Welcome to week 7 of my gluten free meal plan! If you are new to the meal plan, scroll down this page and you’ll find a little explanation about how it works. The weeks can be followed in any order, but I have linked them all at the end of this post in case you want to follow them week by week.

The major disclaimer I always state is that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist. This is a simple evening meal plan featuring the recipes we eat regularly for our dinner as a family. My favourite home cooked meals, shared with you :).

7-Day Gluten Free Meal Plan Explained

You can download this week’s meal plan by clicking on the image below. Once you have downloaded and opened the PDF, the underlined text in the meal plan indicates a recipe link. Anything not underlined is generally a serving suggestion for you to adapt as you wish. Four of the recipes are either vegetarian or have a vegetarian option/alternative detailed below the recipe title. Note that if you are veggie you will need to alter the shopping list slightly, although that should be easy to do.

You will also find a food shopping list in the PDF, telling you exactly what to buy for the week’s recipes. I’ve also created a little store cupboard section, showing you the extras you will need to use.

Week 7


Other Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plans to Try

If you would like to try the earlier weeks of this gluten free meal plan, you can find them here:

To see the making of some of these recipes please visit my Instagram and see the “meal ideas” highlight in my bio. Do send me an email if you have any questions or feedback to share, to mygfguide@gmail.com.

Laura x

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