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On my hunt for a gluten free selection box this year I quickly discovered that it is actually a much harder task than I had first thought. Annoyingly so many selection boxes either contain gluten or have a may contain warning. Of course, you could always make your own little selection by buying your faves and popping them into a little gift bag, but after combing the internet I did find some ready made options that are suitable for coeliacs. Scroll on down for my gluten free selection box round up, which includes a section on gluten and dairy free choices too.

Gluten Free

Here are a few gluten free selection boxes, none of which have a may contain warning or any gluten containing ingredients:

Aero Festive Selection 400g

  • £4.00 (currently on offer in Tesco, usually £5.00)
  • Available from Tesco and Amazon
  • Featuring Aero bars in milk, peppermint and orange chocolate flavours.
  • Contains milk, does not contain gluten, soya or nuts. Note the Aero Bliss variety is not gluten free.
gluten free selection box uk aero

Cadbury Darkmilk Selection Chocolate Box

  • £3.00 (currently on offer in Sainsburys, usually £6.00)
  • Available from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco and B&M Stores
  • Dark Milk Salted Caramel – high cocoa milk chocolate with salted caramel chips, Dark Milk – high cocoa milk chocolate and Dark Milk Almonds – high cocoa milk chocolate with chopped almonds.
  • Free from gluten, suitable for vegetarians. Contains nuts, milk and soya.
gluten free selection box cadbury darkmilk

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Selection Box

  • £3.00
  • Available from Morrisons, B&M Stores
  • Contains dark peanut butter cups, peanut butter cups, stuffed with pieces peanut butter cups, white peanut butter cups.
  • Contains milk, peanuts and soya.
gluten free selection box reeses selection box peanut butter cups

Kinnerton Frozen II/Toy Story 4 Christmas Selection Box

  • £3.00
  • Available from Iceland and Ocado.
  • Such a brilliant choice for Frozen or Toy Story fans, young and old! This chocolate selection box contains filled milk chocolates, a solid milk chocolate lollipop, solid milk chocolate bars and solid milk chocolates bag of buttons, plus a stick sheet. Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Contains milk and soya.
gluten free selection box kinnerton frozen 2
gluten free selection box kinnerton toy story 4

Gluten and Dairy Free

There are plenty of gluten and dairy free selection boxes available this year, including some very reasonably priced supermarket own brand options:

Cadbury Bournville Selection Box

  • £4.00 (currently on offer in Morrisons, usually £5.00)
  • Available from Morrisons, Ocado and B&M Stores
  • Two orange bars and two classic bars.
  • Free from gluten and dairy, may contain nuts, contains soya.

M&S Made Without Selection Box

  • A selection of raspberry discs, crispy discs, cocoa and orange and caramel soft centres.
  • Free from gluten and dairy.

Moo Free Hammy’s Selection Box 

  • £3.00
  • Available from Lidl, Morrisons, Ocado, Amazon, Holland & Barrett,
  • Free from dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, casein and soya. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Ay contains hazelnuts.
  • Contains choccy drops, chocolate Santa, chocolate snowman, mini moo mint, mini moo orange
gluten free selection box moo free dairy free

ASDA Free From Christmas Chocolate Selection

  • £2.00
  • Free from gluten, wheat and dairy. Appears to be nut free too. Contains soya.
  • Choc bar, choc orange bar, choc crispy bar, choc buttons, choc orange buttons. Milk chocolate alternative.
gluten free selection box asda choc selection dairy free

Holland & Barrett Free From Selection Box

  • £1.99 (currently on offer, usually £3.49)
  • A selection of free from Christmas favourites that are all gluten and dairy free. Features milk choc bar, choc coins and lollies, plus white choc bar. 
  • Contains soya and may contain nuts.

The Free From Kitchen Co. Chocolate Selection Box

  • £2.50 (currently on offer, usually £3.00)
  • Free from gluten, wheat and dairy. Contains soya, may contain nuts.
  • Features milk choc bar, coins and lollies, plus white choc bar.
gluten free selection box free from kitchen dairy free

Haribo Selection Box

  • £2.50
  • Available from Morrisons.
  • This selection box contains eight treat-sized bags of Starmix, Tangfastics, Super Mix and Giant Straws gone mini. Free from gluten, dairy, soya and nuts.

If you found this gluten free selection box guide helpful, why not check out some of my other Christmas food guides:

Happy Christmas! x

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