I get asked for my London gluten free brunch recommendations a lot and decided it was finally time for me to write a guide for you all. If you are looking for boozy brunch ideas then you need to check out my Gluten Free Bottomless Brunch in London guide asap :).

Brunch spots are aplenty in London and finding decent gluten free ones sometimes takes a bit of planning. Many brunches are a very bready affair, but follow my gluten free brunch guide you should be dining safely in no time at all.

I have tried the majority of the places on this list personally and where I haven’t I am including them based on their solid gluten free credentials. As always when eating out please ask your own questions when you book/arrive and please treat my recommendations as a guide only. Processes and menus do change and while I try to keep up I am only one woman vs a big world of restaurants! I’ve updated this guide last in March 2022.


  • WHERE: Covent Garden.
  • WHAT: Very pretty, Aussie-style food. Not a brunch I’ve tried personally, but I have seen other coeliacs recommend it as having good gluten free options. Please ask about processes if you do visit.


  • WHERE: Spitalfields.
  • WHAT: A Peruvian restairant with a fully gluten free brunch menu (when I last checked, at the very least they always have reliable gluten free options). The food at Andina is delicious and well worth a visit.

Apres Food Co

  • WHERE: Clerkenwell.
  • WHAT: A wonderful cafe/restaurant who serve a fully gluten free menu, including brunch at the weekends. The menu is also refined sugar free and cows milk free, but you would never know as the food taste so good! With a heavy focus on quality ingredients and seasonal food, I highly recommend this fully gluten free London gem.

Arepa & Co

  • WHERE: Bethnal Green/ Haggerston.
  • WHAT: Most of their menu is gluten free and I have eaten at the Bethnal Green branch a few times, always without issue. They have a dedicated gluten free fryer and the gluten-containing options are marked on the menu. Brunch options include a full Venezuelan breakfast (Breakfast Criollo pictured below), cachapa sweetcorn pancakes, arepas and their amazing yuca chips (you NEED to try them!). Dairy free and vegan options available.

The Bach

  • WHERE: Broadway Market. Take the underground to Bethnal Green or the Overground to London Fields.
  • WHAT: A must visit for gluten free brunch. The Bach has tonnes of delicious gluten free brunch and lunch options. Ricotta, figs and honey on toast – yummy! With a coeliac chef and gluten intolerant manager they pay a lot of care to cross-contamination issues. They have dedicated tongs for the gluten free cakes and the menu is marked up with gluten free options. Tell them you are coeliac when you order so they know to take the required precautions in the kitchen. Extensive dairy free and vegan options available.


WHERE: Various locations.

WHAT: Bill’s offer breakfast during the week and brunch at weekends with a good choice of gluten free options on the menu. Gluten free bread available


  • WHERE: Bethnal Green.
  • WHAT: One of the coolest brunch spots in East London. Bistrotheque is something of an institution in these parts and there’s no better way to spend a Sunday morning that tucking into a delicious gluten free brunch in this sunlit warehouse setting. They have always catered ably for me as a coeliac and have gluten free bread available. On my most recent trip they had a very heavy-handed warning about potential cross contamination, but this is the general trend in London at the moment so perhaps call them in advance and then decide for yourself.

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

  • WHERE: Clerkenwell.
  • WHAT: Classic brunch with plenty of gluten free choices (gluten free bread available), such as gluten free pancakes served with toasted hazelnuts and caramelised banana. I have eaten here before and had a good experience, but have not tried their brunch. The team were very helpful when I contacted them and said that everything can be made gluten free apart from the chorizo, cumberland sausage and the braised beef.


  • WHERE: Various locations in South London.
  • WHAT: Aussie-style brunch with gluten free choices, including gluten free Rana’s bread and gluten free sausages. We tried their gluten free banana bread with blue spirulina icing recently at a pop up but I am not sure that this is a permanent feature on the cafes’ menus.

The Breakfast Club

  • WHERE: Various locations across London.
  • WHAT: This popular brunch chain has an allergens menu you can refer to and are offering gluten free pancakes now (but they use Oatly cream to top so please ask for this to be omitted as it contains gluten). Check about cross contamination too if you plan on having those pancakes, as I haven’t tried them personally.

Brother Marcus

  • WHERE: Spitalfields, Angel and Borough Yards.
  • WHAT: Their menu is marked up now to show plenty of gluten free options, and they all sound delicious. When I visited a couple of years ago gf choices were more limited but the food was excellent. They also took extra care re preparation when I told them I was coeliac.

Caravan Bankside

  • WHERE: Bankside
  • WHAT: Breakfast during the week and brunch at the weekends with a good array of coeliac friendly, gluten free options (including gluten free bread) marked on the menu. Current menu items that are gluten free include apple and pear overnight oats, chorizo potato and broccoli hash with poached eggs and hollandaise, and smashed avocado on toast.


  • WHERE: Various locations across London.
  • WHAT: A dedicated gluten free breakfast menu makes choosing very easy at this Italian restaurant chain. Options include eggs benedict, full Italian breakfast and a vegan breakfast avocado and bean dish.


  • WHERE: South Kensington
  • WHAT: Eastern Mediterranean fusion brunch menu, accredited by Coeliac UK. I’ve eaten at Ceru before and the food is very tasty, however I’ve not tried the brunch menu specifically.

Chiltern Firehouse

  • WHERE: Marylebone.
  • WHAT: You need to book. Ever since it opened Chiltern Firehouse has been very popular. They offer a couple of gluten free brunch dishes and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Open for breakfast during the week and brunch at the weekends.

Coppa Club

  • WHERE: Tower Bridge
  • WHAT: Classic brunch food from a “non gluten” menu (whcih always annoys me, but I appreciate many restaurants are trying to cover their own asses these days!). They have some yummy choices and will take extra care if you are coeliac.

Dalloway Terrace

  • WHERE: Bloomsbury. Take the underground to Tottenham Court Road.
  • WHAT: A very Instagrammable terrace with a tasty brunch menu. They have a few gluten free options, including gluten free pancakes.

Day Rooms Cafe

  • WHERE: Notting Hill.
  • WHAT: A lovely little cafe in Notting Hill that offers gluten free options on the menu. I felt a bit nervous (because they were so busy I wasn’t sure my food would be safe) when I ordered here but my brunch turned out great.

Delamina East

  • WHERE: Spitalfields – head to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).
  • WHAT: I really love this restaurant and have been a few times. They serve a Middle Eastern-Mediterranean menu and have plenty of gluten free options, including on the brunch menu. I enjoyed the green shakshuka, manchego fritters and crispy rosemary potatoes (when I have visited the deep fryer has been gluten free but please check). Gf options are marked on the menu and staff will very capably tell you which other dishes can be adapted.

Duck & Waffle

  • WHERE: Liverpool Street.
  • WHAT: Gluten free waffles with an incredible view. You must book well in advance as this is one of London’s most sought-after brunch spots. You KNOW you want to try those gluten free waffles :).

Eneko *temporarily closed*

  • WHERE: Holborn.
  • WHAT: A basque brunch menu and all items can be made gluten free, aside from the egg yolks in tempura and Basque crystal bread. I have not tried the brunch here but have eaten the a la carte menu and had a fabulous experience (the most amazing gluten free bread and excellent food), plus Eneko is housed in the same hotel as fully gluten free restaurant Indigo so you know the kitchen is very experienced in that regard. Gluten free dishes included tortilla, Basque scrambed eggs with iberico ham, duck rice, roasted aubergine and smoked potatoes.

Farm Girl

  • WHERE: Five locations – Soho, Notting Hill, Fitzrovia, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.
  • WHAT: I actually had brunch here for my London hen do! You’ll find plenty of gluten free choices here, including buckwheat pancakes, egg dishes, acai bowls and granola. Weekday breakfast and weekend brunch.


  • WHERE: Notting Hill.
  • WHAT: Serving breakfast every day until midday and brunch until 4pm at the weekends. There is a gluten free option available for almost every dish and they even have gluten free chocolate chip waffles on the menu! Everything on the menu is plant based and dairy free.


  • WHERE: Marylebone.
  • WHAT: I haven’t tried Feya but have heard good things and their online menu has gluten free items clearly marked. Options include pancakes, smoothie bowls and avotoast.


  • WHERE: Kensington
  • WHAT: Gluten free pancakes are firmly on the brunch menu here, along with many other dishes that can be adapted to be gluten free thanks to their “inclusive not exclusive” policy, which sees them welcomes those with special diets. How refreshing!

Friends of Ours

  • WHERE: Hoxton.
  • WHAT: An absolutely banging brunch with plenty of gluten free options. Let them know if you are coeliac so they can take extra care, they take our requirements seriously here. Gluten free bread available and some delectable brunch options to try.

Good Life Eatery

  • WHERE: Five locations – Notting Hill, St John’s Wood, Belgravia, Chelsea and Marylebone.
  • WHAT: This chain of cafes serve brilliant gluten free waffles, as well as various other gluten free breakfast and brunch choices.

Hannah Battersea

  • WHERE: Battersea
  • WHAT: I’ve not eaten here but a coeliac friend recommended it highly, saying they have a gluten free brunch menu and some amazing choices/ Choices include pancakes, topped rostis and smoothie bowls.


  • WHERE: In the One Aldwych hotel near Covent Garden.
  • WHAT: Technically it’s a breakfast menu, but it runs until mid-late morning. Lots of good gluten free choices and Coeliac UK accredited. I’ve eaten here a few times and always had a good experience and yummy food. They even have gluten free waffles, according to their website!

The Ivy Tower Bridge

  • WHERE: Tower Bridge
  • WHAT: I have seen this spot recommended by a couple of London visitors now. They offer gluten free bread on their daily breakfast menu and brunch at weekends.


  • WHERE: Three locations – Fitzrovia, London Bridge and Shoreditch.
  • WHAT: Plenty of gluten free options at this Aussie brunch spot. Think corn fritters, smashed avocado and bottomless brunch options with gluten free bread available. Always let them know if you are coeliac so they can prepare the bread carefully.


  • WHERE: Canada Water
  • WHAT: The majority of dishes on Leadbelly’s menu can be made gluten free and they do yummy gluten free waffles for breakfast. I have had a good experience here (aside from a disastrous Christmas meal a couple of years ago when there was a kitchen mix up) but I should mention that someone was recently glutened here. I have eaten there safely since, but please do ask questions and check processes when you visit.

Leafwild Cafe

  • WHERE: Ladbroke Grove – take the tube to the station of the same name.
  • WHAT: A fully gluten free cafe in West London. I am due to pop by for a visit soon, but haven’t tried this cafe personally yet,

Lola’s Bakery Cafe

  • WHERE: Hampstead
  • WHAT: Plenty of classic brunch fare with gluten free options available for most dishes (and suitable for coeliacs). They also have a range of dairy free and vegan options. While you are there you NEED to get some of their cupcakes to take home – this cafe has a huge gluten free selection and they are delicious. They also sell gluten free cinnamon buns, which I didn’t try due to close proximity to gluten croissants when I visited, but hopefully will be stored better when you visit – they looked so soft and fluffy.

Lu-Ma Cafe

  • WHERE: Wimbledon.
  • WHAT: This fully gluten free cafe is slightly out of the way in South London, but it is certainly worth a visit if you can make it to Wimbledon. Their food is wonderful and the owners kindly gave me a tasting of many different items on their menu. You can even get gluten free pancakes if you visit them for weekend brunch – yummy!


  • WHERE: Balham.
  • WHAT: I haven’t tried this place but a few of my gluten free pals have recommended this spot. Milk offers a homemade corn bread that can be substituted for the normal bread.


  • WHERE: Clapham North.
  • WHAT: A boozy weekend brunch from their Peruvian-Japanese menu. Mommi have plenty of gluten free options and are coeliac UK accredited for that extra reassurance.

My Old Dutch

  • WHERE: Various locations
  • WHAT: A pancake house with gluten free options available for all their pancake varieties, however I have no tried personally so please check about how they are cooked if you are coeliac. Dairy free and vegan pancake batter also available.

Near and Far

  • WHERE: Camden.
  • WHAT: Their fully gluten free brunch menu is available at the weekends. Items include smashed avo on gluten free toast, bacon taquitos and a sweet potato and quinoa burger). They also have monthly Brunch & Blow events where you can get your hair styled and regular Club Puppicana events, a dog-friendly brunch.

Ozone Coffee

  • WHERE: Old Street and Bethnal Green.
  • WHAT: A fab spot for brunch near Old Street station (with a second location over in Bethnal Green). Ozone do some delicious dishes and have gluten free bread available, plus they serve serious coffee. It is an open kitchen so you can scrutinise the chefs (if you are feeling particularly untrusting…aka me, always), but they are very good at limited cross-contamination as much as possible. Let them know you are coeliac when you order.

Pavillion Cafe

  • WHERE: Victoria Park – 15 minute walk from Bethnal Green station.
  • WHAT: One of my local favourites as the setting is glorious. A small cafe next to the large lake in Victoria Park, you can literally sit by the water’s edge while you tuck into breakfast. Head here for brunch. They do not have gluten free bread and options are quite limited as the menu is small, but their Sri Lankan breakfast options are gluten free and are incredible. They sometimes even have homemade gluten free dosas available.

Pearl & Groove

  • WHERE: Exmouth Market near Clerkenwell (head to Angel or Farringdon stations).
  • WHAT: Tiny works of cake art that taste as good as they look. Pearl & Groove is a fully gluten free cafe selling not only these beautiful cakes but also a full brunch menu featuring gluten free pancakes!


  • WHERE: St Pauls branch only.
  • WHAT: Pho at St Pauls now offer a weekend Bottomless Vietnamese Brunch – I tried this new brunch the other week and LOVED it. Really well priced, you get a generous main plus unlimited prosecco, coffee martinis, mimosas with fresh orange juice or sriracha bloody marys. We tried and really enjoyed the brunch rice bowl, fried rice & eggs and pandan waffles with berries. Coeliac UK accredited.


  • WHERE: Hackney
  • WHAT: This gluten free, vegan cafe offers brunch on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays from midday. The food is totally gluten free but beware that hot drinks need to be checked as they do have a gluten-containing oat milk. Staff take care to clean the steamer when asked but if you want to play it safe steer clear of anything frothed.


  • WHERE: tbc
  • WHAT: A healthy fully gluten free cafe serving up some very tasty dishes. It’s a lovely spot for brunch, especially on a sunny day as they have a little courtyard out back. I love their sweetcorn fritters washed down with one of their freshly made juices.

Romeo’s Sugar Free Bakery

  • WHERE: Islington.
  • WHAT: Also a fully gluten free bakery, you can bag yourself gluten free pastries and a delicious brunch at this casual cafe. I’ve eaten here with my daughter and we really enjoyed it.

Santo Remedio

  • WHERE: London Bridge.
  • WHAT: Offering a weekend brunch menu with plenty of gluten free options, I think very highly of Santo Remedio’s food and have eaten here a few times. The menu is largely gluten free and staff are very clued up. The pork belly tacos are amazing!


  • WHERE: Bond Street.
  • WHAT: I had to include some form of gluten free pastry in this list and luckily Selfridges currently sell the range from fully gluten free bakery Mannadew. In the Brass Rail Cafe, Selfridges Kitchen or Dolly’s Tea Room you can sit down and enjoy a selection of gluten free pastries or grab to take away.

Senor Ceviche (Carnaby)

  • WHERE: Oxford Circus
  • WHAT: weekend Brunch Banquet – there are gluten free options for each round of the Peruvian brunch banquet, but please enquire about dessert as there is only one option and it does not appear to be gluten free. Other items that are gf include ceviche, chicharrones, grilled chicken, black beans with smoken bacon and chareed hispi cabbage with butter, garlic and miso. The bottomless booze is peach bellinis, mimosas or wine.


  • WHERE: Brixton
  • WHAT: Gluten free galettes that were safe for coeliacs when I visited a couple of years ago, but please give them a call to check before you head down there in case processes have changed.

Spinach/ Baby Spinach

  • WHERE: East Dulwich/ Streatham
  • WHAT: Really delicious brunch, think sweetcorn fritters with avocado, tzatziki and salsa. Lovely little cafes that have catered well for me as a coeliac a couple of times. They have plenty of gluten free options (including gf bread) and processes in place to minimise the risk of cross contamination.

Station 26

  • WHERE: Brixton.
  • WHAT: A teeny cafe/restaurant in Brixton Market, South London. Station 26 is 100% gluten free and their food is wonderful. I visited for brunch (see pic below) and had an absolute feast – we really rated all the dishes we tried.

The Table

  • WHERE: Southwark. Take the tube to Southwark or London Bridge and walk.
  • WHAT: Brunch classics, dishes with a twist and pancakes. I’ve not tried this one personally but reviews meniton gluten free bread and pancakes, plus good processes and helpful staff.

Two Hundred Rye Lane

  • WHERE: Peckam
  • WHAT: Brunch with a Spanish twist and banging cocktails to wash it down. They have an allergens menu with a good number of gluten free choices. Staff are helpful and happy to answer questions about processes, to help ensure your food is coeliac friendly.

Utter Waffle

  • WHERE: Herne Hill
  • WHAT: Really, really reeeeeally good gluten free waffles. Probably the best I’ve ever had and one of the owners is a coeliac so you are in safe hands. It’s not a fully gluten free menu, some toppings are gluteny, but let them know you are coeliac when you order and they’ll look after you. They do amazing savoury toppings, with some sweet options for dessert.


  • WHERE: Hackney Central.
  • WHAT: Another new vegan cafe in Hackney. This one isn’t fully gluten free but the majority of their baked goods are and they are stored safely away from the gluteny croissant. Staff here are lovely and super helpful. They have gluten free pancakes and bread available too. Let them know if you are coeliac as when I last visited they were due to get a separate toaster but it hadn’t arrived yet.

Where the Pancakes Are

  • WHERE: Southwark
  • WHAT: Pancakes galore, with gluten free batter as an option cooked safely for coeliacs. They have a small weekday breakfast menu plus more extensive brunch offering at the weekends.

Phwoar, what a selection of gluten free brunch spots in London! Don’t forget to have a ready of my Gluten Free London Bottomless Brunch guide too for some boozy options.

I also have a tonne of other gluten free London guides on this blog, which you might find useful too:

Enjoy! x