a star when the meal was complimentary.

1. Empanadas – Paladar*

This independent restaurant in Southwark has a fully gluten free menu featuring all sorts of fantastic Latin American dishes. Their blue corn churros with dulche de leche coffee dipping sauce were insanely good, but my highlight was these braised beef empanadas.

2. The Taster Waffle – Utter Waffle*

The best gluten free waffle in London IMO. Newcomer to the Kerb food market circuit is food truck Utter Waffle. Co-run by a coeliac, their menu is largely gluten free and their waffle batter is free from all top 14 allergens. Amazing fluffy waffles, with both savoury and sweet topping choices available. I tried this dreamy taste waffle, so I could sample four of their epic savoury/stuffed waffles.

3. Almond Cake – Casa do Frango*

I loved Casa do Frango! The food (gf marked on the menu, loads of choices), the setting (in an airy converted warehouse with snug cocktail bar tucked at the back), the drinks – it’s all very cool and great value too. After an array of delicious small plates and peri peri chicken and chips this almond cake for dessert was incredible. I am not a huge almond cake fan but the waitress recommended this one and rightly so, it was warm, squidgey and AMAZING.

4. Cuttlefish, Tiger Prawn & Monkfish Paella with Aioli – Arros QD

Newly-opened Arros is touted as THE place to go in London for paella, despite from mixed reviews from the pro restaurant critics. I really enjoyed my lunch here, sharing a massively enjoyable paella with a friend. They have lots of gluten free options and even some deep fried items as their tempura batter was gf when I visited (and they had dedicated fryers). Excellent, warm service too, despite the fancy surroundings.

5. Everything – Texture*

Iceland cuisine with and Asian twist, we had a wonderful lunch at Michelin-starred Texture near Marble Arch. Their set lunch menu is actually very good value, especially as you end up getting seven courses once the extras have all been thrown in. The menu here is largely gluten free but they are also SO accomodating of dietary requirements. Freshly baked gluten free bread, lots of dairy free options, a full vegan tasting menu, you name it they can cater for you.

6. Pistachio Layer Cake – Chateau*

This lovely local gem down in Chiswick have recently started offering an evening menu of Lebanese small plates. They have plenty of yummy gluten free choices and you can finish off your meal with one of their incredible homemade gluten free patisserie cakes. They offer a wide selection here and they are seriously impressive.

7. Doughnut Cupcake – Vida

This fully gluten free vegan bakery has been a mixed bag for me in the past but the recent bakes I have tried really knocked my socks off. My favourite has to be their doughnut-topped cupcakes, which I could easily demolish in the time it has taken you to read this paragraph!

8. Ice Cream Taiyaki – Yaki Yaki

If you haven’t seen these cones plastered all over your Instagram feed yet them you must have been on some sort of blissful social media hiatus! They are a lot of fun and the store have processes in place to minimise cross-contamination between the gluten free taiyaki (sweet ice cream cones) and the gluteny savoury filled pastries. Ask staff to change their gloves and double-check toppings when you order to ensure all is gluten free. They had a blip a few weeks ago when a couple of people were glutened, but have since gone through some extra staff training to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

9. Soft Shell Crab – Kutir*

Fine-dining at its fanciest at Kutir, which is a set in a gloriously opulent town house, adorned with incredible India-inspired wallpapers. They are very accommodating of gluten free diners and Kutir’s soft shell crab small plate was exceptionally good. Plenty of other gluten free options available too and even gf flatbread!

10. Cinnamon Raisin Twist – Selfridges*

When I first saw this I did not believe it was gluten free, it looked too good to be true! But gluten free it is and it is one of the new pastries produced by Mannadew for Selfridges. You can find this gluten free cinnamon raisin twist on sale at The Brass Rail, Dollies Tea Room and Selfridges Kitchen. Let them know when you order if you are coeliac so they can advise if there is any cross contamination risk at the particular cafe.

11. Pesto Manifesto Pizza – Purezza*

This vegan joint serves up some excellent gluten free pizza, as well as gluten free desserts, mac n cheese and beer. The owner’s sister is coeliac so while they will warn you about it being a mixed kitchen, they try their best to keep the gluten free food safe and I had no issues after eating here. The gluten free pesto manifesto was my fave – their amazing gluten free base topped with tomato, mozzarella, caramelised onions, roasted courgettes, freshly blended pesto and red micro basil.

12. Halloumi – Honest Burger*

Honest Burger gets a lot of love from the gluten free London community and rightly so, as they offer gluten free buns, chips, onion rings, sides and beer (and all suitable for coeliacs). This months special is a corker! Their excellent beer burger with halloumi, smashed avo, bacon, harissa mayo, rocket and pickled onions.

What a good couple of months! For more gluten free London recommendations have a read of some of my London gluten free guides:

Laura x