As an East Londoner I’m not at all biased when I tell you this is the coolest part of the city…I mean, it really is though. And as we coeliacs know, with hipster areas come a huge array of gluten free choices. Fortunately, many of the places serving gluten free food in East London are also clued up to coeliac disease and the essential need to prevent cross contamination. Others aren’t however, so this guide should help you when choosing the most coeliac-friendly gluten free spots in this part of London.

Areas covered include Liverpool Street, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green, Hackney, Dalston, Stoke Newington and Old Street. The focus here is on independent restaurants and small chains only. For the big chain restaurants see my London-wide gluten free guide. For central London, check out my HUGE Central London Gluten Free Guide.

I have started with the restaurants with the most substantial gluten free offering. The places I eat at regularly and feel very confident in their ability to cater for coeliacs. Then the rest are also all very good for coeliacs (including some absolutely brilliant restaurants), but might not have such extensive gluten free menus. They are still recommendations and this guide does not include any places that are not coeliac friendly. If you think anywhere is missing from this guide please get in touch – either DM me on Instagram or email me at

This list will be updated regularly as I try new places (YES I have tried all of these personally…I eat a lot!), so be sure to come back again soon for the latest and greatest!

Gluten Free East London

The Best for Gluten Free

Arepa & Co

WHAT: For a Venezuelan feast or brunch of epic proportions this is the spot. Arepa & Co have tonnes of gluten free options (as many Venezuelan dishes are naturally gluten free) and have dedicated fryers for the gf items. Very coeliac friendly.

WHERE: Bethnal Green – right next to the underground station.

The Bach

WHAT: A must visit for brunch. The Bach has tonnes of delicious gluten free brunch and lunch options. Ricotta, figs and honey on toast – yummy! With a coeliac chef and gluten intolerant manager they pay a lot of care to cross-contamination issues. They have dedicated tongs for the gluten free cakes and the menu is marked up with gluten free options. Tell them you are coeliac when you order so they know to take the required precautions in the kitchen.

WHERE: Two branches – a smaller one on Broadway Market and a more spacious cafe in Hoxton.


WHAT: Frrrrrried chicken with fries and tasty sauces. Bird has quite the gluten free fan club. Be sure to mention that you are coeliac when you order so they can take extra precautions.

WHERE: Stratford (in the Westfield shopping centre).

Broadway Market

WHAT: A Saturday food market in Hackney with some of London’s best gluten free stalls scattered in amongst a whole host of other traders. Once you’ve visiting you will be hooked! Click here for a full length guide to gluten free Broadway Market.

WHERE: South Hackney – closest stations Bethnal Green (underground) and London Fields (overground).

DF Mexico

WHAT: A brilliant place to grab fat, juicy gluten free tacos bursting with flavour and fillings. DF Mexico have a wonderful gluten free menu, including advice on coeliac-friendly dishes. I have eaten here a few times and would highly recommend for Mexican food. Mention you are coeliac when you order.

WHERE: Spitalfields – head to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).

Flat Iron

WHAT: A small chain of steak houses across London, but I love them for their high quality meat and bargainous price. Bag a delicious steak for £10 and then add on some gluten free sides (include coeliac-safe fries). Most of their food is naturally gluten free and the staff have always been very clued up when we have visited.

WHERE: Shoreditch – take the tube to Old Street Station or overground to Shoreditch High Street.


WHAT: For fancy steak this is my top pick in London. Hawksmoor restaurants are extremely coeliac-friendly and they have a gluten free menu that shows exactly what you can have. Lots of choices, fantastic food and a meaaaan Sunday roast too. Last time I ate here I went into labour (true story, haha!)…it’s just that good ;).

WHERE: In East London there is a Hawksmoor at Spitalfields – head to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).

Honest Burgers

WHAT: A burger chain that I had to include as they do the best gluten free burgers in London. Honest Burger are very gluten free friendly, with most of their sides being naturally gluten free (including onion rings!). They have gluten free buns, gluten free beer and dedicated fryers for the chips. Tell them you are coeliac when you order so they can take extra care prepping your burger.

WHERE: Liverpool Street and Old Street (underground stations of the same name nearby each).

Plant Hub

WHAT: A new vegan cafe where the food is also totally gluten free. Their homemade gluten free foccacia bread is DELICIOUS. Note that hot drinks need to be checked as they do have a gluten-containing oat milk. Staff take care to clean the steamer but if you want to play it safe steer clear of anything frothed.

WHERE: Hackney


WHAT: A healthy cafe serving up some very tasty gluten free dishes. The menu was fully gluten free whenever I have visited but please check as the menu does vary. It’s a lovely spot for brunch, especially on a sunny day as they have a little courtyard out back. I love their sweetcorn fritters washed down with one of their freshly made juices.

WHERE: Shoreditch – Old Street station is closest.

Smashing Kitchen

WHAT: A pretty, plant-filled cafe serving a fully gluten free, vegan food menu. They do use Oatly gluten-containing oat milk for their hot drinks, but if you steer clear of those you will be fine. Dishes here include sourdough gluten free pizza, vegan burgers and tasty salads.

WHERE: Hackney. Closest station of London Fields (overground).

The Fox

WHAT: A classic pub downstairs with a tasty gluten free-friendly food offering upstairs. Hit the Fox for a gluten free beer with a side of gluten free tater tots, fried chicken and waffles!

WHERE: Shoreditch – closest stations Liverpool Street (underground) or Shoreditch High Street (overground).

The Vurger Co

WHAT: Wonderful, wonderful vegan burgers and sides. Most of the menu is naturally gluten free (including truffled mac n cheese) when you ask for a gluten free bun. They prepare the gluten free buns and burgers away from the gluteny burgers, making them safe for coeliacs. 

WHERE: Shoreditch – closest stations Liverpool Street (underground) or Shoreditch High Street (overground).

Vida Bakery

WHAT: A fully gluten free and vegan bakery on Brick Lane, in East London.

WHERE: Take the tube to Liverpool Street station and walk from there – it’s a great stroll through Spitalfields Market then up Brick Lane (lots of trendy bars, shops and cafes) to the bakery.


WHAT: Another vegan cafe in Hackney. This one isn’t fully gluten free but the majority of their baked goods are and they are stored safely away from the gluteny croissant. Staff here are lovely and super helpful. They have gluten free pancakes and bread available too. Let them know if you are coeliac.

WHERE: Hackney Central.

Other Gluten Free Friendly Good’uns

Berber & Q

WHAT: Incredible Middle Eastern-inspired grilled meats and vegetables in a fantastic large railway arch setting. Staff have always been very helpful here with coeliac dietary requirements and many menu items can be adapted to make them gluten free. Go hungry, the portions are big!

WHERE: Haggerston (overground station).


WHAT: One of the coolest brunch spots in East London, or lunch or dinner, have it all (their cocktails are wonderful too). Bistrotheque is something of an institution in these parts and there’s no better way to spend a Sunday morning that tucking into a delicious gluten free brunch in this sunlit warehouse setting. They have always catered ably for me as a coeliac and have gluten free bread available.

WHERE: Bethnal Green.

Buen Ayre

WHAT: An Argentinian steak restaurant with juicy juuuuicy steaks, Buen Ayre has an allergen menu to show you what is and what isn’t gluten free. They usually have a gluten free dessert option too.

WHERE: Broadway Market in Hackney. Take the tube to Bethnal Green or the overground to London Fields.


WHERE: Really tasty Spanish tapas with plenty of gluten free options, suitable for coeliacs. We loved our meal here and everything was much better than was had expected – big, punchy flavours and beautiful presentation.

WHAT: Shoreditch – go to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).


WHAT: Another gluten free friendly Peruvian spot. I have to say they used to have a much better gluten free offering I was slightly disappointed on my last visit to see that their naturally gluten free bread option is no longer on the menu. Nonetheless staff are very helpful here and it’s a tasty place to have dinner and cocktails.

WHERE: Old Street.

Cocotte Hoxton

WHAT: **UPDATE – apparently the fries at Cocotte are not longer coeliac friendly** Fancy Nandos is the best way to describe this place, but really really good. Juicy rotisserie chicken (all naturally gluten free), tonnes of yummy sides and a smorgasbord of dipping sauces. You must try the truffle mayo!

WHERE: Shoreditch – Old Street station is closest.

Dark Sugars

WHAT: Willy Wonka’s imagination come true! Huge mounds of chocolate truffles and slabs of chocolate pilled up all over these wonderful chocolate shops. All but one of their chocolates were gluten free when I last visited and they also serve incredible (UTTERLY INCREDIBLE) hot chocolates. Try the Hazelnut Crunch truffles, they are like a gluten free Ferrero Rocher but better!

WHERE: There are two shops on Brick Lane (Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations are closest) and a Saturday morning market stall on Broadway Market.

Delamina East

WHAT: I really love this restaurant and have been a few times. They serve small and large plates from a Middle Eastern-Mediterranean menu and have loads of gluten free options. Sometimes they even have gluten free battered fish or onion rings as part of their dishes. Try the roasted cauliflower here, you will not be disappointed.

WHERE: Spitalfields – head to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).


WHAT: A weekend and evening food and drink market in Shoreditch, which is perfect for a catch up with friends when you don’t want the formality of a restaurant. They stalls at this market change each season but I have never gone without as there always seems to be at least one great gluten free stall, like these coeliac-friendly tacos from Breddos Tacos.

WHERE: Shoreditch – head to Old Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street (overground).


WHAT: Delectable Indian food – less curry house and more refined feasting with cocktails galore. They have a gluten free menu and are very helpful with dietary requirements. Dishoom is extremely popular so be sure to book. And make sure you try the black daal – lentils have never tasted so good!

WHERE: Shoreditch – head to Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).

The Dove

WHAT: The perfect place for a rainy Saturday afternoon. This specialty beer pub has a couple of gluten free beers on its menu and some great gluten free food options. They even has coeliac friendly gluten free fish and chips – soooo goooood.

WHERE: Broadway Market in Hackney. Take the tube to Bethnal Green or the overground to London Fields.

Duck & Waffle

WHAT: Gluten free waffles with an incredible view. You must book well in advance as this is one of London’s most sought-after brunch spots. They also do lunch and dinner but you KNOW you want to try those gluten free waffles :).

WHERE: Liverpool Street.

El Ganso

WHAT: This tapas restaurant has a wide range of gluten free dishes available. El Ganso’s menu isn’t marked up but staff were really helpful and told us what was coeliac safe. Get a jug of their house sangria to wash it all down!

WHERE: Broadway Market in Hackney. Take the tube to Bethnal Green or the overground to London Fields.

The Empress

WHAT: Time for date night at this cosy fancy pub spot. The Empress serves lovely food from its seasonal menu and they can cater well for coeliacs like me.

WHERE: Victoria Park Village. One for locals unless you want a long walk in the dark from Bethnal Green tube.

Fish House

WHAT: A chippie serving the besssssst chips that have always been gluten free when we visit due to them using a dedicated fryer. Sadly they don’t have any battered gluten free fish options but I can recommend their sit down restaurant as coeliac-friendly. They have lots of non-battered fish options that you can pair with those yummy chips.

WHERE: Victoria Park Village.

Friends of Ours

WHAT: An absolutely banging brunch with plenty of gluten free options. Let them know if you are coeliac so they can take extra care, they take our requirements seriously here. Gluten free bread available and some delectable brunch options to try.

WHERE: Hoxton.

Gallery Cafe

WHAT: A sweet spot that works well for a quick lunchtime bite. It’s a vegetarian cafe with a couple of gluten free options, as well as some vegan choices. The menu changes regularly but it worth popping in if you are in the area. Plenty of space for buggies if you have kids so it is a good pairing with a trip to the Museum of Childhood opposite the cafe.

WHERE: Bethnal Green.

Galvin La Chapelle

WHAT: Very fancy food in a spectacular setting, an old converted chapel with soaring ceilings. This Michelin-starred restaurant is ideal for a special occasion meal as they can cater perfectly for coeliacs, with fresh gluten free bread too. I was still hungry afterwards though…the portions aren’t the biggest…that might say more about me and my ravenous appetite though!

WHERE: Spitalfields. Liverpool Street is the closest tube station.

Hill & Szrok

WHAT: A butchers by day and restaurant by night, this certainly isn’t a spot for vegetarians or vegans as meat is the star of the menu. The menu changes daily and the meat is organic and top notch. They were helpful at catering for me and most of the menu was naturally gluten free. Great wine too.

WHERE: Broadway Market, Hackney.

Hoi Polloi at the Ace

WHAT: Hipster-central. The Ace is a bit of a Shoreditch creative hub so of course they have gluten free bread available for their brunch options. Please do check about any potential cross-contamination when you order.

WHERE: Shoreditch.

Hop Vietnamese

WHAT: For a low key Vietnamese bite to eat and some epic aperol spritz after work on Fridays, this is the spot. Their other restaurants all offer lunch only. They have four gluten free options on the menu, two naturally gluten free pho noodle soups and two rice bowl that need to be slightly adapted (without the crispy onion topping), which are pictured here, and can cater for coeliacs. They also have a gluten free brownie on the dessert menu.

WHERE: Various locations near Liverpool Street.

Kinilaw & Buko

WHAT: Epic Filippino food with gluten free ice-cream cones and ice-creams for dessert. The staff here are great at talking you through the gluten free options and the chef takes great care when catering for coeliacs. We had a brilliant experience here.

WHERE: Hoxton.


WHAT: Plenty of gluten free options at this Aussie brunch spot. Think corn fritters, smashed avocado and bottomless brunch options with gluten free bread available. Always let them know if you are coeliac so they can prepare the bread carefully.

WHERE: Old Street.

The Larder

WHAT: A little cafe attached to the London buddhist centre. They often have some naturally gluten free dishes on the menu, as well as some cakes. Not a gluten free offering worth rushing to but a good lunch spot if you are in the area.

WHERE: Bethnal Green.


WHAT: One of our favourite local restaurants, this authentic tapas restaurant is dinky and is nestled on lovely Columbia Road. The dishes here are wonderful and they have always catered ably for coeliac needs. They have plenty of gluten free options.

WHERE: Columbia Road – Hoxton overground station.


WHAT: Awarded one Michelin star, Lyle’s is a pretty special place to eat. Think innovative twists on classic food and a set menu with multiple courses – a real foodie paradise. We went here a couple of years ago for my birthday and it was a delight. They catered for my coeliac needs without batting an eyelid.

WHERE: Shoreditch – Liverpool Street station (underground) or Shoreditch High Street station (overground).


WHAT: Aside from trying to put you off your meal with their rather overbearing “no guarantee against cross contamination” statement, Mildred’s have plenty of gluten free options. It’s a vegetarian restaurant and staff can talk you through the gluten free options, which typically include some yummy curries.

WHERE: Dalston


WHAT: Such a gem of a place to eat, Morito serves the kind of food you can’t kelp but love. Think small plates packed with labneh, zatar, charcoal grilled lamb chops, quince aioli and chocolate and olive oil mousse (obvs not all those things together :D). Staff are always very helpful regarding gluten free options.

WHERE: Hackney Road, Shoreditch end. Go to Old Street station (underground) or Hoxton (overground).

New Street Grill

WHAT: We had a very good experience at this restaurant. Despite not having booked (i.e. they didn’t have advance warning that I am coeliac) the waiter well very well-versed in what was gluten free and coeliac safe. There is also a lot of choice and they provided a warm gluten free bread roll while we were waiting for our food, and even a gluten free alternative to the petit fours.

WHERE: Liverpool Street


WHAT: A very popular spot at all times of the day so please be sure to book in advance. Small plates, sharing dishes and salads with a Middle Eastern style cuisine, staff at Ottolenghi were very helpful when I last visited and well versed in which options were coeliac safe.

WHERE: Spitalfields.

Ozone Coffee

WHAT: A fab spot for brunch near Old Street station. Ozone do some delicious dishes and have gluten free bread available, plus they serve serious coffee. It is an open kitchen so you can scrutinise the chefs (if you are feeling particularly untrusting…aka me, always), but they are very good at limited cross-contamination as much as possible. Let them know you are coeliac when you order.

WHERE: Old Street. There is also a newer location in Bethnal Green, however I haven’t tried it yet.

Pavillion Cafe

*Since Covid they have had a revamp and menu change, so might not have their gluten free options any more. I’ll check soon and will confirm*.

WHAT: One of my local favourites as the setting is glorious. A small cafe next to the large lake in Victoria Park, you can literally sit by the water’s edge while you tuck into breakfast. Head here for brunch. They do not have gluten free bread and options are quite limited as the menu is small, but their Sri Lankan breakfast options are gluten free and are incredible. They sometimes even have homemade gluten free dosas available.

WHERE: Victoria Park – 15 minute walk from Bethnal Green station.

Rochelle Canteen

WHAT: No particularly widl gluten free options here, but lots of naturally gluten free cooking and as the food here is excellent and such a hidden gem that I had to include it. Tucked away on a quiet backstreet, I assure you this little spot is one worth seeking out. Staff are incredibly helpful and the menu is seasonal modern British. I ate duck with beetroot and walnuts followed by baked rice pudding. Oh so good.

WHERE: Shoreditch.

Rosa’s Thai

WHAT: A Thai chain that is fairly small scale so sits in this guide. You will find a couple of branches in East London and they offer a good gluten free menu. One caveat – PLEASE CHECK ABOUT DEEP FRIED OPTIONS. They are not coeliac-safe and the menu doesn’t make this clear. Other than that, this is a great place to eat at.

WHERE: Spitalfields.

Rosso Pomodoro

WHAT: A bigger chain that I shouldn’t really include here but I really like their pizza and so here they are :). Decent gluten free bases, beer and even gluten free dessert options other than ice cream. The menu is marked up to show which items are gluten free. Note they cannot guarantee a 100% safe environment – I have eaten here at least half a dozen times without issue and think this is just a standard disclaimer, but please make up your own mind.

WHERE: Hoxton Square – Shoreditch (head to Old Street station).

The Royal Inn on the Park

WHAT: A stonking gluten free roast with gluten free sticky toffee pudding for dessert – YES! This is my choice of pubs in Victoria Park Village for really brilliant pub food. They cater well for coeliacs and it is a wonderful classic pub setting.

WHERE: Victoria Park Village – a 15 minute walk from Bethnal Green station or Mile End station.

Sager & Wilde

WHAT: Reputed for their wine selection, Sager & Wilde can also cater for coeliac diners. Either seated outside in their front courtyard or inside under an indoor palm tree, the delightful staff here can guide you through the gluten free choices on their seasonal menu. Run by the same husband and wife team behind Hackney Road’s Sager & Wilde wine bar, there is a serious wine menu to be had at Mission to help you wash down the lovely food on offer here.

WHERE: On Paradise Row in Bethnal Green, very close to Bethnal Green tube.

Sticks n Sushi

WHAT: Delicious sushi and hot grilled dishes with gluten free options available. They also provide tamari gluten free soy sauce upon request. No dedicated gluten free menu but servers are very clued up.

WHERE: Canary Wharf.

Stour Space

WHAT: A lovely cafe with a floating pontoon you can brunch on. They only occasionally have gluten free bread but they always seems to have gluten free potato cakes/rosti that can be served as an alternative. Either way I have always found the staff here to be really helpful, the brunch delicious and the al fresco setting is a dream.

WHERE: Hackney Wick. Tricky transport links mean that really this is one for London locals or any visitors to the Olympic Park.

Stringray Globe Cafe

WHAT: A casual restaurant serving gluten free pasta and occasionally gluten free puds. They have gluten free pizza too but it is not suitable for coeliacs due to cooking processes.

WHERE: Columbia Road. Combine a trip here with a visit to the amazing Sunday flower market (runs until 3pm). You could take the tube to Liverpool Street, then walk up through Spitalfields and Brick Lane – from there it is a 5 minute walk from Columbia Road. Otherwise hop on a bus from Liverpool Street.

Sushi Samba

WHAT: Fancy sushi and Asian dishes with an incredible view. They do have an annoyingly-titled “Gluten-Conscious” (shoot me) menu with yummy choices. They cite the (sadly more and more common) disclaimer about not being able to guarantee no cross-contamination, but it is as safe as any other mixed facility restaurant in London.

WHERE: Liverpool Street.


WHAT: I had the best gluten free toastie here a couple of years ago, prepared safely using a cleaned toastie machine plus greaseproof paper as an extra precaution. I haven’t been recently so please check about processes when you visit in case they have changed.

WHERE: Spitalfields – head to Liverpool Street station or Aldgate East.


WHAT: This levantine-meets-Spanish restaurant wowed us with their fabulous small plates. They were very accomodating to me as a coeliac, and staff took a lot of care to ensure my food was gluten free. Many dishes were naturally gluten free but they also readily adapted others to make them suitable for me.

WHERE: Broadway Market in Hackney. Take the tube to Bethnal Green or the overground to London Fields.


WHAT: Delicious noodle bowls that can be made gluten free, just let them know your dietary requirements. They also offer gluten free rice waffles at breakfast time.

WHERE: Broadway Market in Hackney. Take the tube to Bethnal Green or the overground to London Fields.

Wringer & Mangle

(coming soon)

Wow it turns out there are A LOT of places that coeliacs can eat at in East London! If you need more London gluten free tips then check out my other guides:

Happy eating! x