Recently I had delicious gluten free pizza with some blogger friends and it got me thinking about the best gluten free pizza options in London. It’s a question I get asked a lot and it really can be tricky to nail down coeliac friendly spots when it comes to pizza. Luckily the eateries I have named in main section below all have good processes in place to limit cross contamination. I have noted a couple of places at the end that offer gluten free but are not suitable for coeliacs.

There is only one fully gluten free pizzeria in London (to my knowledge) and it isn’t located centrally unfortunately. I regularly eat in mixed facility restaurants, as long as staff are knowledgeable and helpful and the kitchen are able to safely prepare my meal. The pizzerias listed in this article are the ones I deem to be the safest gluten free pizza options in London. They will nearly all be cooking gluten free pizza in the same oven as regular pizzas, but will use dedicated trays, preparation areas and utensils (fresh tubs of sauces and ingredients etc) to produce the gluten free pizzas.

A note about risk: there is always some level of risk in any mixed facility restaurant. Most of the restaurants below use gluten in their kitchens. It is your personal choice as to the standards you are happy with. As always with my guides, please use this as a start point then ask your own questions when you visit the eatery of your choice. Menus and processes are always liable to have changed since my visit/enquiry.

Gluten Free Pizza in London

Independent Restaurants

Ardiciocca – Fulham

Here’s our fully gluten free pizzeria for those of you who are nervous diners. Ardiciocca is a 100% gluten free Italian restaurant, again though it is off the beaten track down in Fulham. Their pizzas are thin-crust – light and delicious and they also serve gluten free pasta and desserts.

Born & Raised – Canada Water

A street food option based in Hawker House evening food market. Born & Raised offer excellent gluten free pizza with innovative toppings and staff will take great care with your gluten free order if you stress your intolerance.

Cotto – Waterloo

Another fantastic option for nervous diners, as Italian restaurant Cotto actually has two kitchens (one dedicated to gluten free food). The menu here is extensive and you can order the gluten free equivalent of virtually everything on the menu, including gluten free pizza.

Crust Bros – Waterloo

A pizzeria offering a gluten free base option. Stress to staff that you are coeliac and that extra precaution is required with your order. Then they will change gloves, use fresh ingredients and bake on a dedicated tray etc.

Mamma Dough – Peckham, Brixton and Honor Oak

Offering gluten free bases across their three locations. I haven’t tried it so am waiting for their response regarding suitability for coeliacs. One of my followers says she was told they could not guarantee her pizza would be fully gluten free, but another friend eats there a lot and says she has always been fine…your call guys!

Purezza – Camden

A fully vegan restaurant offering a large number of gluten free choices, including wonderful gluten free and dairy free pizzas. They have solid processes in place to prevent cross contamination and the owner’s sister is actually a coeliac.

Santa Maria – Fulham & Fitzrovia

A coeliac friend of mine recommended these restaurants to me as some of the best pizza she has had in London. She notes that they have solid processes in place to ensure the gluten free pizza is suitable for coeliacs.

Smashing Kitchen – Hackney

A vegan cafe with really yummy gluten free pizza. I tried one of their pizzas recently and the bases are provided by a small South London company and of really high quality – a sort of sourdough style. My pizza had very yummy toppings too!

Chain Restaurants

Bella Italia – London-wide

I haven’t tried Bella Italia but their menu has lots of gluten free options, including gluten free pizza. Other options include gluten free flatbreads, pasta and chocolate brownie. When you visit please double check that all the gluten free options are suitable for coeliacs, if you have coeliac disease.

Gordon Ramsey Street Pizza – St Paul’s

To be really honest I found these gluten free pizzas fairly average BUT they do offer a gluten free bottomless pizza option. Who could say no to that?!

Pizza Express – London-wide

Accredited by Coeliac UK and a very reliable chain restaurant for a gluten free pizza lunch. Of the bunch in this chain restaurant section this would be my top pick. They use gluten free flour for all the pizza dusting in the kitchen and their processes have been deemed safe for coeliacs by Coeliac UK. Also on the menu here you will find gluten free dough balls!

Money saving tip – they nearly always have some online offers on, so Google “pizza express offers” before you visit and you will usually find a money saving voucher online.

Prezzo – London-wide

A chain with lots of locations in London, which is now accredited by Coeliac UK. Their menu includes gluten free pizza, gluten free pasta and some exciting desserts including gluten free cheesecake for afters! Oh and gluten free beer.

The Stable – Whitechapel

A UK chain of pizza restaurants with one location in London. The Stable serve gluten free pizzas and they are suitable for coeliacs.

Zizzi – London-wide

Another UK chain restaurant with loads of restaurants across London offering “no gluten” bases (they won’t state they are gluten free due to their kitchen being a mixed facility). However, they do have processes in place to limit cross contamination and I have been fine after eating pizza here. Please strongly stress that you are coeliac/gluten free when you order so that the kitchen know to take extra care.

Gluten Free But NOT Suitable for Coeliacs

The following pizzerias offer gluten free bases but are not suitable for coeliacs due to cross contamination during the manufacturing or baking of the pizzas. I am including these here in case any less sensitive gluten intolerance followers wish to try them. Obviously as a coeliac myself I have not eaten these so cannot vouch for the quality:

  • Zia Lucia (Holloway) – they offer a 48h slow fermented gluten free dought, baked in their wood fired oven. They explained to me that while the base dough is gluten free the pizzas are then prepared and cooked on the same surface as the gluten pizzas, so are not suitable for coeliacs.
  • Franco Manca (London wide) – offering gluten free bases now but these are not suitable for coelaics as they cook them on the same surface as gluten pizzas.
  • Rossopomodoro (London wide) – unfortunately RP have recently changed their process and now advise that their pizzas are not safe for coeliacs.
  • Sweet Thursday (Haggerston) – this pizzeria offers gluten free bases however is apparently no longer safe for coeliacs, due to the current restrictions they have had to change processes.

Gluten free pizza in London for dayssssss. Hopefully I’ve sorted out your dinner plans with this guide but if you are still browsing for more restaurant tips have a look at some of my other London gluten free guides:

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