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Travel: Gluten Free Lucca

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A charming little town, we adored Lucca even though we were only there for a few fleeting hours. I would definitely go back again for an extended visit. The beautiful streets, tree-lined city walls and charming piazzas have a number of gluten free goodies on offer including a 100% gluten free bakery and fully gluten free ice cream parlour. I am sure there are many other gluten free Lucca spots to discover, but this guide should serve as a good starting point when you are on the hunt for coeliac-safe gluten free eats.

Gluten Free Lucca

Gluten Free On The Go


This excellent gelato chain started in Turin from the slow food movement and now has numerous branches across Italy. Grom is 100% gluten free, although it is not widely advertised as such – staff will confirm if you ask them. Chocolate-dipped gluten free cones, delicate gluten free biscuits and killer gelato and sorbetto flavours make this place a real treat for coeliacs. The gelato here is immense – try the pistachio and fior di latte flavours and you can thank me later.


This 100% gluten free bakery is part of a chain that can be found across Tuscany and is a very reliable pit stop for hungry gluten free travellers. I loved their gluten free spinach ricotta foccacia slice as a quick lunch on the go and their nutella-filled gluten free croissants were such a treat. However, the other gluten free cakes and the gluten free bread I tried were, I have to say, quite disappointing as they were fairly dry. I visited two different branches of Starbene and had the same views for each. Perhaps I caught them on an off day though as I have heard many other gluten free people raving about Starbene.

The chain is certainly worth a visit though as I will leave it to you to make up your own minds! They have a huge range of gluten free cakes, breads and products, making it a fantastic place for coeliacs to check out.


Another ice cream shop that is able to cater for coeliacs…although I was tempted away from trying it myself by the delights of Grom!


Pizzeria da Felice

Technically one for gluten free on the go but I am including it here as it’s a legit dinner option. This takeaway pizzeria does gluten free pizza that is suitable for coeliacs. Reviews have it down as the best gluten free pizza in Lucca, so it is worth checking out.


I love a good salad for lunch when it is hot and this little unassuming cafe had a make your own salad menu. Perfect for coeliacs as staff were very aware about cross contamination and there were no gluten-containing ingredients on the salad list when I visited. I had a lovely fresh bowlful on a very hot day!

Ristorante Giglio

A rather fancy place with a number of gluten free dishes and bread and able to cater for coeliacs. This restaurant can even offer a gluten free option of their tasting menu if you book in advance.


Mamey Senza Glutine

For a fully gluten free supermarket, visit Mamey Senza Glutine for all the gluten free supplies you could ever need! They sell a huge range of products, both fresh and packaged, from various Italian suppliers.


For picnics and self catering, I recommend the Lucca branch of Pam supermarket. The had a large selection of gluten free items when we visited and when I lived in Italy this supermarket chain was my supermarket of choice. They always have great products that are reasonably priced. You can usually find the Le Veneziane gluten free pasta here, which tastes divine and is excellent value. 

Enjoy your time in Lucca and please do get in touch at if you have any coeliac-safe additions for this gluten free Lucca guide. If you are visiting the wider Tuscant region, why not check out my other gluten free guides:

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