A mini round up of gluten free Whistler options, extracted from my full British Columbia and Alberta gluten free guide. If you are planning a roadtrip in Canada, be sure to check out my gluten free Vancouver guide too. 

This Whistler gluten free guide showcases a few restaurants in the resort that can cater for coeliacs, as well as  abakery producing gluten free baked goods.

Self-catering is a great option in the resort too and I recommend getting an apartment if you want to save money and have some tasty gluten free meals at home. Read on for those dining out options though!

Whistler Gluten Free Guide

We actually self-catered in Whistler and had stocked up on supplies in Vancouver. However I did some investigating and found a couple of restaurants that declared themselves to be coeliac safe. Please ask your own questions when you visit, to be extra safe.


Caramba: gluten free options are marked on the menu here (plus other meals can be adapted), at this Italian-style bistro. The pizzas in theory are available on a gluten free crust but when I enquired the cooking processes were not coeliac safe. Worth a check in case they have updated their processes. They have gluten free pasta available.

The Mexican Corner Restaurant: Mexican food with lots of coeliac safe, gluten free options. The menu isn’t marked up but staff seemed to be helpful and clued up when I popped in to enquire. They understood the extra measures required for coeliac diners.

Stonesedge Kitchen: the menu here is marked up with limited gluten free choices, but speak to staff and they will be able to adapt some dishes too. They seemed really helpful and had a good understanding of coeliac requirements. They had gluten free bread available.

La Cantina: another Mexican spot that can cater for coeliacs. Let them know you dietary requirements when you order and they will take extra care to safely prepare your gluten free food. Their website says they can also offer dairy free choices.

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar: a gluten free menu is available here and servers have good knowledge about coeliac requirements.

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Happy gluten free travels! x