Breakfast is a pretty important way to start the day. I used to always skip it, but I have reformed my breakfast-dodging ways and am now all about having a full, happy tummy to fuel my morning.

I have teamed up with FREEE to show you how a satisfying gluten free breakfast can be both simple and speedy, using their lovely range of organic breakfast cereals and porridge oats. The full organic FREEE breakfast range is both gluten free and vegan certified and made at FREEE’s dedicated gluten free production facility, plus is subject to a rigorous testing regime.

I’ve shared all the details with you below, as well as an easy-peasy recipe, to help you enjoy breakfast more in 2020. Starting your day with a simple, delicious gluten free breakfast is as easy as one, two, FREEE!

The FREEE Gluten Free Breakfast Range

Below you will find details of the full FREEE breakfast range, as well as prices and major retailer information. Of course you can buy online too at www.freee-foods.co.uk.

FREEE Gluten Free Organic Porridge Oats 430g

RRP £3.50 from www.freee-foods.co.uk currently 25% off (until 31st January) priced at £2.63

Made from British porridge oats, this breakfast staple from FREEE cooks up so well to make the perfect base for a bowful that will keep you full all morning. Whip up some porridge in the microwave, add some tasty toppings and you are away! Why not try a couple of cheeky squares of chocolate plus some fresh cherries and a drizzle of honey for a topping combo that tastes divine?

FREEE Gluten Free Organic Cereal Flakes 375g

RRP £3.50 from Ocado and Sainsbury’s – or from www.freee-foods.co.uk currently 25% off (until 31st January) priced at £2.63

Light, crispy and very tasty, these Organic Cereal Flakes are made from a blend of buckwheat and rice. This cereal is low in fat and high in fibre, meaning your tummy is going to thank you for this morning bowlful.

FREEE Gluten Free Organic Fibre Flakes 375g

RRP £3.35 available from Morrisons, Ocado and Sainsbury’sor from www.freee-foods.co.uk currently 25% off (until 31st January) priced at £2.51

The FREEE gluten free Fibre Flakes have a satisfyingly crunchy texture and are made with brown rice and maize. They are low in fat and high in fibre. Top with banana for a very strong start to the day.

RECIPE: Easy as 1, 2, FREEE Layered Yoghurt Breakfast Pot

Here’s a quick recipe you might like to try if you are looking to add some variety to your mornings, without having to go to much effort:

  1. Wash and chop up some fresh fruit (I used raspberries and pomegranate seeds) and grab some Greek yoghurt from the fridge and FREEE Gluten Free Fibre Flakes and honey from your cupboard.
  2. In a bowl or wide glass, spoon a layer of yoghurt, then a layer of fruit, then a layer of fibre flakes. Repeat and finish with a drizzle of honey.
  3. Sit yourself down, grab and cuppa or your morning coffee and enjoy this delicious yoghurt pot, which is packed with fibre, calcium and vitamins. What a sunny way to start your day!

FREEE Gluten Free Organic Corn Flakes 325g

RRP £2.75 available from Ocado – or from www.freee-foods.co.uk currently 25% off (until 31st January) priced at £2.06

Who doesn’t love a classic? The FREEE gluten free cornflakes are lovely. Really crunchy with a wonderful flavour and not too sweet. They are 98% maize, making them naturally low fat, and it’s nice to find cornflakes without loads of stealth added sugar.

FREEE Gluten Free Organic Chocolate Stars 300g

RRP £2.75 available from Ocado and Sainsbury’sor from www.freee-foods.co.uk currently 25% off (until 31st January) priced at £2.06

For the kids and the big kids amongst us (me included) are these Chocolate Stars. They are reeeeally moreish! Crunchy chocolate stars swimming in your favourite ice cold milk or plant-based milk, mmmm mmmmm. The perfect gluten free treat breakfast.

All of the FREEE breakfast products are gluten free and vegan. For further information about the cereal range, or for details about the full range of gluten free products made by FREEE, visit their website www.freee-foods.co.uk.

*This is a paid sponsored feature in association with FREEE. I only ever promote products that I personally enjoy and am happy to recommend to you all. All opinions on www.mygfguide.com are my own and are always 100% genuine.