Let’s look on the positive side of gluten free life – being gluten free does not suck! Yes it’s annoying that we can’t eat everything we want, yes cross contamination is b*tch BUT at the end of the day things could be far worse so let’s try to focus on the good bits.

To illustrate my point I have rounded up twenty amazingly delicious gluten free foods. I defy any gluten-eaters to not drool while reading this. Gluten free food ruuuuules! And with more gluten free products appearing on the shelves every month, if you’re fave product isn’t available right now you bet it will be soon.

1. Fluffy Waffles

That’s right, gluten-eaters, our batter is better than yours! Look at these fluffy gluten free waffles from Utter Waffle and tell me I’m wrong…go onnnn…I dare ya!

2. Fish & Chips

Speaking of the best batter, two different owners of nationwide\London chains of restaurants recently told me that they categorically think gluten free flour is best when making batter. It’s crispier, lighter and they both then chose to use gluten free batter as standard nationwide. IN YOUR FACE, GLUTEN.

Check out my guide to 350+ venues in the UK offering coeliac-friendly fish and chips every day – there’s even an interactive map so you can find locations closest to you! Here’s some epic gluten free fish and chips from Rise in Dorset to oogle in the meantime.

3. Haribo Balla Stixx

Haribo have launched some brand new gluten free fondant-filled strawberry licorice sticks, which I haven’t been able to eat for 20 years (my pre-coeliac days) – now if that isn’t something to smile about I don’t know what is. Available now in Coop stores.

4. Waitrose Millionaire’s Shortbread

I am a sucker for caramel chocolate slices and the Waitrose gluten free Millionaire’s shortbread are my current treat of choice. Mmmmmm. If you don’t have a Waitrose near you, the M&S ones are also pretty epic!

5. Fake Frazzles

Frazzzzlessssss! Since discovering that the Sainsburys own brand Frazzles “bacon crispies” are naturally gluten free (with no may contain warning) I may have eaten a LOT of them. Buy them in big sharing bags or in mini lunchbox-sized snack packs.

6. Gluten Free Burgers & Chips

Honest Burger has so much gluten free! This burger chain does amazing burgers and its menu is nearly fully gluten free (aside from the gluteny buns). They do gluten free burgers, buns, onion rings, chips, sides and beer. Phwoar, what a place.

7. Smores Cheesecake

Yeah yeah I’m including one of my own recipes here but LOOOOOK at those smores cheesecake pots. These are bound to make anyone happy! Get the recipe here.

8. Brioche Buns

These Genius buns are good. Oh so goooooooooood. Say goodbye to the crumbly gluten free burger buns of old, and welcome these fluffy brioche-style gluten free buns into your life. Available in most UK supermarkets.

9. Doughnut-Topped Cupcakes

Isn’t this the cutest cupcake you ever did seeeee?! From fully gluten free (and vegan) Vida bakery in London, these cupcakes taste just as good as they look.

10. So Longggg Bueno

Move over Kinder Bueno, we coeliacs have our own gluten free version now in the form of this Schar Melto and we DON’T WANT YOU ANY MOREEEEEEE. Available in most UK supermarkets.

11. Waffle Ice Cream Fish

What the?! Whoever decided to make a sweet waffle in the shape of a fish was definitely having a unique creative moment but here we are. You can find gluten free versions of this taiyaki in London at Yaki Yaki and in Vancouver (Canada) at Stuffies Pastries.

12. Lidl Monster Munch

The supermarkets are doing a faaaantastic job at creating gluten free equivalents of classic gluteny crisp brands, not least Lidl with these Snacktastic Monster Claws.

13. Coop Giant Fish Fingers

I tried these the other day and they are massive! So good as well with a lovely crunchy crumb on the outside. If you can’t find these, try the M&S gluten free fish fingers as they are laahhhhhvley too.

14. Italian Holidays

You would never guess that Italy is one of the most coeliac-friendly countries but it really is! With such wide awareness and a huge array of gluten free foods available, it is the perfect holiday destination. Check out this massive gluten free croissant I got from a gluten free bakery in Bari. For more about gluten free in Italy have a read of my country and city guides.

15. Better Brownies

Gluten free brownies are really good, and definitely better than normal brownies when done well. Have a go at making your own at home with my peanut butter-stuffed chocolate brownie recipe.

16. The Best Sausages

Seeing gluten free written on sausages basically means they are higher quality that other sausages, as they contain more meat and less rusk/wheaty filler. Fact. My faves at the moment are the Tesco Finest range, but Jolly Hogg (Sainsburys) come a close second.

17. Tacossss

Did you know tacos should be naturally gluten free? Some restaurants get it all wrong by using wheat flour ones but the classics are made with gluten free masa harina corn flour. Always check before ordering tacos in restaurants but a great place in London to try them is El Pastor, who use gluten free corn tortillas as standard for their tacos.

18. Pancakes

You cannot beat a gluten free pancake stack. Truth. Gluten free pancake batter always works so well, giving lovely fluffy pancakes if you are going for American style, as well as winning classic pancakes and crepes. Or go wild and try a buckwheat galette! Buckwheat is a naturally gluten free grain (despite the misleading name) and works brilliantly for savoury pancakes.

19. M&S Spring Rolls

Oh M&S, these gluten free spring rolls made my life and if they had been released when I was pregnant (and massively craving spring rolls) I would have bought and devoured the entire stock.

20. Amazing Resources

These days we have an amazing coeliac community online, brimming with helpful resources for new and old coeliacs alike. So please don’t feel worried or overwhelmed by having to go gluten free, there’s a whole world of information out there waiting for you.

Whether you need gluten free recipes or meal plans, travel ideas or UK guides, guidance for eating out at restaurants or help knowing where to get started with gluten free products, the internet has it all. As a start point, have a browse on my website for lots of helpful articles and feel free to email me mygfguide@gmail.com if you need any tips.

I hope that selection of goodies helped you realise that being gluten free does not suck! If you are getting to grips with coeliac life or trying to make the most of gluten free living, have a read of some more of my blog pieces while you are here:

Laura x