It’s got to be New York, New Yorrkkkk and there is so much gluten free New York to be discovered. New York truely is amazing for gluten free food and a great place to visit as a coeliac!

During my last couple of work trips to the City That Never Sleeps, I managed to squeeze in some gluten free adventuring and I ate really, reeeeeeally well.

One thing I want to stress up front however: there are lots of fantastic coeliac-safe gluten free options in NYC, but also numerous”gluten free” offerings that are not coeliac friendly due to cross-contamination risks.

Always ask the extra questions when going to a place that isn’t 100% gluten free – people are usually very helpful and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Lots of fully gluten free spots have opened up since I last visited, so I’ve added them to ensure the best places are covered. This guide was last updated in March 2022.

Note I try to ensure all information is my guides is as accurate as possible, but as menus and eateries change frequently please do your own research too. If you spot any glaring errors or omissions ping me an email to and I’ll get it updated.

Gluten Free New York City

Gluten Free Friendly Accommodation in New York

First up, you’re gonna need somewhere to stay when you visit NYC. I often stay in AirBnBs when I travel, but as New York has so many gluten free food options why not treat yourself to a stay in one of the cities fabulous hotels. Then you can relax and eat your way through all the gluten free grub New York has to offer.

A couple to consider:

  • Hyatt Centric Wall Street – I used to stay here for work and it’s a wonderful hotel. with big rooms, modern furnishing and comfy beds. Plus they do enormous breakfasts in the morning and always had lovely fluffy gluten free bread as an option when I stayed. Very handy for the financial district and Wall Street.
  • Hotel Edison – did someone say gluten free room service?! I haven’t stayed here personally but they have a Friedman’s restaurant (see below for details) in the hotel, which is coeliac friendly and means you can order all sorts of deliciousness direct to your room.
  • The Kimberley Hotel – this hotel is linked to Bistango, a restaurant that is very celiac friendly, with a dedicated gluten free kitchen space and a menu that can be totally adapted to be gluten free.

100% Gluten Free Bakeries, Restaurants and Cafes in New York



Another entirely gluten free bakery, this place does the most wonderful gluten free pastries and savoury baked goods. I had the best raspberry vanilla custard tarlet of my life – the sweet pastry was incredible and the filling and fruit made it totally moreish. If you only have time to visit one gluten free bakery while in New York, make sure it’s NoGlu. I also sampled their sundried tomato and pesto focaccia bread, which was yummy and survived a New York-London flight!

Erin McKenna’s

A number of my non-coeliac colleagues recommended Erin McKenna’s bakery to me, as it has quite the reputation. It is a fully gluten free and vegan bakery on Broome Street and I can personally attest that their doughnuts are delicious (salted caramel and Samoa were the flavours I tried…for breakfast one day…what, I was jetlagged!). They have a whole range of baked goods here and the bakery is definitely worth a visit if you are gluten free or coeliac.

Modern Bread & Bagel

FINALLY somewhere in NYC where you can get a gluten free, coeliac safe bagel. Modern Bread & Bagel looks amazing and I will definitely be heading here on my next trip to New York. It is a fully gluten free place and in addition to all sorts of amazing bagels they have loads of other great gluten free dishes such as pancakes and french toast.

Posh Pop Bakeshop

A dedicated gluten free bakery that is a fairly new addition to the gluten free New York scene. They sell cake pops and various other sweet bakes, plus gluten free pretzels at the weekend. They also have some dairy free and vegan choices. Everything here looks AMAZING.

By The Way Bakery

A dedicated gluten free bakery for sweet treats that are both gluten free and dairy free.

Elisa’s Love Bites

Yet another dedicated gluten free bakery in New York City! They focus on healthy baking using no refined sugar.

Sans Bakery

A fully gluten free bakery across the river in Long Island City.

Dana’s Bakery

If you’re over in New Jersey, visit Dana’s. They serve the prettiest macarons you ever did see, at this fully gluten free bakery. They sell other gluten free baked goods too, plus their signature “Mookies” – a cookie stuffed with a macaron.


Senza Gluten

After reading a tonne of enthusiastic gluten free reviews about 100% gluten free restaurant Senza Gluten, I knew it was a must-visit for my latest trip. It’s a lovely little Italian place, which would be perfect for date night but equally I happily ate there solo (the joys of business travel). A portion of bruschetta and large serving of mushroom, speck and truffle oil pasta later, I could wholeheartedly agree with the other recommendations for Senza Glutine. It is a must visit for coeliacs in New York.

Risotteria Melotti

A fully gluten free restaurant. As the name suggests they specialise in risotto and other rice-based dishes. They also have some amazing desserts, such as profiterols and tiramisu.


Over in Brooklyn is this fully gluten free Mexican restaurant. The menu here sounds lovely – cool innovative dishes with a focus on homemade, locally-sourced food.


A 100% gluten free sushi joint – amazing! They hand rolls look mouthwateringly-good.


A fully gluten free and kosher Israeli restaurant . The focus is on artisan, natural food.

Bar Verde

A fully gluten free Mexican eatery in New York.

Thai Direct Bowls

A fully gluten free Thai that offers dine in, take out and delivery options. Menu choices include Thai curries, Buddha bowls and salads. Lots of dairy free options available, plus some vegan choices.

Coast & Valley Wine

Reviews report that this Michellin-guide listed wine bar has a fully gluten free menu. It’s small plates and sounds delicious, so is one to check out.

Thyme & Tonic

A fully gluten free, largely plant based menu, with nut free options. They are next door to Modern Bread & Bagel and use their gf bread for their brunch menu. It all looks really good!

Nam Nori

A fully gluten free Japanese food menu, what a treat! Note they sell some gluteny drinks, so don’t accidentally order a gluteny beer to go with that yummy gf food! Two locations.


This eatery has a fully gluten free and vegan kitchen, but note they do serve some gluteny drinks. There’s a mezcal and tequila bar to help you wash those small plates down!


Specialising in tapioca crepes, TAP’s menu is gluten free and they focus on Brazilian superfoods.

AO Bowl

Fully gluten free grab n go lunch spot, focusing on healthy bowls, juices and smoothies. Also plant-based and keto friendly.

Little Choc Apothecary

A fully gluten free and vegan creperie (although note some of the drinks are gluten-containing, all food is gluten free).


The Greenwich Village location of Springbone is totally gluten free and they are strict about ensuring all food stays this way. I’m not sure if their other two locations are gluten free two but both specialise in bone broth and other healthy dishes.

Kati Shop

A Thai grab n go lunch spot that is fully gluten free and nut free. Two locations.

One Seed

A healthy lunch bowl spot with a fully gluten free menu. Also vegan.

Other Gluten Free Friendly Eateries in New York

Little Beet Table and The Little Beet

Previously fully gluten restaurants, which now state they serve all food but can still cater for gluten free diets. With two locations, I haven’t tried it but I have seen a lot of great reviews. They are also able to accommodate other food allergies here.


A mostly gluten free menu, with a focus on veggie dishes and a Hong Kong-inspired Asian food concept.


An Indian restaurant with a menu that is all gluten, soy and refined sugar free, however they do serve gluteny chapati. They have processes to ensure this item stays away from the other menu items. They have lots of dairy free options too. Three locations across the city. They have Indian-inspired lunch bowls, curries and salads.


Take a stroll across the river to Williamsburg – it’s a cool area with markets to explore, including the Smorgasburg food market. There were a number of gluten free food choices, including epic truffle parmesan hand cut chips with roasted garlic and lemon aioli (drooooool) from Home Frite – I checked with them about whether their food is coeliac friendly and they confirmed they don’t use any wheaty coating on their fries. To go with my fries, I had a quinoa arepa with jumbo shrimp and avocado from Palenque. Note: closed in winter.

Keste Pizza & Vino

A New York institution for pizza, Keste also does a mean gluten free pizza with a soft chewy base and crispy crusts. Awesome pizza that is well worth the queue, or you can also order takeaway/delivery if you’d prefer. I loved it. The pizza is coeliac safe as they use a dedicated gluten free area and keep everything separate. They have two locations – Fulton and Bleeker.

Baked by Melissa

Teeny tiny cutesy gluten free cupcakes are the order of the day at Baked by Melissa, as well as macarons. I visited the Fulton Street branch where the cupcakes can be purchased in pre-sealed packs of 25, so no worrying about gluteny tongs being used on gluten free cakes or cross-contamination. Alternatively, visit their entirely gluten free branch in the city if you want to buy a smaller quantity of cakes.

Rose Wolf Coffee

This coffee shop in Williamsburg specialises in gluten free and has a great gf selection, stored separetly from the gluten containing items (the croissants).

Luke’s Lobster

The lobster tail and kale salad here is so fresh and good, plus they also have gluten free bread in case you would rather go for the lobster roll option. There are branches of this chain all over the city – I visited the Fidi branch.

Melt Shop

Note – might not be suitable for coeliacs, as processes seem to have changed since I last visited. But here was my experience in 2019, which was very positive… I chanced across Melt Shop while on the hunt for a late evening snack. My tentative questioning about gluten free options was rewarded by a super friendly server who explained that they had gluten free bread available for toasties and they could toast them in foil so as to avoid cross-contamination. PLUS, their Shop Tots (mini hash browns) are gluten free and cooked in a dedicated fryer so I could have those too. Brilliant! I had a gluten free grilled chicken, sundried tomato, truffle mayo and cheese toastie with a side of Shop Tots and a nutella milkshake…my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I was defeated by the generous portions, but it was great to try their various gluten free dishes. The star of the show here really was the staff – they were fantastic and took extra care once I told them I was coeliac and took the time to run me through their gluten free processes.

Fresh & Co

A quick pancake hit, Fresh & Co will sort you out. This chain has tonnes of gluten free options – sandwichs and pancakes included. They keep one side of the griddle gluten free and I asked the cook to change his gloves to ensure there was no cross-contamination. I had gluten free buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and strawberries.

Bluestone Lane

Brunch it up at Bluestone Lane, an Australian brunch spot that has lovely gluten free bread and plenty of coeliac friendly options. Their gluten free avotoast is all the yumssss.

Ottos Tacos

Their corn tortillas are gluten free (avoid the tortilla chips or anything deep fried) and the fillings are awesome. The shrimp was my favourite and their guacamole was gooood! Perfect for late night snackage after the East Village nightlife has worked up your appetite.

Tate’s Bake Shop

Not a shop but a brand sold all over the place in supermarkets across the city (Duane Reade and Wholefoods, for example). Confession time – I may have developed a mild addiction to Tate’s Bake Shop gluten free chocolate chip cookies. They are AMAZING. Crisp and crunchy and full of chocolate chips. They do great gluten free blondies too, mmmmm.


There was a huge queue every time we tried to go here, but they have the gluten free options marked on the menu and a couple of people had recommended this restaurant to me as a coeliac friendly spot. Do check before you eat here.


I didn’t manage to get to S’mac on my last trip, there’s only so much food my stomach can handle, but apparently it’s great for gluten free mac n cheese. Their website says “After a lot of testing and experimentation, we have modified some of our core ingredients in order to allow you to order anything from our menu, gluten-free. We are able to do this because now our bechamel does not contain any wheat flour, and our breadcrumbs are made from gluten-free cornflakes, and not actual bread. For gluten-free orders we use Brown Rice elbow macaroni. Please be advised that this restaurant contains the following gluten containing items and there is always a chance, however remote, of cross-contamination during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas.”


An upmarket Mexican restaurant where the menu is naturally gluten free. It is usually totally gluten free but by accident, so please check when you visit in case they have any gluten-containing dishes.

Friedmans Lunch

This restaurant in Chelsea was another recommendation I received. Apparently they have gluten free bread and most of the dishes on the menu are naturally gluten free.

Le Botaniste

99% gluten free with a focus on healthy, vegetarian food. Good for lunch bowls.


Everything on the menu can be made gluten free and they prepare those dishes in a dedicated part of the kitchen. Very coeliac friendly according to reviews. Italian cuisine including pizza and pasta.

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