I always have fun writing this gluten free advent calendar guide and it definitely gets me in the Christmas spirit. There are some CORKERS on the market again this year, which is so exciting to see. There are loads of gluten and dairy free options too.

Every year the selection of gluten free advent calendars increases and there is now some very impressive variety. Whether you are simply gluten free or have additional dietary requirements, dairy free or vegan, there’s a calendar here for you!

This is a round up of gluten free advent calendars available in the UK (sorry international readers) but some may be available in other countries too, however please double check the gluten free status in case ingredients are different.

What Do You Count as Being a Gluten Free Advent Calendar?

I have not included any calendars with a “may contain gluten/wheat” warning, as in my opinion these do not count as being safely gluten free for coeliacs like me.

If you are not coeliac or are less sensitive, there will be a few extra calendars in supermarkets with may contain warnings.

Allergens Listed

Right, let’s get to this round up. All the calendars featured here are gluten free, listed in ascending price order. First we have a gluten free advent calendar section, then a gluten and dairy free section, of which there are some delicious choices available this year.

I’ve noted allergen information for each calendar, where available, but please always double check when you buy. Just in case online information was not accurate or in case I have made a mistake. I am only human, but I try my best!

Laura xxx

Gluten Free Chocolate Advent Calendars 2023

Cadbury White Chocolate Advent Calendar 90g – £1.85

A white chocolate advent calendar from a Cadbury, which is gluten free with no may contain warning. Available exclusively in Asda. Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar 90g – £2.00

An advent calendar classic and it is gluten free! While this size is gluten free, some of the larger Cadburys ones are not and have a “may contain wheat” warning – always check the ingredients. Available in Asda, Ocado, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose. Contains dairy, may contain nuts.

Milkybar Chocolate Advent Calendar 85g – £2.00/£2.50

Another Christmas advent calendar classic, this white chocolate calendar is gluten free and suitable for coeliacs. Available in Asda, B&M, Iceland, Morrisons and Sainsburys. Contains milk, may contain nuts.

Marks & Spencers Classic Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar/Spencer Bear Advent Calendar – £2.25

M&S have so many brilliant gluten free advent calendars again this year. To kick things off, there are various designs for their simple milk chocolate advent calendar comes in this year, including Where’s Wally, the Science Museum and Nativity Scene. Available in M&S and Ocado. Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts.

Galaxy Advent Calendar – £2.50-£3.50

Classic Galaxy chocolate calendar with a milk chocolate piece each day, this was the only Galaxy calendar I could find that was gluten free with no may contain warning. Available in Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco and Sainsburys. Contains dairy and soya, may contain nuts.

Kinnerton Children’s Advent Calendar – £1.00 – £2.00

Another fantastic range of kid-friendly designs, Kinnerton’s calendars are made in a nut free environment. This year designs include Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol Calendars. Available in Morrisons, Ocado and Sainsburys. Contains dairy and soya.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Chunks Advent Calendar 258g – £6.00

A new addition to our gluten free advent calendar options last year, which was very exciting as usual Cadburys contain lots of may contain warnings. This calendar contains individually-wrapped chunks of Dairy Milk, Cadbury Caramel and Whole Nut. Available in Asda, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys and Tesco. Contains dairy and hazelnuts, may contain other nuts.

Percy Pig Advent Calendar – £6.00

Percy is back in festive form with a milk chocolate shape every day and a bag of sweets for Christmas day. Available in Marks & Spencer and Ocado. Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts.

Colin the Caterpillar Advent Calendar – £6.00

Everyone’s favourite caterpillar friend in chocolate form, each day has a mini gluten free Colin chocolate face, with a full bag for Christmas eve. Contains milk and soya, may contain eggs and nuts. Available from Mark & Spencer and Ocado.

Reese’s Advent Calendar £6.00

Filled with minature peanut butter cups in a variety of chocolate flavours. Available from Ocado. Contains milk, peanuts and soya.

Kinder Advent Calendar – £6.65

Containing Kinder chocolate minis (all gluten free), this calendar is currently on offer for about half the price on Sainsburys. Not to be confused with the Kinder Bueno calendar, which is NOT gluten free. Available from Ocado and Sainsburys. Contains milk and soya.

Reese’s Miniature Cups With Pretzels Countdown Calendar – £7.00

Really surprisingly, this calendar is gluten free! The pretzels within the cups are made from brown rice flour and potato starch. Available from Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsburys, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Contains milk, peanuts and soya.

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar 480g – £9.00

Get a mini cheese and a cheesy joke behind each door, in this slightly different advent calendar! Available from Ocado. Contains milk.

M&S Puppy Palace Advent Calendar – £9.00

Milk chocolate puppies behind each door. Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts. Available from M&S and Ocado.

M&S Choc Corn Advent Calendar – £9.00

Each window contains milk chocolate popcorn clusters with toffee pieces, plus you get a mini slab for Christmas day. Available from M&S and Ocado. Contains milk and soya, may contain eggs and nuts.

Quality Street Advent Calendar – £10.00

Filled with a selection of Quality Street chocolates, all of which are gluten free. Available from Waitrose. Contains milk and hazelnuts, may contain other nuts.

Toblerone Advent Calendar – £10.00

An assortment of Swiss milk chocolates, Swiss chocolates, Swiss white chocolates and Swiss milk chocolates with salted caramelized almonds each with honey and almond nougat. Available from Tesco. Contains milk, egg, soya and almonds, may contain other nuts.

Venchi Advent Calendar – £12.00

This luxury Italian chocolate brand has produced a more affordable calendar this year (scroll down for their incredible original truffle-filled varieties), with cute wrapped chocolate squares behind each door. Contains milk and soya, may contain nuts. Available online and from Vecnhi shops.

Montezuma’s Organic Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar – £14.00

Palm oil-free milk chocolate for each day of advent. There is also a dark chocolate version. Available from John Lewis. Contains milk, may contain nuts.

Baci Advent Calendar

Filled with classic Baci truffles, chocolate and hazelnut praline Italian made treats. This calendar is free from gluten. Available from Ocado. Contains milk and nuts.

Butler’s The Chocolate Advent Calendar – £20.00

Advent calendar with a selection of chocolate truffles: Spice Berry Parfait, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Café Mocha, Hazelnut Caramel, Orange Bombe, Almond Cappuccino, Milk Chocolate Truffle, Midnight Ginger, Raspberry, Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel, Passionata, Salted Hazelnut Caramel. Available from Waitrose and Selfridges. Contains milk, nuts and soya.

Salcombe Dairy – Advent Calendars £20.00

A luxury chocolate advent calendar with a range of designs to choose from this year, filled with chocolate truffles. Salcombe Dairy make wonderful bean to bar chocolate and their full range is gluten free, as no gluten is handled in their factory. They’re plenty of designs for grown ups, plus this very cute animal design that kids will love. Available online.

Pip & Nut Peanut Butter Cup Advent Calendar – £22.00

A new one this year and one for you peanut butter fans, containing dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Available from Ocado. Contains nuts and soya, may contain milk.

Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar – £22.00

I tried and loved this gorgeous advent calendar from Joe & Seph’s a couple of years ago and it’s good to see their calendar is gluten free again this year. Not only is the packaging fantastic, but each day you get a mini bag of their handmade popcorn. It comes in amazing flavours such as speculoos chocolate orange and banoffee pie and is completely gluten free. Available from Ocado and John Lewis. Contains egg, milk and soya, may contain nuts and sesame.

Montezuma’s Milk Choc Butter Nutter Truffle Advent Calendar – £21.99

Calendar filled with milk chocolate peanut butter truffles. Palm oil free. Contains milk, soya and peanuts, may contain other nuts. Available from the Montezuma’s website.

Yawn Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar – £28.00

A reader asked me to hunt down a gluten free hot chocolate calendar for her daughter and I found this one. It sounds lovely, with a wide variety of hot chocolate flavours. Contains milk and soya. Available here.

Harry Specter’s Luxury Advent Calendar – £45.00

A beautifully presented collection of luxury filled chocolates, and chocolate covered coffee beans. Made at a chocolate factory where autistic people are involved with every aspect of the business (plus all their chocolates are gluten free) – a great business to support. Contains soya and milk, may contain nuts. Available online.

Lakrids by Bulow Liquorice Calendar – £50.00

While liquorice is not usually gluten free, this Swedish brand’s is! Contains soy and dairy. Available here.

Venchi Prestige/Superior Prestige Advent Calendar – £42-£55.00

Well it ain’t cheap but it is absolutely gorgeous chocolate, with a selection of filled truffles to enjoy! Each chocolate comes in a puzzle cube box, creating various different pictures as you work you way through the month. Contains dairy, soya, nuts and may contain other nuts. Two varieties – available from Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods and Venchi shops.

Edinburgh Craft Beer Gluten Free Advent Calendar – £69.99

A beer calendar featuring gluten free beers from the Edinburgh area, including the fantastic coeliac-run Bellfield Brewery. Available here.

Beerhunter Gluten Free Craft Beer Advent Calendar – £79.99

For the beer fans, here’s another boozy calendar with 24 gluten free beers to try. Available online.

Eat n Mess Advent Calendar – £80.00

I loveeeee this gluten free bakery and their advent calendar looks INCREDIBLE (plus the owners are really nice people :D). Every day features a gluten free baked good (sealed to extend their shelf life) in a beautiful rainbow shiny boxed calendar. It’s pricey but so worth it, in my opinion for a fantastic gf treat every day! Contains eggs, nuts, dairy and soya. Available here.

Venchi Wooden Advent Calendar – £100

Or go all out with this mega wooden advent calendar, filled with gluten free chocolate truffles. Contains dairy, soya and nuts. Available from the Vecnhi website.

Gluten & Dairy Free Advent Calendars 2023

The Free From Kitchen Co. Advent Calendar 93G – £2.00

Tesco’s dairy free and vegan advent calendar. Available in Tesco. Contains soya, may contain nuts.

Morrisons Rudi the Reindeer Advent Calendar – £3.50

An own brand dairy free option from Morrisons, which you should be able to find in the free from section. Available in Morrisons. Contains soya, may contain nuts.

Sainsburys Free From Choc Advent Calendar – £3.00

An own brand dairy free option from Sainsburys, which you should be able to find in the free from section. Available in Sainsburys. May contain nuts and soya.

Moo Free Original/White Chocolate Advent Calendar – £4.00

An alternative to milk chocolate/white chocolate made from a blend of cocoa, sugar & rice, these organic calendars are gluten, soy and dairy free and vegan. The original is a Free From Christmas Awards Winner. May contain nuts. Available from Asda, Morrisons and Ocado.

Nomo No Missing Out Advent Calendar – £5.00

The Nomo advent calendar is available supermarkets this year and I hear very good things about their dairy free chocolate. It is also one of the only calendars that not gone up in price since last year – wonderful to see. It is vegan, dairy, gluten, egg, nut free. The calendar contains 12 caramel sea salt and 12 creamy chocs. Available in Tesco and Waitrose.

Haribo Advent Tree – £6.00

A build-you-own cardboard tree, which bags of sweets to decorate it and enjoy during advent. Available from Ocado. Note the other Haribo advent calendar is not gluten free as it states it may contain wheat.

Plamil So Free Advent Calendars – £6.95

This popular dairy free range makes some various gluten and dairy free advent calendar designs, including salted caramel and white chocolate varieties. I personally was not a huge fan of the chocolate, however. Available online.

Plamil No Added Sugar Oat Milk Calendar – £6.95

Made with gluten free oats, this is a new dairy free and vegan calendar from Plamil. I’ve not tried this one so perhaps the chocolate is better! Available online.

Swizzels Sweet Factory Calendar – £6.00

Full of classic Swizzels sweets, including Love Hearts and Refreshers bars, this calendar is gluten free and dairy free. Available from Ocado and Sainsburys. Contains soya.

Fetcha Chocolates Solid Chocolate Advent Calendar – £9.50

This small Scottish company’s advent calendars and gluten, dairy, soy and palm oil free. You can choose from a solid white choc or milk choc calendar, or scroll down for the luxurious filled truffle variety. Available online.

Maoam Advent Calendar – £10.00

A new one this year, with Maoam fruity chews behind each door, which my 5 year is desperate to get her mitts on it. Available from Sainsburys.

Hip Oat Milk Chocolate Sdvent Calendar – £10.00

*Made on machinery that processes milk, soya and nuts*. Gluten free oat milk chocolates behind each door, in various flavours including gingerbread, white and salted caramel. Available from Ocado.

Candy Kittens Advent Calendar – £10.00

*May contain milk* But no milk ingredients, this advent calendar has two sweets each day and a full size bag on Christmas eve, from the Candy Kittens range. May contain milk, nuts, peanuts and sesame. Available from Ocado and Sainsburys.

Cocoa Libre Advent Calendar – £15.00

Fantastic dairy free chocolate, which I really enjoyed when I tried it in 2019, as it is very smooth with a lovely flavour. Each day serves up a chunky chocolate treat, from elves and stars to reindeer and Christmas trees, and the packaging design looks very high quality. Definitely one to try. Available online. Contains soya. Nut free.

Ombar Advent Calendar – £15.00

I’m not dairy free, but find this Ombar chocolate really delicious, so I would say it’s a fantastic dairy free advent calendar to try. It’s plastic free, fair trade and organic. Contains nuts. Available here.

Nono Cocoa Chocolates Advent Calendar – £15.00 (not spotted this one yet in 2023)

What a beautiful selection of hand-decorated vegan chocolates. I have not tried this calendar but it’s full of beautiful dairy free, gluten free chocolates. Created by a parent who did not want her autistic son to miss out on equal enjoyment of Christmas treats in spite of allergies. The price has almost halved since last year too. Gluten and dairy free, raw and vegan. Available online.

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar – £18.99

Packed with gluten and dairy free jelly beans, you get a different flavour each day and a surprise bag on Christmas eve. Available from Jelly Belly, John Lewis, Selfridges and Amazon. Suitable for gluten, dairy, egg, soya and nut allergy sufferers.

Jelly Belly Harry Potter Calendar – £19.00

A new calendar this year, which is also gluten and dairy free. Perfect for Harry Potter fans! Available from Jelly Belly, John Lewis and Fenwick. Suitable for gluten, dairy, egg, soya and nut allergy sufferers.

Joe & Seph’s Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar – £25.00

A beautiful advent calendar from Joe & Seph’s with a small bag of gluten free, vegan popcorn flavour each day. Flavours include salted caramel, toffee apple, strawberry caramel and salted maple. Contains soya, made in an environment where milk, nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds are present. Available online from Joe & Sephs and Boots.

Pri Bakes Vegan & Gluten Free Advent Calendar – £29.99

Filled with “Oaty Pies” in Choco Pie, Pecan Pie and Cashew Butter Pies. All are gluten free vegan and low in sugar. Available online.

Fetcha Chocolates Luxury Advent Calendar – £42.00/£52.00

Both advent calendars from this company are fully gluten free and vegan (and palm oil and soy free). They contain a selection of handcrafted chocolates. The more expensive one is alcohol-infused chocolates. Available online. May contain nuts.

Image from fetchachocolates.com

Play In Choc – £49.50

Yes this one is expensive (although cheaper than last year) but oh my goodness it is gorgeous. Each day you get a gluten and dairy free mini chocolate (probably the best dairy free chocolate I have tried – it was so smooth and creamy), a fact card and an animal or scenery figurine to make. Available direct online from Play In Choc and they also have a cheaper 12 day calendar this year. Dairy, nut, gluten, soy & plastic free.

Fever-Tree Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar – £65.00

Billed as the ultimate gin and tonic calendar, I can confirm all the mixers in this calendar are gluten free. Available from Waitrose.

I hope you have found this guide helpful, please do drop me an email if you have any additions mygfguide@gmail.com.

I will have some more Christmas guides and recipes coming for you in the next few weeks! In the meantime, check out some of my other gluten free product guides:

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