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Gluten Free Festive Party Food

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There are so many gluten free party food items in the shops this year that I decided a little round up was in order. Many supermarkets are switching ingredients to make items in their standard canape lines gluten free now and nearly everywhere has gluten free pigs in blankets. This is such a change from a few years ago! My top party food tips:

1) Always check the ingredients list on pre-bought party food. Even if something isn’t labelled explicitly as being gluten free, sometimes other items in the range happen to be gluten free too. Allergens will always be highlighted in bold if there are any included in the recipe. If you have gluten free guests, avoid any party food containing wheat, barley, rye or oats.

2) When preparing gluten free party food for guests, always cook them on a clean oven tray or dish and use clean tongs to transfer them to the serving platter.

3) Serve gluten free party food items on dedicated gluten free plates – don’t mix them in with gluteny canapes as this causes cross-contamination.

4) Eat, drink and be merry :)!

Here’s a round up of some of the gluten free party food available this year – supermarkets listed in alphabetical order.

Gluten Free Party Food 2018


I haven’t made it to an Aldi to check out their range in person (mince pies aside), but according to their website they have the following gluten free items that would work as gluten free party food:

  • free from mince pies
  • free from ginger cookies
  • free from iced fruit cake bar
  • peanut chocolate chip brownie bars
  • Spanish tapas platter
  • tempura chicken mini fillets
  • Sriracha style chicken wings
  • BBQ chicken drumsticks
  • sweet potato wedges
  • Mediterranean falafel
  • pork belly strips with chilli and lime
  • pigs in blankets
  • cranberry and clementine fudge
  • reindeer, robin and snowman lollies


Asda have a huge range of gluten free products now, with a number of Christmas items in their range. Some of my top picks for gluten free party food are:

  • Extra Special pigs in blankets
  • Extra Special stuffing squares
  • free from crackers for cheese selection box
  • chicken satay sticks with peanut sauce (freezer)
  • free from baguette (freezer)
  • free from chocolate yule log
  • free from chocolate “brussels sprouts”
  • Extra Special 12 chocolate cup selection (freezer)
  • free from Roddy the Reindeer cake
  • Extra Special raspberry & pistachio wreath (freezer)
  • free from truffle selection
  • Extra Special hand finished raspberry pavlova stack (freezer)
  • free from biscuit selection box
  • free from mince pies


A new addition this year as Coop have really upped their gluten free game. A number of items in their regular range are naturally gluten free, so make sure you have a good look around in store or keep an eye out for the items listed below:

  • vegetable spring rolls
  • chicken pakora
  • chilli cheese bites
  • onion bhajis
  • Indian selection
  • mozzarella sticks
  • tempura prawns
  • tempura prawn lollipops
  • free from reindeer cupcakes
  • free from mince pies
  • salted caramel profiteroles
  • hand finished yule log
  • spiced salted caramel cookies
  • spice fruit cake bites
  • cranberry & orange tiffin bites


Iceland get big marks in my book this year for their “no palm oil” campaign. It is great to see them making an effort to reduce the amount of palm oil, especially when other supermarkets seem to include it in every free from product. Iceland have a few naturally gluten free choices available this year – it’s worth snooping in their chest freezers to get your mitts on these gluten free party food goodies. Plus they are amazing value:

  • pork cocktail sausages
  • pigs in blankets crisps
  • king prawn ring with seafood sauce (freezer)
  • ultimate king prawn ring with sweet chilli sauce (freezer)
  • bacon-wrapped asparagus bundles (freezer)
  • chicken tikka bites (freezer)
  • ice cream chocolate shots (freezer)
  • mini dessert pots (freezer)
  • 15 after dinner ice cream mints (freezer)
  • 12 macarons (freezer)
  • toffee & pecan roulade (freezer)

Marks & Spencer

For top quality party food that you can feed to everyone without them suspecting gluten free, Marks & Spencers has the top spot. It’s pricey though so either splash out on your gluten free guests or mix and match with some gluten free party food from cheaper supermarkets.They also do a 64-piece gluten free party food selection that you can order online. Here are my top gluten free party food picks:

  • mini Santa hats (freezer)
  • mini chicken kievs
  • free from mince pies
  • mini toad in the hole
  • pigs in blankets
  • sticky asian style chicken lollipops
  • cheese & bacon potato skins
  • BBQ pork belly squares
  • tandori king prawn wreath with dip
  • mini seafood shells
  • hog roast on mini crackling plates
  • mini christmas cake bites
  • Swiss strudel chocolates
  • honeycomb crunch bites
  • made without wheat indulgent brownie bites


Morrisons have finally brought some tasty gluten free party food options out this year and some of them look goooooood. Again, many are not specifically branded as free from but they have a gluten free marker on them. Have a good look through the party food section to spot the little green diamon:

  • mozzarella sticks
  • cheese stars
  • mozzarella pesto-filled bites
  • mushroom arancini
  • breaded garlic mushrooms
  • savoury churros with red pepper dip
  • sweet potato stacks
  • loaded potato skins
  • free from polar bear Christmas cake
  • free from yule log
  • free from chocolate cornflake clusters
  • free from white chocolate & amaretto cookies
  • free from mince pie cookies
  • free from cranberry & clemetine cookies
  • mini hash brown bites (freezer)
  • curly fries (freezer)


Sainsbury’s sadly do not seem to have many gluten free party food items this year, they have parred the range right back to the standard items. A shame when other supermarkets are really going for it! If Sainsbury’s is your only option, here are some bits you could get:

  • pigs in blankets
  • free from mince pies
  • free from iced fruit cake slices
  • free from shortbread selection
  • free from chocolate yule log
  • 2 salted caramel roulades (freezer)
  • Belgian chocolate roulade (freezer)
  • toffee & pecan meringue roulade (freezer)
  • rapberry and prosecco meringue stack (freezer)


Tesco have one of the biggest ranges (neck and neck with M&S) of gluten free party food, with lots of choices for both meat-eaters and veggies. Here are my faves:

  • free from mini Christmas cupcakes
  • Finest garnish pack (pigs, stuffing balls etc)
  • pigs in blankets
  • stuffing stars
  • BBQ chicken wings
  • loaded potato skins
  • green jalapenos with cream cheese
  • free from mini gingerbread men
  • tomato and mozzarella sticks
  • free from mince pies
  • feee from panettone
  • free from chocolate tree biscuits (so yummy)
  • free from shortbread selection
  • finest free from triple chocolate cookies (THE BEST)
  • free from profiteroles (frozen)


Waitrose are gradually catching up with the other big supermarkets on the gluten free party food front. Once again, find most of these in the regular chilled party food section. This year they have some really nice options (including a gluten free festive party packs, available online only)- those mushroom arancini are DELICIOUS:

  • mushroom arancini balls
  • tomato & mozzarella arancini balls
  • southern fried chicken chunks
  • chestnut & bacon stuffing balls
  • festive sausage wreath with cranberry glaze
  • ham & cheese croquettes
  • breaded cheese bites
  • pigs in blankets
  • pork crackling straws
  • red thai pork snowballs
  • gluten free mixed party pack
  • free from sausage rolls
  • free from mince pies
  • free from fruit cake slices

There you go! If you have spotted any especially great gluten free party food items that I have missed, give me a shout at Oh also, if you prefer to make your own canapes, check out my recipes:

Or my gluten free Christmas gift guide!

Happy Christmas everyone! x

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