Episode 5 of Oh Crumbs – the Gluten Free Podcast is now live and this week is all about IBD, Crohn’s Disease and body positivity. Our brilliant guest this week is senior BBC journalist Bryony Hopkins, who we absolutely loved interviewing!

Bryony was diagnosed with chronic autoimmune condition Crohn’s Disease when she was 4 years old and has lived with condition for over 20 years. Despite having been through steroid treatment with horrendous side effects, undergoing multiple surgeries (including having 90% of her large bowel removed) and having an ostomy bag for three years as a teenager, Bryony tries not to dwell on the negatives and instead focuses on living her best life.

In this episode of Oh Crumbs we chat about:

  • living with Crohn’s Disease,
  • how a gluten and dairy free diet has helped Bryony to manage her condition,
  • what IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) actually is,
  • medical liquid diets,
  • body positivity and embracing your scars,
  • trying to focus on a positive mindset and
  • her food myth-busting events series A Belly Full of Events.

Before the interview, Sarah and I chat about new research about coeliac disease in children, whether you should risk eating products with a “may contain” warning, some new fully gluten free venues in the UK and my massive coeliac friendly fish and chips guide.

Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast: Episode 5 is now available on various podcast players. You can listen here direct through the player below or click on the links to be taken to your podcast player of choice.

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