A decade ago I spent a blissful month in Siena on an Italian language course. I fell in love with this stunning city and will take any excuse to go back for a visit, always finding gluten free Siena treats along the way. Centred around Il Campo, a fan-shaped piazza in the heart of the city, historic streets snake out, winding up and down the surround hills. Siena is a wonderful place to visit and there is a tonne of stuff to see and do – I highly recommend it as a stopping point on any Tuscan itinerary.

While many travel guides can point you to the top tourist spots in Siena (this 36 hours in Siena guide is a good’un), you need this guide to point you to the best gluten free Siena spots. From a fully gluten free gelateria to a dedicated gluten free bakaery, there are plenty of places to keep you fed on safe gluten free food while you explore this beautiful medieval city.

Gluten Free Siena


A gelato heavyweight, the ice cream chain Grom also happens to be fully gluten free and you will find a branch in Siena. On a hot day have one of their gluten free chocolate-dipped cones topped with creamy gelato or opt for an icy fruit granita to cool you down. Grom also sells fab little gluten free biscuits and takeaway pots of their yummy gelato flavours. Grom is a MUST VISIT for anyone coming to Italy. The gelato here is the best, in my opinion, and I have done some extensive taste testing in my time. Treat yourself to a cone topped with the pistachio and fior di latte flavours and you can thank me later.


Another 100% gluten free spot in Siena, Starbene is a gluten free bakery packed with treats. The Siena store is part of a chain that can be found across Tuscany and is a very reliable pit stop for hungry gluten free travellers. I loved their gluten free spinach ricotta foccacia slice as a quick lunch on the go and their nutella-filled gluten free croissants were such a treat. You will find a huge range of fresh baked sweet and savoury items on sale, plus lots of other gluten free products.

Il Pomodorino

Fabulous gluten free pizzas with impressive views to match (and a large outdoor terrace). The pizzas are safe for coeliacs and there is a HUGE amount of choice. The pizza itself was very nice, with a homemade crust that was pliable enough and a good thickness. Add some tasty toppings and you are on to a winner.

Ristorante Gallo Nero

In the centre of Siena this lovely restaurant is located in exposed brick arches with stained glass windows. They serve traditional Tuscan food and cater ably for coeliacs, with plenty of gluten free options. Dishes include gluten free pasta.

Osteria Il Ghibellino

Also located in central Siena, Il Ghibellino is cable of catering for coeliac customers. A friendly restaurant with a wide array of gluten free dishes to choose from. Very reasonable prices. Best to book ahead if you can as this place is popular and can be busy.

Bio & Chocolate

A organic vegan cafe and coffee shop in Siena that offers a number of gluten free options.

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