Many of our favourite dinners happen to be gluten free vegetarian dishes. Cutting down on meat makes your food shop much cheaper and it is amazing what you can whip up! If you are stuck for midweek inspiration, have a look through some of my favourite recipes below for gluten free vegetarian meal ideas.

15 Gluten Free Vegetarian Midweek Meals

Mac n Cheese

Gluten free mac n cheese is such a treat and perfect for those days when you are in need of comfort food. Have it with a fresh green salad, or make it as a side dish to accompany your meal.

Courgette, Pea & Feta Fritters

These gluten free fritters are packed with flavour and a cost-effective meal to make. Serve a simple stack of them for dinner or top with a poached egg, dollop of creme fraiche and a side of crispy kale.

Aubergine Parmigiana

My take on the classic Italian baked aubergine dish. Layers of tomato sauce, aubergine and mozzarella cheese are topped with parmesan and them baked for a deeeeeeelicious veggie main course.

Halloumi & Aubergine Burgers

PUT DOWN THE FIELD MUSHROOM. No-one wants that as a meat burger substitute so treat your veggie barbecue guests to this punchy little number instead. We have this as a midweek option quite often, with caramelised onions thrown in for that extra yum factor,

Polenta with Mushrooms, Kale, Parmesan & Tomatoes

Soft, buttery polenta with pan-fried mushrooms kale and roasted cherry tomatoes. You can thank me later.

Red Pepper Tortilla

One of our favourites, this one-pan wonder dish yields an amazing potato and red pepper tortilla that can also double as as food prep for weekday lunches. It’s just as good cold. Served with a lemon aioli, this dish is always a winner.

Pesto Pasta with Tomato & Aubergine

Time poor but in need of decent grub? Add a little dose of veggies to your regular gluten free pesto pasta for a quick yet satisfying midweek meal.

Avocado Toast with Pomegranate and Feta

Another quickie – simple gluten free avotoast with some added extras to make this a perfect midweek meal.

Quinoa & Halloumi Salad

Summer food personified. This naturally gluten free quinoa and halloumi salad is amazing as a main course but can also be made as a fab sharing dish if you have friends round. You’ll find creamy avocado, tomato, lemon, mint and baby leaves in there too.

Sweet Potato & Halloumi Rosti

One of my readers’ favourite, these rosti are divine and such a yummy vegetarian midweek meal. Grated sweet potato and halloumi are combined with spring onion, egg, milk and gluten free flour to create these golden fritters.


Typically a brunch dish, I see no reason why you can’t have this baked egg dish for dinner. Top with avocado and dollops of spiced yoghurt for a satisfying dinner.

Roasted Vegetable & Halloumi Traybake

THIS ONE IS SO GOOOOOOD. And so easy as you chuck it all in the oven to roast then sprinkle over pomegranate seeds and minted yoghurt dressing to serve.

Vegetarian Chilli

I actually prefer veggie chilli to the classic variety and my version is packed with lots of lovely veggies and flavour. Serve with rice and some tortilla chips for scooping.

Watercress Soup

A light meal idea (or be like me and add a stack of gluten free bread to make it more substantial) – this watercress soup is brilliant and always hits the spot for me.

Spring Puff Pastry Tart

This one looks fancy but is incredibly easy as it uses ready made, prerolled gluten free puff pastry. Simply top and bake and you have a very fancy looking meal before you know it!

I hope you have found some good dinner ideas in the above gluten free vegetarian midweek recipes, but if you need more inspo or have a sudden sweet treat craving trying on of these:

Bon appetit! x