Fish & chips is an absolute classic British dish and something you must try during a visit to the UK. The dish is not naturally gluten free, traditionally made with a wheat flour batter, but luckily for us coeliacs many more chip shops now offer gluten free battered fish and chips cooked in dedicated fryers.

Now, the best place to have fish and chips in the UK is by the seaside (see my UK guide for loads of recommendations). It’s always the most wonderful setting to eat it. However, apparently the first fish and chip shop in the UK was based in East London and I am regularly asked for recommendations on where to find London gluten free fish and chips.

Well, gluten free London visitors rejoice! If you are visiting London you can still get your mitts on a perfectly tasty portion of fish and chips, it just takes a bit more research to find the coeliac friendly spots. Luckily I have done the hard work for you and in this article you will find a list of the best places for London gluten free fish and chips.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that these eateries will be coeliac safe when you visit (as processes and menus are always liable to change). You should use this guide as a start point and then ask the usual gluten free questions to staff when you order. If you have any updates or additions, it would be so helpful if you could email me at so that I can keep this guide as accurate as possible :).

London Gluten Free Fish and Chips

Classic Chip Shops

These eateries specialise in fish and chips, serving not much else aside from classic deep fried dishes and are generally the BEST places to get authentic fish and chips. There are a few coeliac friendly ones scattered around London.

Olley’s Fish Experience

Off the tourist trail in Herne Hill South London, they offer gluten free fish and chips every day of the week and get some rave reviews. Coeliac friendly and even certified by Coeliac UK.

Hobson’s Fish & Chips

In Bayswater, this popular chippy offers gluten free fish and chips, as well as onion rings and children’s portions. Dedicated fryer. Coeliac friendly.

Oliver’s Fish & Chips

Up in Belsize Park, this chippy is a 10-15 minute walk from Camden and also close to the lovely Primrose Hill park. Oliver’s offers gluten free fish and chips all days of the weekend other than Fridays. Coeliac friendly.

Brockley’s Rock

South London, offering gluten free fish and chips cooked in a dedicated fryer and with firm processes in place to limit any risk of cross contamination. Coeliac safe. Gluten free options are available Sunday – Thursday.

Mayfair Chippy

Three shops, one in Mayfair (close to Bond Street station), one in Clapham and the other in the City. Offering coeliac friendly gluten free fish and chips options every day of the week. Their prices are quite high, but they offer more of a restaurant experience than a classic chippy. Coeliac friendly.

Kingfisher Fish & Chips

Only offering gluten free options on Sun-Thurs, a local reader recommended this chippy to me. I have not tried it personally but she says they offer safe gluten free fish and chips on those days.



A 100% gluten free restaurant located inside the fancy One Aldwych hotel near Holborn. The menu here features gluten free fish and chips as a main and they are reeeeally good. Coeliac friendly and accredited by Coeliac UK.

The Chipping Forecast

A specialist fish restaurant offering gluten free fish and chips, with the gluten free fish and chips cooked in separate fryer. They also serve gluten free beer. Two restaurants, one in Soho and one in Notting Hill. Coeliac friendly.

Leadbelly’s Bar & Kitchen

Absolutely enourmous servings of gluten free fish and chips, with lovely crispy batter. Leadbelly’s have loads of other gluten free options on their menu too if you aren’t in the mood for fish and chips. Coeliac friendly having recently revamped their kitchen processes.


Another 100% gluten free eatery serving fancy fish at chips. Mommi’s menu is Japanese-Peruvian style and their nikkei tempura fish and chips are yummy. Deliciously light and crispy battered fish nuggets with cassava chips. Fish and chips with a twist!

The Old Shades

I have not tried this pub by Westminster but they have gluten free fish and chips on their gluten free menu and might be worth checking out if you are in the area.

The Dove Broadway Market

One of my local pubs, which at last visit were serving AMAZING gluten free fish and chips (and it is still listed on their website as being GF). Speak to staff if you are coeliac and they will take extra care to limit any potential cross contamination in the kitchen.

The Somers Town Coffee House

This pub near Euston station offers gluten free fish and chips on its menu, suitable for coeliacs. The bonus is that they offer a number of classic English desserts made gluten free too, including sticky toffee pudding.

Some other potentials that I have not been able to confirm still offer gluten free, but have done in the past:

  • The Golden Chippy – Greenwich
  • Lord John Russell – Fitzrovia
  • Westow House – Crystal Palace (I had wonderful safe gluten free fish chips here a couple of years ago)

You can also use the map below to see the exact locations of all the London gluten free fish and chips eateries mentioned:

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