This gluten free London guide showcases more than a hundred coeliac friendly eateries in the centre of the capital. Focused on Zone 1, this is the best gluten free London guide that visitors to London should start with. Gluten free Londoners will find plenty of recommendations here too of course

Areas covered here include the areas around Soho, Covent Garden, Oxford Circus, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Southbank, the City, St Pauls, Holborn, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Farringdon, Clerkenwell, Regent’s Park, Euston, Kings Cross and everything in between. For Shoreditch, please see my East London gluten free guide.

Included are places that I have tried personally and have had a good experience at in the last few years. I am coeliac and these restaurants and cafes were all able to cater for me, with good processes in place for limiting cross contamination.

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Please always ask your own questions too when visiting any venues listed in this guide, in case processes or menus have changed since I visited. This is a guide only and although I try to keep it up-to-date I cannot guarantee that all information is current. If you have any updates, please do send them to

Gluten Free Central London Guide

This guide is split into three sections – fully gluten free eateries, very coeliac friendly eateries (either with an extensive gluten free menu or exceptional service for coeliacs) and other restaurants that cater well for coeliacs. I’ve focused largely on independent eateries and will be published a chain restaurant guide soon. However, I have included a couple of chains that are very coeliac (and family) friendly to offer full variation.

Scroll to the end of this guide for an interactive map, allowing you to easily find gluten free friendly restaurants in your chosen area of London. For quick reference, I have also added the name of the closest Tube station after the restaurant name, in brackets).

100% Gluten Free Restaurants & Cafes in Central London

1. Grom (Piccadilly)

My favourite Italian gelato chain has FINALLY arrived in London – woohoo! Grom is 100% gluten free, from their chocolate-dipped cones to their biscuity toppings. Their gelato and sorbets are obviously all gluten free as well and every flavour is utterly delicious. Grom also offer warmed gluten free brioche, filled with the ice cream flavour of your choice and it is SERIOUSLY good.

2. Indigo (Holborn)

A fully gluten free restaurant in a the beautiful One Aldwych hotel – this is the place to go for a special meal or to treat yourselves to a lovely evening dinner, they even have a 5 course tasting menu. Indigo are brilliant as they went secretly gluten and dairy free for months before announcing it in the papers. Proof that gluten free food can taste just as good as regular food. Accredited by Coeliac UK.

3. Niche (Angel)

One of the original fully gluten free offerings in London. A great place to visit for serious gluten free gluttony – from pies and fried chicken to classic British puddings. Their restaurant is a good choice for lunch or dinner.

4. Paladar (Waterloo)

A stealth fully gluten free Latin American menu, the food at Paladar is wonderful and I would highly recommend this lovely independent restaurant. You can even have gluten free churros for dessert!

5. Vida Bakery (Liverpool Street)

A fully gluten free and vegan bakery on Brick Lane. Run by lovely Dani, you must try their gluten free cupcakes with mini doughnut topper – delicious! Take the tube to Liverpool Street station and walk from there – it’s a great stroll through Spitalfields Market then up Brick Lane (lots of trendy bars, shops and cafes) to the bakery.

6. CreamDream (Covent Garden)

I’m yet to visit this new fully gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free cafe, but their cakes look wonderful (albeit really pricey). Worth investigating for a treat!

7. Libby’s Gluten Free Bakery (Notting Hill/Belsize Park)

So not exactly central, but close enough to warrant a little visit if you want to hit up another gluten free bakery while you are in London! They also have a new opening in Belsize Park.

8. Guasa London (Spitalfields)

Located in Spitalfields market, head to this fully gluten free food stall for a delicious arepa lunch.

My Top Coeliac Friendly London Restaurants & Cafes

These are my top picks if you are visiting London and want to find some yummy coeliac friendly gluten free food in non dedicated restaurants. These restaurants are not fully gluten free but they have a very good gluten free offering and processes in place to avoid cross contamination. Please mention that you are coeliac/gluten free when booking as this helps the kitchen to prepare.

Note there will always be a low level cross contamination risk in mixed facility restaurants. Use your own judgement when dining, as although I had a good experience at these places you should use that as a guide only. If you are unsure as to the best questions to ask, have a read of my Eating in Mixed Facility Restaurants guide.

9. Casa do Frango (London Bridge & Shoreditch)

Portuguese food, cooked exceptionally well. Although Casa do Frango do not have a dedicated gluten free menu, staff are very knowledgeable and able to talk through the coeliac-friendly choices (of which there were many when we visited). We shared a selection of tapas to start, followed by piri piri chicken and chips and even gluten free cake for dessert. The restaurant is set in a cool converted warehouse, with a cosy little cocktail bar tucked away at the back. Great for date night or a catch up with friends.

10. Cotto (Waterloo)

This Italian restaurant has two kitchens, one of which is dedicated to gluten free food. They have a full gluten free menu, including pizza, pasta and desserts. The owner is very passionate about being able to cater for coeliacs safely.

11. Detox Kitchen (Oxford Circus) CLOSED

A grab n go lunch spot with a couple of outdoor tables, Detox Kitchen’s meny is largely gluten free and staff can helpfully tell you what should be avoided. The menu is focused on a selection of yummy salads with protein toppers – everything I tried was delicious and very satisfying!

12. DF Mexico (Tottenham Court Road & Shoreditch)

For tacos and margaritas, DF Mexico is a great little spot. They have a gluten free menu that specifically shows items not suitable for coeliacs (due to deep fryer cross contamination, for example) and the gluten free dishes arrive marked with a little flag. I have eaten at their Shoreditch restaurant about half a dozen times and have always had a good experience.

13. El Pollote at Seven Dials Market (Covent Garden)

Seven Dials Market is a large indoor food market (with permanent stalls) right in the centre of London. It’s a brilliant place to grab a bite for lunch and everyone in your group can try different dishes, then you all sit together. For gluten free, coeliac friendly food, El Pollote is a must visit. Their guava-glazed fried chicken is incredible and everything on their menu aside from one item (their burger buns) is gluten free. Let staff know that you are coeliac and they will take extra care when prepping your meal.

14. Bubala (Soho/Spitalfields)

For a middle Eastern feast of incredible sharing plates, head to Bubala. Their menu is marked up to show the non gluten free options (of which there were only two when I visited recently), so coeliacs have a huge array of delicious dishes to choose from. Really sweet spot, good atmosphere for dinner with friends or date night.

15. Flat Iron (Various)

A chain of great value steakhouses across London where you can get a fantastic quality flat iron steak. Most of their sides are gluten free too and staff are always very helpful. Note, no gluten free desserts.

16. The Fox (Old Street)

This pub currently has the Coop food residency handling their menu and a huge portion of it is gluten free (and coeliac friendly). Choices include fried chicken, waffles and tater tots. It gooooood.

17. Hawksmoor (Various)

More steak but this time a treat place. Top notch steaks, as well as lobster and amazing sides. They have a helpful gluten free menu with marks up the naturally gluten free dishes and the ones that can be easily adapted. Most importantly, their chips are coeliac safe :). I had my first date with my husband in their Covent Garden branch and then many years later a fine feast at the Hawksmoor kicked off my contractions before having my daughter. Yes, it really is that good!

18. Honest Burgers (Various)

Beloved by all gluten free residents of London, Honest Burgers have a very strong gf menu offering and cater well for coeliacs. They have processes in place in their kitchens to minimise cross contam risk, and most of their menu items are gluten free. Ask for a gluten free bun and let them know if you are coeliac when you order. All of the sides (including chips and onion rings) are gluten free, plus they have gluten free beer.

19. Kaleido (Various)

A lovely small business now with a few locations in central London. They sell grab and go boxes of rice paper filled rolls in an array of fabulous flavours – all gluten free – with lemon and tahini dipping sauces. Note they currently share their kitchen building with another company using gluten, so although they are fully gluten free they use a “may contain” warning as a precaution. I’ve always been fine eating their rolls but they are moving to a dedicated gluten free kitchen very soon, hurrah!

20. Pho (Various)

This chain of Vietnamese restaurants has a 95% gluten free menu and are accredited by Coeliac UK. I always really enjoy my meals there and my favourite dish is their spicy rice – so gooooood. Other options include Pho noodle soups, curries, summer rolls and fried noodles. Plus they have a great menu for kids (including a mini kids menu).

21. Pizza Express (Various)

Another family-friendly chain of restaurants accredited by Coeliac UK, this time focused on pizza! You can get coeliac friendly pizza, pasta, main courses and desserts, even garlic dough balls as a starter. They also have a great kids menu with gluten free options.

22. Santo Remedio (London Bridge)

One of the best Mexican restaurants in London, with a menu that happens to be almost entirely gluten free. I love the food here and have eaten at Santo Remedio a few times. The one downside is no gluten free desserts (aside from ice cream), but the savoury dishes are the highlight of the menu anyway and perhaps you can have a cocktail to finish instead :).

23. Lisboeta (Oxford Circus)

Oh I had an AMAZING meal here with friends. Portuguese cooking and they have some serious talent. The food was delicious and they catered for me really well as a coeliac – great knowledge about ingredients and cooking processes and able to adapt dishes so there was lots of choice for me. Dessert choices were more limited, but there was one gf option.

24. Sanderson (Tottenham Court Road)

For the most amazing gluten free high tea, the Sanderson hotel is one of my favourite places to head. Their outside courtyard garden is a lovely spot for afternoon tea and their Mad Hatters offering including incredible gluten free cakes, scones and sandwiches upon request.

Other Coeliac Friendly London Restaurants

The following are all restaurants I have had a good coeliac experience at and that have a decent range of gluten free items on their menus. If you have a differing experience please contact me at

Imad’s Syrian Kitchen (Oxford Circus)

I’ve not had a chance to try this restaurant yet but have had multiple rave reviews from coeliac followers, recommending I go and check it out. Apparently their menu has plenty of gluten free choices and they are really accommodating to coeliac diners.

25. Hicce (Kings Cross)

My newest discovery, Hicce has a fab outdoor terrace (with hot water bottles and blankets for those cold evenings) and a delicious modern British menu. The staff will talk you through what can be adapted to be gluten free and I had a very good experience, with a lot of care being taken over my meal.

26. Apulia (Barbican)

This Italian restaurant was able to provide gluten free pasta (with prawns, lemon and pistachios) when I visited and I had a lovely meal. Staff reassured me that my dish would be kept fully gluten free when I explained that I was coeliac.

27. Arros QD (Tottenham Court Road)

Contemporary Spanish, focused on rice-based dishes, is the core of the menu at Arros QD. Available both as large sharing dishes or as individual servings. Many of the dishes are naturally gluten free and they use rice flour for some of the deep fried batters (when we visited the fryer was fully gluten free). Truly excellent food, in a sleek setting, this restaurant is fantastic either for a business lunch or evening date night.

28. Arabica (Kings Cross/Borough)

I have eaten at both restaurant locations of Arabica and have thoroughly enjoyed their Middle Eastern small plates menu each time. Staff were always able to explain safe menus options to me. There is no gluten free bread available, but they can provide crudities for the dips and I had a lovely side of roast potatoes too. Think fresh hummus, falafel, salads, grilled meats and roasted cauliflower. Fab cocktails too! Dessert choices are coeliacs are limited, but they adapted the soft serve affogato for me (serving with housemade honeycomb instead of biscuits) and it was divine.

29. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings (Farringdon)

This is a lovely spot for brunch or for lunch/dinner with cocktails. Try and bag a spot in their glorious greenhouse if you can. This restaurant offers a good range of gluten free options and gluten free bread is available upon request.

30. Banana Tree (Angel/Leicester Square)

Indochinese food in a casual setting, Banana Tree have a good range of gluten free items on the menu and I have always eaten well here. I really enjoy their food and the spicy laksa soup and beef rendang are two of my faves! Be sure to let staff know you are coeliac as some dishes need to be adapted (for example, removing the spicy prawn crackers as these are cooked in a shared fryer). Go early and make the most of 2-4-1 cocktail happy hour!

31. Bar Douro (Liverpool Street)

Glorious authentic Portuguese food, in a small and sharing plates format. Bar Douro is a brilliant place for a date or catch up with food-loving friends. The menu is not marked up but staff were very knowledgeable and showed us the coeliac friendly choices, of which there were plenty. There’s no gluten free bread but the roast potatoes were a great alternative for any carb-loving coeliacs like me.

32. Barbary (Covent Garden)

Food inspired by the Barbary Coast. Small sharing plates, lots of gluten free choices for me and I really enjoyed the food. You sit at the bar and space is limited so it’s best for two-person dinners rather than groups (we did go as a four though and it was fine, just harder to chat to everyone).

33. Bleeding Heart (Chancery Lane)

A fancy French restaurant beloved by the old school City set and prime territory for business lunches. I think in the evenings it becomes a more romantic, date setting, but I was only ever there for work. I was always well looked after, with gluten free bread brought and the gluten free options explained clearly to me.

34. Bodega Negra (Leicester Square)

Fantastic tacos, ceviche and margaritas, Bodega Negra would be super fun for a catch up with friends. They have plenty of gluten free choices and staff were very helpful at advising on coeliac options. We ate salt cod tacos, tuna tostada, red snapper ceviche and tortilla chips with guacamole and all were excellent. No gluten free desserts available (but the frozen margaritas are an excellent substitute!).

35. Breddos Tacos (Barbican)

So, I’ve included Breddos Tacos here as whenever I have visited I have had a good experience. HOWEVER, I understand from others that their gluten free choices aren’t quite as extensive now as their fryers are no longer gluten free. Please give them a call to ask before you visit, to ensure there are sufficient options. Their tacos are delish and I have always felt well looked after there as a coeliac.

36. Browns Brasserie (Covent Garden/Victoria/Bank)

With Coeliac UK accreditation, you are feel reassured at restaurant group Browns. They have a classic brasserie style menu with loads of great gluten free options and some amazing gluten free desserts (such a profiteroles and crumble, when I last visited). Family friendly.

37. Burger & Lobster (Various)

I haven’t been to one of these restaurants recently but have eaten at Burger & Lobster successfully a number of times over the years. Forget the burgers and head straight for lobster and chips, with the fries being cooked in a dedicated fryer when I visited (please check when you visit in case processes have changed).

38. Camino (Various)

Yummy Spanish tapas with plenty of gluten free options, a good place for catching up with friends or dining in a big group.

39. Carluccios (Various)

Coeliac UK accredited chain of Italian restaurants, Carluccios have loads of great gluten free choices. From a big bowlful of gluten free pasta at lunch to a coeliac friendly brunch on gluten free bread, I’ve always had a good expeirence at these restaurants.

40. Caravan (Various)

One for the foodies, Caravan have a lovely varied menu, with lots of medium-sized plates for sharing. I’ve eaten at their Bankside branch most recently and staff helpfully discussed coeliac friendly options with me. I would maybe steer clear for brunch (as gf options as limited) but for an evening meal there were lots of naturally gluten free dishes that I really enjoyed.

41. Ceru (Queensway)

Nearly everything on Ceru’s menu is gluten free, aside from bready options, with GF options clearly marked. It’s Middle Eastern style food and coeliac friendly options include spiced battered squid rings, courgette and feta fritters, slow roast lamb and polenta fries.

42. Chiltern Firehouse (Baker Street)

Rub shoulders with the celebs at this fashionable eatery, where the food also happens to be excellent. It’s pricey, but we had a great treat brunch there and it was ideal for a celebration. The waiting staff were excellent at knowing which dishes were gluten free and advising me what I could and could not have. I don’t recall there being gluten free bread available, but I had a potato-based brunch dish so hadn’t really asked.

43. Claridges (Bond Street)

Claridges hotel is a rather special place, with restaurant and afternoon tea salon on site, and I have had two wonderful meals there. On the first (a good number of years ago, when gluten free wasn’t widely available), the chef baked me fresh gluten free bread and adapted all the dishes for me. Their food is exceptional and it’s the perfect place for a special meal or a celebration in a formal setting. I have not tried their newly opened Davies & Brook restaurant, but I would assume their kitchen are still as knowledgeable about dietary requirements as they were previously.

44. Clos Maggiore (Covent Garden)

Regularly voted London’s most romatic restaurant, you need to book and ask for a table in the Conservatory (which has a flower-filled ceiling). I ate here a few years ago but see more recent reviews confirming they are still good for gluten free. French cuisine, with plenty of gluten free options and able to cater for other dietary requirements.

45. Cote Brasserie (Various)

A Coeliac UK accredited chain of restaurants with very reliable food (French cooking). They have very strong processes in place and extensive gluten free options to choose from. Nice for a lunch or casual dinner.

46. Dishoom (Various)

Amazing Iranian-Indian food with a menu clearly showing gluten free options. I have eaten at a few branches of Dishoom and have always felt in safe hands (and felt good afterwards), with knowledgeable staff and awareness of cross contamination. I read in a recent review that the manager will now give you a rather stressful statement about how they cannot guarantee no cross contam in the kitchen, but this is very typical of the London restaurant scene at the moment.

47. Duck & Waffle (Liverpool Street)

Gluten free waffles with an insane view across the City of London. The Duck & Waffle were very coeliac friendly when I visited and offer a gluten free version of their eponymous duck and waffle dish. A great spot for a fancy brunch. Be sure to book in advance.

48. El Pastor (London Bridge)

Tacos in a converted railway arch space, this cool restaurant is very popular but you can put your name down on the list and head to the pub next door for a drink. There were a good number of gluten free choices when I visited.

49. Ember Yard (Oxford Circus)

Excellent Spanish and Italian small plates at this upscale restaurant. The meals we have had here have been wonderful, with good guidance from staff about gluten free food and sufficient choices for me (albeit not tonnes and tonnes). Ideal for a fancy date or celebration.

50. Fable (Chancery Lane)

Great for a quick lunch in the city, Fable is part of the Drake & Morgan group, who have a brilliant gluten free menu. They usually have gluten free burger buns available and other naturally gluten free menu choices too. The minor downer is that the chips are not coeliac friendly.

51. The Folly (Monument)

Part of the Drake and Morgan group, very similar to 52. The Fable (above).

52. The Good Egg Kingly Court (Oxford Circus)

I was so impressed with the attitude of the staff when I ate here, as they really reassured me and helped me find a substantial, coeliac friendly choice on the menu. It’s Lebanses-style food and I had a delicious potato, meat and salad dish, plus we shared some starters. Not extensive gluten free choices, but I had a great experience even though we were a walk in.

53. Goodmans City (Bank)

A very City boy restaurant (if you know, you know) and known as one of the best steakhouses in London. I would personally opt for the Hawksmoor over Goodmans, but I did have a good experience eating safely gluten free here.

54. Gordon Ramsey Street Pizza (St Pauls)

Coeliac-friendly bottomless gluten free pizza! It’s not the greatest gluten free pizza to be honest, but nice enough and it gets bonus points for being bottomless :).

55. Granger & Co (Farringdon/Kings Cross)

A foodie fave, Australian cuisine-focused Granger & Co is a fab place for dinner. I visited with my family and staff very helpfully marked up the menu (I believe they now have an allergens menu too) when I asked. There were plenty of gluten free choices (plus dairy free for my mum) and they even had gluten free beer available.

56. Hoppers (Leicester Square)

When I ate here a few years ago I had a good experience, enjoying naturally gluten free hoppers and curry. Do check and give them a call if you want to visit though in case processes have changed.

57. Hop Vietnamese (Liverpool Street)

Ideal for a casual dinner or work lunch, Hop Vietnamese are tucked away at the foot of the Leadenhall building (other branches across the City). We ate really well, with staff very clear on what elements of dishes needed to be removed to make them gluten free and there were four gluten free options (two noodle soups and two rice bowls). They as have a gluten free brownie for dessert.

58. Iberica (Farringdon/Great Portland Street)

Yummy tapas and paella with gluten free options clearly marked on the menu (and plenty of them). We had a lovely group meal here and I was well looked after.

59. Kaia at the Ned (Bank)

More casual than I had expected (considering some other areas of the Ned hotel are a bit fancy), head to Kaia for Asia-Pacific poke bowls and sushi. I had a poke bowl when I visited and the kitchen assured me it would be safely gluten free.

60. Kitchen at Holmes (Baker Street)

Tonnes of gluten free options, all clearly marked on menu and staff show excellent knowledge – its a mix of cuisines, meant to represent the diversity of the London dining scene. Note chips not gf when we visited.

61. Macellaiao Exmouth Market (Farringdon)

Staff were mega helpful here, advising me on gluten free choices and reassuring me (I always ask a million questions!). I ate rump steak and oven roasted potatoes, with a side of garlicky spinach.

62. Manicomio (St Pauls)

A classic City lunch spot, Manicomio is great for business lunches. Staff were helpful and able to adapt dishes for me. Don’t go out of your way to visit, as there weren’t extensive gluten free choices, but I am including as I did eat well here.

63. Mildreds (Soho/Kings Cross)

First up, be aware that this vegetarian group will issue you will some doom and gloom statement about cross contamination being possible in their kitchen (classic disclaimer in London these days). Of course any mixed facility restaurant will always pose a risk, however I always ask questions and have eaten well here on a couple of occasions. They do some really yummy curries and always have a good selection of gluten free dishes.

64. Modern Pantry (Farringdon/Liverpool Street)

A lovely brunch spot, with outdoor terrace, I haven’t eaten here recently but in the past had some lovely gluten free brunches here.

65. Monmouth Kitchen (Covent Garden)

A Peruvian-Italian menu, we had a lovely meal here and they looked after me well as a coeliac. They also offer a gluten free afternoon tea in collaboration with Charbonel and Walker

66. Moro (Farringdon)

A foodie fave, Moro serve absolutely delicious food. Staff were helpful and there were plenty of naturally gluten free dishes we could eat. We shared roasted duck and a pork belly dish – every bite was a joy!

67. Nandos (Various)

Such a classic and surprisingly Nandos have loads of gluten free options. I ate there last night and they take allergen orders really seriously, with a manager supervising the process. Brilliant for chicken and chips with yummy sides. Family friendly.

Skyline views over central London from this restaurant, which sits atop the National Portrait Gallery. They have gluten free bread available and staff reassured me that processes were used to limit cross contamination in the kitchen. A good place for lunch with your parents.

69. Nobu (Hyde Park Corner)

Fancy-pants sushi, although having lost its Michelin star a few years ago you could argue that Nobu is quite overpriced now. They were able to cater well for me as we prebooked and notified them that I was gluten free, however there wasn’t a huge amount of choice. The food was delicious though and you might want to try Nobu for a special treat.

70. Petersham Nurseries – The Petersham (Covent Garden)

A garden paradise in the centre of London. This elegant restaurant focuses on Italian cuisine and has plenty of gluten free options. When I visited all but one of the dishes were gluten free and gluten free bread was available. Be sure to book in advance.

71. Ping Pong (Various)

Gluten free dim sum, woop woop! With a gluten free menu available, you’ll find a good number of dumplings and other dim sum on offer here, plus an incredible molten chocolate fondant for dessert.

72. Polpo (Soho)

Venetian sharing plates with a number of gluten free choices. I have had a number of really enjoyable meals at Polpo restaurants, their food is always excellent. Sadly most branches have now closed, but the Soho restaurant is still running.

73. Riding House Cafe (Oxford circus)

With gluten free options marked on the menu and gluten free bread available, this is a lovely spot for lunch. Perfect for a lunch date with parents too as it has nice ambiance and a varied menu.

74. Rosa’s Thai (Various)

Rosa’s thai restaurants offer a gluten free menu with plenty of choice. Generally I have heard good things about the chain, BUT please do not assume everything on the gf menu is suitable for coeliacs. When I visited last I asked questions and it turned out the fried items were cooked in a shared fryer. But that minor hiccup aside, all was good and I have seen other coeliacs visit more recently and say positive things.

75. Rovi (Oxford Circus)

The newest addition to the Ottolenghi restaurant group, the focus here is on cooking over fire and they catered for me well as a coeliac, even making a gluten free flatbread.

76. Som Saa (Liverpool Street)

Authentic thai cuisine cooked to perfection. Som Saa is quite a hot ticket in London at the moment and I was delighted to discover that they have loads of gluten free options. The waitress marked my menu up without hesitation and assured me she would notify the kitchen about me being coeliac. Delicious meal, cool setting and great cocktails.

77. South Place Chop House (Liverpool Street)

We ate here a while ago but I still remember how good the experience was. Lovely food, warmed gf bread, great staff knowledge and a sleek setting. Great for business lunches.

78. Sticks n Sushi (Covent Garden)

We have eaten here a good number of times now and it’s always been a good experience. The menu is not marked up but staff are helpful and able to explain which dishes are naturally gluten free and which can be adapted. The choices are not extensive but there is plenty to be going on. They have gluten free tamari sauce available too.

79. The Anthologist (St Pauls)

Great for a quick lunch in the city, the Anthologist is part of the Drake & Morgan group, who have a brilliant gluten free menu. They usually have gluten free burger buns available and other naturally gluten free menu choices too. The minor downer is that the chips are not coeliac friendly.

80. The Lanesborough (Hyde Park Corner)

An incredible afternoon tea setting (honestly the most beautiful afternoon tea salon I’ve seen), the Lanesborough offer a gluten free option. The perfect place for a fancy treat.

81. The Rosewood Holborn Dining Room (Holborn)

British cuisine served in this brasserie style restaurant. I’ve been to a few business lunches here and have always eaten well and safely.

82. Tredwells (Covent Garden)

This upmarket eatery focused on seasonal British produce was able to cater for me very well. The menu is marked up to show allergens and staff can provide further guidance.

83. Ugly Dumpling (Oxford Circus)

Tucked away on in a maze of little streets, Ugly Dumpling is an absolute gem. They always have 2-3 gluten free dumplings on their menu and all the sides were gluten free at the time of our visit, including tempura aubergine. The gluten free dumplings are made when you order so take a little longer, but it’s worth the wait knowing the staff are taking so much care.

84. Vinoteca (Various)

Cosy restaurants with a focus on wine, you can get wonderful wine flights to try and they have always had a gluten free option or two when I have eaten here.

85. Wahaca (Various)

This Mexican chain is getting better and better for gluten free. Their latest gluten free menu offering has loads of choices, including nachos and tacos, all washed down with yummy cocktails. I’ve never had any issues eating here.

86. Yo Sushi (Various)

This sushi chain can cater well for coeliacs, in my experience. They have gluten free tamari soy sauce available and you can request to have dishes freshly made by the kitchen, rather than taking them off the belt.

87. Comptoir Libanase (Various)

Lebanese food with lots of tasty gluten free options. I ate here as part of a big group, but staff were still fab at making sure I got my coeliac friendly dishes and reassuring me that my food was fully gluten free.

Coeliac Friendly London Cafes/Grab n Go Options

88. A La French on Whitecross Street Market (Moor Street)

This fully gluten free galette stall serves up huuuuuge pancakes filled with all sorts of delicious fillings. I had chicken, peppers, spinach and cheese and it was amazing. Highly recommended. You’ll find the stall on Whitecross Street Food market at weekday lunchtimes.

89. Banh Mi Bay (Holborn/Various)

I used to regularly get this quick, reasonably-priced Vietnamese food on my lunch break. These restaurants have an allergens menu and staff are always helpful at advising which options are safe. My favourite is the satay chicken bun noodle salad. A few locations across London.

90. Chin Chin (Tottenham Court Road)

Incredible marshmallow-topped hot chocolates and usually a gluten free dessert option. They are made in a mixed kitchen but I’ve never had any issues.

91. Chipotle (Various)

Coeliac UK accredited burrito bowls packed with meat/veggies, rice, beans and all the good toppings. Let staff know that you are coeliac and they will change gloves and ensure all equipment they are using is clean and safe. Be sure to get a big scoop of their epic guacamole on top of that burrito bowl!

92. Crudo (Oxford Circus)

Crudo is a sort of ceviche-poke bowl hybrid concept that is absolutely delicious! This little takeaway spot is very clued up about gluten free, with everything other than one of the sauces and the crispy fried onions being suitable for coeliac.



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95. Drury 188-189 (Tottenham Court Road)

This cafe does gluten free salad options and actually some gluten free bread options to dine in, although I have not tried the latter personally.

96. Feya (Bond Street)

This rather Instagrammable coffee shop had quite a few gluten free sweet treats on offer when I visited, stored separately and staff used dedicated tongs to serve.

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98. Leon (Various)

A reliable lunch chain for gluten free diners. They have a dedicated gluten free section of the kitchen so let them know you are gluten free when you order. Some branches will then read you a doom and gloom legal disclaimer about there being gluten on the premises, but I have always had a good experience eating here.

99. Maple and TOG (Kings Cross/Fitzrovia)

Great for a cuppa and a gluten free cake, when I lasted popped into this cafe they had a nice gluten free selection of sweet treats.

101. Pieminister (Chancery Lane)

Probably the only place to get gluten free pie and mash in London! Don’t be put off by the overtly gluteny offering when you walk into this small lunch spot,

102. Poptata Land (Liverpool Street)

Loaded fries, cooked in a dedicated fryer. Most of the toppings are gluten free and oh so delicious! Note, I noticed that during lockdown they began offering fried chicken, which is not gluten free – when you visit please double check that processes are still coeliac friendly.

103. Selfridges Food Hall (Bond Street)

There are always some yummy gluten free options to be discovered in Selfridges food hall, from Borough 22 gluten free doughnuts to Kaleido Rolls. Worth a little wander.

104. Tate Modern Riverside Cafe (Blackfriars)

The cafe at this museum usually has a good selection of gluten free food options, including prepacked sandwiches and cakes.

105. Walter & Monty (Liverpool Street)

I loved the food at Walter & Monty, which consists mainly of grilled meats and generous salads. The menu is largely gluten free and they keep the gluteny bread away from everything else.

Gluten Free Central London Map

Other Places to Consider

Further restaurants that I have not tried personally but have heard good things about from fellow coeliacs (or have been reassured by discussions with the restaurant teams) include:

Bancone (pasta), Bella Italia (Italian), Bill’s (British), Casita Andina (peruvian), Cinnamon Bazaar (Indian), Corazon (tacos), Honey & Co (Middle Eastern), Locanda Locatelli (Italian), Mayfair Chippy (fish and chips), Prezzo (Italian), Santa Maria (pizza), Sfoglia Bologna (Italian), Sketch (afternoon tea), Stem & Glory (vegan), The Chipping Forecast (fish and chips), The Old Shades (pub), The Somers Town Coffee House (pub), Yalla Yalla (Lebanese), Where the Pancakes Are (brunch).

Looking for more specific London tips? Why not check out my other gluten free London guides:

Enjoy London! x