Camden has always had a reputation as one of London’s coolest enclaves and is an essential feature on any full London tourist itinerary. Its vibrant market sits at the heart of the area and is teeming with fashion finds, unique souvenirs and foodie delights.

Lucky for us coeliacs and gluten freers, Camden’s food market features quite a few gluten free friendly options, as well as a couple of fully gluten free stalls. I love a wander round Camden market and I think it is one of the best in London for gluten free savoury food (for sweet treats you need to go to Broadway Market on Saturdays). Plus it is open all week so you don’t have to plan your trip around it.

Here are my top gluten free Camden market recommendations, although there may be more that I am yet to discover!

Gluten Free Camden Market Guide

As always with street food, menus are liable to change so please do check the gluten free options when you order. I try my best to keep the information below up to date but I cannot offer any guarantee.


Delicious Venezuelan food, including cachapas (sweetcorn pancakes), arepas and side dishes. Petare is now fully gluten free as they recently changed their fried chicken recipe, making the stall fully gluten free. And yes, that does mean GLUTEN FREE FRIED CHICKENNNN FOR ALL!

Maize Blaze

Wonderful Columbian food that is fully gluten free. I am a big fan of these guys and their meal boxes always hit the spot. Fully gluten free stall.


Halloumi friesssss with some incredible toppings, phwoooaaarrrr. All naturally gluten free and no fryer cross contamination.

Arepa Venezuelan Street Kitchen

Venezuelan arepas – little cornbread patties filled with amazing things, from shredded meat to plantain, avocado and cheese. This stall is usually fully gluten free.


Indonesian curries – I love the beef rending from Makatcha with a side serving of peanut sauce. All their curries are gluten free and delicious.

Quinoa Food

Fully gluten free Peruvian food, based around maca and quinoa. They also serve fresh ceviche on Thursdays and Friday.

Osu Pancakes

Gluten free coconut pancakes, which are also vegan. I haven’t tried these guys yet but they are on my list! Do double check their menu is still fully gluten free before you order as I have noticed they keep changing it and their main focus is on vegan food.


Proper steak and chips offered here, with gluten free options available. The stall is mixed so ask questions before you order.

Lords of Poke

Poke bowls with some gluten free options available, although I haven’t tried these myself so am not sure about cross contamination risks.

Chin Chin Ice Cream Labs

Not a market stall but a small shop near within the market area. Chin Chin Ice Cream Labs do incredible hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff, as well as an array of sweet treats. If you chance it they may have some available, but your best bet is to order some gluten free cakes ahead of time from their website. You won’t regret it!

Honest Burger

And if you get really hungry and want a proper sit down meal, my top recommendation is Honest Burger. Offering a wide variety of gluten free options, including gluten free buns, burgers, chips, onion rings and beer, they also take measure to prevent cross contamination when notified of your gluten intolerance.

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Enjoy! x