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New Gluten Free Product Round Up – December 2019

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Hello hello! Time for another edition of my monthly gluten free product round up and this month things got a bit crayyyy in the free from aisle. I’m not sure why so many supermarkets decided to launch new gluten free ranges at the same time, but it certainly means there are plenty of new goodies for us to try.

For last month’s round up, you can have a read of it here for even more gluten free products.

Party Food

Well, there’s A LOT of new gluten free party food items in the shops, so I have actually compiled an entirely separate guide for that:

Party Food Round Up

Here’s a small sample of what is available:

1) Waitrose 12 Breaded Cheese Selection

  • Really yummy naturally gluten free breaded cheese, look out for the little gluten free sign on the front of the packet if you want some reassurance as you’ll find these in the normal party food range.

2) Sainsbury’s 10 Loaded BBQ Jackfruit Rosti

  • One of the only gluten free vegan party food options I have seen in the shops this year, you can find these babies in the regular party food fridge section.

3) Coop Vegetable Spring Rolls

  • Coop really have an amazing range of gluten free party food, all within the regular frozen range.

4) M&S 12 Mozzarella Pesto Balls

  • A nice gluten free vegetarian party food option, these little mozzarella pesto balls are delicious.

Mince Pies

Nearly every supermarket has launched their own gluten free mince pies this year, which gives us a huge selection to choose from. The list was too long to feature here, so please have a read of this guide for full details:

5) Gluten Free Mince Pies

Selection Boxes

These are tricky to find gluten free, as many either contain gluten or have a may contain warning. There are a few yummy options in the shops though, including Aero and Dark Milk from Cadbury, find full details in this guide:

6) Gluten Free Selection Box Guide


7) Carluccio’s Gluten Free Panettone

  • An excellent gluten free panettone, available from Carluccios restaurants and their online shop. I really enjoyed this one and woudl recommend.

8) Organico Gluten Free Panettone

  • This was probably my favourite, purely based on personal taste as it is a little less sweet, but it was a tough call between this and the Carluccios one. This is available in Selfridges food hall.

9) Arden & Amici Panettone

  • Tasty enough, this dinky panettone is a good single serve option and is available from Waitrose.

10) Tesco Free From Panettone

  • Nearly identical to the Arden & Amici one, this is another single portion option, from Tesco stores.

Gluten Free Christmas Desserts

11) Festive Desserts in Shops


Jumping on the gluten free pastry bandwagon (after the Schar and Morrisons launches last month), Tesco have just released two new pastries, which I am yet to try:

12) Tesco 2 Free From Cinnamon Swirls

13) Tesco 2 Free From Croissants

Biscuits & Cakes

Tesco has released a slew of new gluten free biscuits over the last few weeks, and there are some really yummy ones to try:

14) Tesco 12 Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Cookies

  • These have been getting some rave reviews, although I haven’t tried them yet.

15) Tesco Free From Enrobed Orange Cookes & Cream

  • The plain cookies and cream ones are okay, but these orange ones are EXCELLENT. Believe me, you need to try these this Christmas!

16) Tesco Free From Cream Crunchies

  • I was so excited for these as thought they would be like Fox’s Crunch Creams, but alas they are a very poor imitation. They are still a nice biscuit though, just lower your expectations.

17) Tesco Free From All Butter Shortbread

18) Coop Chocolate Yule Log Brownies

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking these are actually like yule log, like I was, they are not my cup of tea UNTIL microwaved and warm then they are lovely.

Bread & Crackers

19) Tesco Free From Hot Dog Rolls

20) Amisa Range

  • I was sent various products from Amisa to try recently and I have to say, I loved everything. Their range impresses me consistently and I would highly recommend their foccacia rolls.

21) Nairn’s Cheese Cracker Selection Box

  • Really good crackers and ideal for festive gatherings, as these don’t taste especially gluten free and everyone can enjoy them.

22) Morrisons Free From Savoury Crackers Selection

  • I’ve also just spotted that Morrison’s have launched an own brand free from cheese cracker box too.


I’ve been sent some new gluten free beers this month, which might be worth trying. I haven’t tried Skinny lager yet, but the Bath Ales one is lovely – a very light ale, IPA style:

23) Bath Ales Wild Hare Gluten Free

24) Skinny Lager Low Cal Gluten Free Beer


25) Livia’s Christmas Cracker Selection Box

  • Calling all Livia’s fans, there’s a gluten and dairy free festive treat for you!

26) Coop Breaded Cod

  • Not new, but I tried these chunky breaded cod fillets recently and they were fantastic. I wanted to spread the word that these are stealth gluten free and worth trying. You can find them in the regular fridge section.

27) Sweet Freedom Festive Choc Shots & Syrups

  • Available in Aldi stores as a special buy.
  • These are all gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly and very versatile for baking, puddings and hot drinks.

28) Hotel Chocolat Free From Range

  • Hotel Chocolat annoying have a may contain warning on all items in their range, aside from their new free from range. They have launched some gluten and dairy free Christmas chocolates, which are proving very popular.

29) Sainsburys Battered Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

I’m not sure whether these are new but I have never seen them before and are the first battered nuggets I have seen in supermarkets. Will be trying these soon!

I hope you found this round up helpful! Remember, for more latest product information have a read of my November New Products guide.

Enjoy! x

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