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New Gluten Free Product Round Up – November 2019

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Wow there are so many new gluten free products hitting the shelves at the moment that I can barely keep up! This morning I was at a Schar gluten free brunch event, where they revealed even more exciting product arriving on supermarket shelves next week. I will be doing a separate gluten free Christmas product round up soon as there are just too many to fit in this one post. Let’s have a little look at what’s new or coming soon to supermarkets.

Gluten Free Bagels

Regular followers will know I am bagel obsessed, so this month has been a VERY good news month for me. Two new launches and one revamped line = lots of yummy gluten free bagel choices for us.

1) Schar Gluten Free Bagels

  • £2.50 for a pack of four, available in Morrisons (from 11th November)
  • I tried these this morning at the launch event and OMG I am so excited to finally be able to have a proper gluten free bagel. The other varieties I have tried so far tend to be quite bready but these have a really nice chewyness to them.

2) Tesco Gluten Free Bagels

  • £1.95 for a pack of four, available in Tesco stores now
  • Not new, but they have improved the recipe – I tried the white bagels last week and enjoyed them. The Schar ones are better, nevertheless I wanted to include these as they are still decent and they are a cheaper alternative.
gluten free bagels tesco

3) New York Bagel Company Gluten Free Bagels

  • £2.59 for a pack of four, available in Tesco (from 18th November)
  • I am VERY excited about this upcoming product launch as American bagels tend to be really good, watch this space for a review soon.

Gluten Free Pastries & Doughnuts

4) Schar Gluten Free Croissants

  • £2.50 for a pack for 4, available in Morrisons (from 11th November)
  • These are quite nice and it is certainly good to have a gluten free croissant option (especially a handy freezer one), but don’t expect flakey pastry. It’s more of a cakey centre with a nice crispy outside. Find them in the freezer section.

5) Morrisons Bake At Home Gluten Free Croissants & Chocolate Chip Pastry Swirls

  • £1.87 for a pack of 2, available from Morrisons stores.
  • Ooooooh these are exciting! I haven’t seen them in person yet but have seen the news popping up on Facebook this week. I’ll try to get some to review soon.

6) Morrisons Gluten Free Doughnuts

  • £1.50 for a pack of 6 mini doughnuts, available in Morrisons
  • You can find these new doughnuts in the freezer section and they look very similar to the Asda ones (which I love), so I’ll be giving these a try when I find them.

Gluten Free Crisps

7) Tesco Free From Onion Rings

  • £1.00 for 150g, available in Tesco.
  • Warning: these new Tesco onion rings are addictive. We have now eaten three packets and have four sat on top of the kitchen cupboard. They are EXACTLY like normal onion rings…actually scrap that…these are better! Absolutely worth trying.
gluten free onion rings tesco

8) Schar Curvies

  • £2.50 per pack, available in Asda now and soon in Morrisons (11th November) and Tesco (18th November).
  • These are amazing. They taste exactly like Pringles (even the BBQ seasoning is perfect) and are totally scoffable. I will be attempting to eat my own bodyweight in these this Christmas. Yes £2.50 is a little pricey but I absolutely would pay that price for these as they are really good.

Gluten Free Cakes & Biscuits

9) Tesco Free From Angel Slices

  • £1.80 for 5 cakes, available in Tesco
  • these are fairly new but I am mainly adding these to the round up as I tried them recently and they are EXCELLENT. Soft, fluffy sponge, delicious icing, so so good. My husband reckoned they were are good as his usual gluteny ones.

10) Sainsburys Gluten Free Cupcakes

  • Available in Sainsburys stores.
  • These two new products popped up this month and although I have not personally tried them I have heard good things from my followers.
gluten free cupcakes sainsburys
gluten free cupcake sainsburys

11) Coop Hand Finished Chocolate Cake Gluten Free

  • £3.50 per cake, available in Coop stores
  • This chocolate cake is wonderful, like a proper mini chocolate fudge cake and perfect for both celebrations and a cheeky slice of afternoon cake. Soft sponge and generous, fudgy icing. One of my current fave treats.

12) Cadbury Rocky Road Mud Cake

  • £3.00 for 400g, available from Morrisons
  • This chocolately freezer cake is actually gluten free and looks super yummy and is produced by gluten free company Almondy. I can’t wait to try it! Note it contains gluten free wheat starch, so it fine for coeliacs but not those with a wheat allergy.

13) Morrisons Gluten Free Profiterols with Chocolate Sauce

  • £1.50 for 16 profiterols, available in Morrisons.
  • Oooooh I can’t wait to try these and they are pretty good value too. Perfect for party season!
gluten free party food

Other Gluten Free Products

14) Amisa Falafel Mix

  • Available from various health food stores and Coop.
  • I was sent this mix to try recently and was really impressed with it. Very easy to mix up and cook into tasty falafel patties. Worth having in the store cupboard.

15) Morrisons Free From Yorkshire Puddings

  • £1.50 for 8, available from Morrisons stores.
  • Find these new Yorkies in the free from freezer section.

16) Morrisons Free From Pizza Dough

  • £2.10 for 300g packet, available in Morrisons stores.
  • I haven’t tried this but a couple of my followers told me it worked really well for them and produced yummy pizza bases.

17) Morrisons Free From Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix

  • £2.25 for 350g packet, available from Morrisons stores
  • This mix is gluten, dairy and soya free. It also does not contain any egg so perhaps you could get creative with a vegan recipe using this one.

18) Kirsty’s Free From Pepperoni Pizza

  • £3.50 for 325g, available from Tesco stores (freezer section)
  • A thin and crispy gluten and dairy free pizza, topped with dairy free cheese and pepperoni.

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