Woop woop episode 2 of Oh Crumbs – the Gluten Free Podcast is now live! In this week’s episode my co-host Sarah Howells and I discuss the positives and pitfalls of eating out at restaurants when you have serious dietary requirements. Then Sarah is sharing her personal coeliac disease diagnosis story with us, as well as her experiences as The Gluten Free Blogger.

In this episode of Oh Crumbs we chat about:

  • Sarah’s personal coeliac disease story,
  • the challenges of getting that initial coeliac diagnosis,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • adapting to coeliac life,
  • Sarah’s late teenage rebellion against her gluten free diet,
  • working as a full time blogger,
  • eating out as a coeliac and
  • falling in love with food.

You’ll also get to hear some outtakes at the end of this week’s podcast episode…believe me our recording definitely is not always perfect on the first take!

Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast: Episode 2 is now available on various podcast players. You can listen here direct through the player below or click on the links to be taken to your podcast player of choice.

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That’s all from Oh Crumbs for now! While you are here why not have a look at some helpful gluten free guides to help you get to grips with the potential challenges of gluten free life:

Enjoy! x