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As a Londoner for the past decade, I know the gluten free London scene prrrretty well by now. Gluten free in London has burgeoned from a handful of places to dozens of eateries than can cater for coeliacs, including a number of dedicated gluten free restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

This guide highlights my favourite coeliac friendly places in London, in case you are only visiting for a weekend or want to know where you should start your gluten free London adventure. If you want further gluten free London recommendations check out my 100% gluten free London guide or my extensive area guides, which can all be found in the gluten free London section of this website.

My Top 10 Gluten Free London Restaurants, Cafes & Bakeries

1. Grom

A fully gluten free, AMAZING gelato ice cream shop right in the centre of London. Grom is an Italian chain than recently opened a store in Piccadilly and although they don’t advertise is widely, everything they sell is gluten free (you will find a small sign in store stating this and staff will confirm too).

From chocolate-dipped gluten free waffle cones to incredible warm gluten free brioche filled with gelato, make sure you pay Grom a visit while you are in London.

2. Honest Burger

A favourite in the gluten free London community, Honest Burger is NOT fully gluten free but they have a fantastic offering for coeliacs. This burger chain can be found at various locations across London.

Gluten free buns, gluten free onion rings, chips (cooked in a dedicated fryer) and other sides, as well as gluten free beer are on the menu here. Tell them if you are coeliac when you order so they can take extra care prepping your food.

3. Indigo at One Aldwych

Accredited by Coeliac UK, this fully gluten free restaurant is based in the One Aldwych hotel near Holborn station. This is the place to go to treat yourselves to a lovely evening dinner and would be perfect for a special meal, they even have a 5 course tasting menu. Epic fish and chips too.

Indigo are brilliant as they went stealth gluten and dairy free for months before announcing it openly in the papers. Proof that gluten free food is just as delicious as “normal” food.

4. Pearl & Groove

Little works of cake art that taste as good as they look. Pearl & Groove is a fully gluten free bakery and cafe that also offers some dairy free and refined sugar free cake options. They have some amazing flavours, such as dark chocolate and ginger, pistachio and vanilla, or espresso martini.

Based in Notting Hill, West London, they now also offer brunch and lunch at their cafe. Perfect for a bellyful of yummy gluten free food, with a beautiful sweet treat to round it off.

5. The Bach

NOT fully gluten free but a must visit for brunch if you are visiting East London, with two locations (one Broadway Market in Hackney, the second larger cafe in Hoxton). The Bach has tonnes of delicious gluten free brunch and lunch options, usually including pancakes.

With a coeliac chef (at Broadway Market) and gluten intolerant manager (across both) they pay a lot of care to cross-contamination issues. For example, they have dedicated tongs for the gluten free cakes and the menu is marked up with gluten free options. Tell them if you are coeliac when you order so they can take the required precautions in the kitchen.

6. Yorica

Yorica is fully gluten free and dairy free, serving up fantastic ice cream and soft serve in crisp gluten free sugar cones. They also make fresh gluten free waffles, which you can smother with ice cream and aaaall the yummy toppings. A real delight and easy to get to as they are based very centrally in Soho. Oh and did I mention the free-flow sprinkles??

7. Station 26

South of the river, this fully gluten free cafe in Brixton Market is a real gem with some al fresco tables. Pop down for brunch, lunch or dinner and you will not be disappointed. I personally love the brunch options they have (see below), but they also serve up a brilliant lunch/dinner menu featuring small plates, burgers and much more.

8. Apres Food Co

A wonderful independent cafe/restaurant in Clerkenwell, Apres Food Co has a fully gluten free menu. Their menu is refined sugar free and cows milk free too, but you would never know as their food is such high quality. Co-owners Catherine and Danny developed the menu specifically to serve nutritiously good food that tastes great. With a key focus on seasonal food and quality ingredients, I highly recommend this gluten free London gem.

Read my full review here.

9. Niche

A fully gluten free restaurant (run by a coeliac) in the Angel area of London, fairly close to the centre. Niche serve some classic English dishes made gluten free, such as sausage and mash and pie, plus amazing gluten free fried chicken.

Personally it’s not one of my favourites (fried chicken aside), especially as their prices are quite high now, but many other coeliacs love this place so I wanted to include it here as you might love it too. Also, I haven’t been for a few years so they might have improved since I went.

10. TBC

After Beyond Bread’s recent closure I’ll need to choose a new fave for this list! Coming soon.

That was so hard, narrowing it down to my top 10! Like I said, please do check out my other London guides for fuller tips and dozens more recommendations.

If you want to visit some food markets while in London, I recommend Broadway Market for sweet gluten free treats and Camden Market for savoury gluten free food. Borough Market is also good for a bit of both:

Enjoy London! x

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