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Travel: Gluten Free Rome

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Italy is probably the most coeliac friendly country in the world. All Italians are tested for coeliac disease at the age of two, hence there is amazing awareness of coeliac requirements and plenty of safe gluten free food on offer. Gluten free Rome is immense. There are loads of fully gluten free bakeries and eateries, plus many more coeliac friendly locations.

I often get asked for my tips on Rome so I decided it was about time I wrote my gluten free Rome guide. I am going to Rome again in September 2019 (it’s been a good few years since I last visited so I can’t wait to discover new gems), but in the meantime here is a round up of the 100% gluten free Rome eateries in the city.

While researching, I also discovered that Rome has an amazing gluten free delivery service called Celivery. You can order all sorts of cakes, fresh gluten free pasta and other goodies from various gluten free producers. This could be perfect for families who don’t have time to trek around the city but want to try some of the amazing gluten free goods on offer.

Gluten Free Rome

Coeliac Italian Phrasebook

A few handy Italian phrases to get you started. English is quite widely spoken in Rome, but at least you can communicate some key basic phrases if you are in a total jam.

Sono celiaca = I am coeliac (female) [pronounced “sono cheh-lee-ac-a“]

Sono celiaco = I am coeliac (man)

Senza glutine = gluten free [pronounced “sen-zah glue-tin-eh”]

100% Gluten Free Rome Bakeries

Celiachiamo Lab

A fully gluten free supermarket and bakery, which also offers hot gluten free food to takeaway such as pizza. There are lots of rave reviews on Google about the high quality of their gluten free baked goods and pizza.


A fully gluten free bakery and ice cream parlour – what a combo. They also offer options for diabetics, vegans and those on milk or egg-free diets.

La Pasticceria

In the centre of Rome is this fully gluten free bakery, which also offers some dairy free and egg free options.

Le Altri Farine del Mulino

Fully gluten free bakery with exciting treats such as cannoli and arancini. You can also buy gluten free pizza by the slice. Plenty of lactose free choices too.

L’Oasi Celiaca

This fully gluten free Rome bakery looks amazing, especially their croissants and baked goods. How on earth am I going to try all these bakeries when I visit?!

Napoleoni Gluten Free

An amazing looking dedicated gluten free section at this bakery, if Tripadvisor is anything to go by. Goodies here include croissant and pastries, doughnuts, cakes, bread and pizza. Grab some treats, then sit and enjoy a coffee while you oogle the display.


Recommended as one of the better fully gluten free bakeries in Rome. They sell an array of sweet and savoury gluten free goods to take away.

Sans de Ble

Fully gluten free bakery, which looks especially good. They have a huge array of gluten free cakes and baked goods. Closed on Mondays.

Senza Pensieri

A gluten free bakery pitching itself as a healthy bakery. They specialise in gluten free baked goods, gluten and lactose free baked goods and gluten free and vegan baked goods.

Starbene Senza Glutine

A fully gluten free bakery tucked away in the Roman suburbs. Worth a visit if you are staying nearby. They sell baked goods (included croissants), bread and pizza by the slice.

100% Gluten Free Rome Cafes & Restaurants

Erudito Burger Bar

A small, independent burger bar that only serves gluten free food, including homemade gluten free burger buns. It’s away from the centre of Rome so they recommend booking ahead of time to ensure you don’t make a wasted journey. Meat, vegetarian and vegan burgers available. Sides include chips, chicken nuggets and nachos – all gluten free, of course.

Mama Eat

Plastered all over Instagram, you know this fully gluten free restaurant is ticking the right boxes for gluten free Rome visitors. Mama Eat’s menu makes your mouth water from just reading through it and they have all the good sutff – pizza, doughtnuts and all sorts. A must visit for coeliacs in Rome.

Mama Eat Street Food

A 100% gluten free takeaway outpost of the main Mama Eat restaurant, but with a focus on typical Neapolitan street food. They serve cones of chips and seafood fritto misto, arancini, fried pizza dough with nutella, etc. Basically perfect fuel for a busy day of sightseeing in Rome!

Risotteria Melotti

A fully gluten free risotteria focused on rice-based cuisine – perhaps a refreshing change from all those gluten free Rome bakeries :). Obviously they have loads of risotto varieties, but also: arancini, rice polenta, torta pie, tiramisu, apple cake and beer – all gluten free.

100% Gluten Free Rome Ice Cream Parlours

Al Settimo Gelo

This ice cream shop is AIC accredited and their website says that all of their products are gluten free. They have magnum-style chocolate covered ice creams, plus traditional scoop ice cream.


A fully gluten free bakery and ice cream parlour – what a combo. They also offer options for diabetics, vegans and those on milk or egg-free diets.

Fioco di Neve

A fully gluten free gelateria in the centre of Rome. They offer incredible-looking cones and ice creams with wafers. Even the gluten-eaters are raving about it on Trip Advisor!

Fatamorgana Gelato

A chain of coeliac-owned gluten free ice cream shops that you can find scattered across Rome. There really is plenty of choice when it comes to finding a safe gluten free gelato in Rome.


You must try Grom while you are in Rome. It is another fully gluten free gelateria and their gelato is incredible. I used to live near one when I lived in Italy and I had to exercise some serious restraint to not visit every day. They have cruncy, chocolate-topped waffle cones (gluten free of course), lovely creamy ice cream and fruity sorbets, plus crunchy biscuit toppings and wonderful hot chocolate. They have a few locations in Rome.

Dedicated Gluten Free Shops

Celiachiamo Lab

A fully gluten free supermarket and bakery, which also offers hot gluten free food to takeaway such as pizza. There are lots of rave reviews on Google about the high quality of their gluten free baked goods and pizza.

L’Isola Celiaca

Two shops in Rome dedicated to selling gluten free products, which also have a small bakery section.

New Food Gluten Free

A gluten free bakery/shop that sells lots of coeliac friendly gluten free products. Items include various beers, baked goods, fresh pasta and bread.

Roma Senza Glutine

A health food shop focused on gluten free products – ideal for grabbing some supplies (but note also that nearly all supermarkets in Italy sell at least some gluten free products). Could be a good spot for finding those more exciting gluten free Rome products to take home.

My Hit List – The Other Gluten Free Rome Spots I Will Be Checking Out

These places are not fully gluten free, but many are accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society or at least offer very good gluten free options.

A Gogo Gluten Free

An AIC (Italian Coeliac Society) accredited cafe with extensive gluten free options and strong measures to prevent cross contamination. Big salads, waffles, pizza etc. Takeaway and sit down dining options, close to the Vatican.

Alex Restaurant & Cafe

This restaurant cafe is AIC accredited and specific mention being able to cater for coeliacs in their Tripadvisor bio. They have lots of seafood options and are focused on traditional Italian food.

Baiamonti Lounge Bar

AIC accredited but I couldn’t find much information online about the specifics of their gluten free offering.

Ciao Checca

Health food spot with plenty of gluten free options – their website says to ask at the counter to find out about their gluten free food options. The focus here is “slow” street food. The slow food movement is an Italian movement against fast food, essentially it is still quick eats but they are made with care, using quality ingredients and usually artisanal methods.

El Maiz

AIC accredited Venezuelan food, such as arepas and other classic fare. This restaurant might even be fully gluten free but either way it is certainly safe for coeliacs due to the AIC accreditation.

Giancarlone a 19

Serving Italian cuisines and AIC accredited.

Il Viaggio

AIC accredited restaurant near Villa Borghese, which specifically mentions gluten free and coeliacs on its website. The restaurant does not have a gluten free menu because EVERY dish can be made gluten free (and coeliac safe) and they put a drop of balsamic vinegar on the edge of the plate of the gluten free meals. Their tasting menus sound delightful.

La Soffitta Renovatio

An AIC accredited restaurant that gets some rave reviews from the coeliac community. Their entire menu can be made gluten free, from pizza and pasta to other classic Italian dishes. This one is pretty high on my must try list.


Pizza AIC accredited and their website specifically mentions gluten free. They sound like they are incredibly accomodating to gluten free diners.


AIC accredited restaurant offering gluten free meal options.

Pane & Vino

Near the Colosseum offering takeaway sandwiches. They bake to order so if you want gluten free either call ahead to place your order or pop in, order, then come back to collect. I cannot see that it is AIC accredited though so I will need to check whether it is suitable for coeliacs when I visit (luckily I speak Italian!).

Pantha Rei

An AIC accredited restaurant offering gluten free pizza and pasta, amongst other dishes.

Pizza In Trevi

I have seen this place recommeded a lot for gluten free pizza, but I will find out whether it is coeliac safe when I visit.

Rosemary – Terre e Sapori

One I have seen recommended but I need to check out their coeliac credentials. Their takeaway containers are all compostable as they are striving to be a plastic-free, eco-friendly eatery.

Shaki Pane & Co

AIC accredited and a good lunch spot apparently. Their gluten free offering includes good gluten free bread and pasta.

Voglia di Pizza

Near the Pantheon and accredited by the Italian Coeliac Society. Pizza, bruschette, etc. They have extensive gluten free options by the looks of their website and also offer dairy free and vegan options.

Zia Rosetta

A takeaway sandwich spot offering gluten free bread. I’ll find out whether it is coeliac safe when I visit as I cannot find a definite answer online.


And in case all that amazing gluten free Italian food isn’t enough for you, you’ll find that McDonalds in Italy offers coeliac safe gluten free buns for its burgers too.

Coeliac Society Accredited Hotels

In case you are looking for a gluten free friendly place to stay, the following hotels have been accredited by the AIC – the Italian Coeliac Society:

  • Hearth Hotel
  • Hotel Diana
  • St Peter’s Keys
  • Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri
  • The Duke Hotel
  • Hotel Mozart
  • Hotel Universo Best Western

Are you in need of even more tips? Then check out the AIC (Italian Coeliac Society) website for a 100+ list of approved gluten free venues in Rome. You can even download their app to help you quickly find restaurants near you when you are hunting for a safe gluten free Rome meal.

For more gluten free Italy trips, check out my extensive range of gluten free travel guides. All are coeliac friendly (as I have coeliac disease myself):

Happy travels! x

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