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Gluten Free Festive Party Food Guide 2022

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*2022 updates underway*

There are so many gluten free party food items in the shops this year that I decided a little round up was in order.

Many supermarkets are switching ingredients to make items in their standard canape lines gluten free now and nearly everywhere has gluten free pigs in blankets.

This is such a change from a few years ago! We are starting to be spoilt for choice and I love it :D.

My top party food tips

1) Always check the ingredients list on pre-bought party food. Even if something isn’t labelled explicitly as being gluten free, sometimes other items in the range happen to be gluten free too. Allergens will always be highlighted in bold if there are any included in the recipe. If you have gluten free guests, avoid any party food containing wheat, barley, rye or oats.

2) When preparing gluten free party food for guests, always cook them on a clean oven tray or dish and use clean tongs to transfer them to the serving platter.

3) Serve gluten free party food items on dedicated gluten free plates – don’t mix them in with gluteny canapes as this causes cross-contamination.

4) Eat, drink and be merry :)!

gluten free party food chorizo pigs in blankets

Here’s a round up of some of the gluten free party food available this year – supermarkets listed in alphabetical order.

Gluten Free Party Food

Aldi [2022]

(updates in progress – more to be added)


  • Halloumi Wrapped in Bacon
  • Specially Selected Pigs in Blankets
  • Specially Selected Chipolatas Wrapped in Bacon
  • Specially Selected Stuffing Ball Selection
  • Specially Selective Festive British Stuffing Shapes
  • Snackrite Turkey & Stuffing Tortilla Chip Christmas Trees
  • Snackrite Salted Tortilla Chip Christmas Trees


  • x

Asda [2022]

(updates in progress – more to be added)


  • ASDA 4 Cheese & Bacon Potato Skins (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special British 12 Pigs in Blankets (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special 10 Pigs in Blankets (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special Pig in Blanket (fridge)
  • ASDA Scrummy 12 Pigs in Blankets (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special 6 Pork Chipolata Pigs in Blankets (fridge)
  • ASDA Tempting Candy Cane Pig in Blanket (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special 18 Pork Cocktail Sausages (fridge)
  • ASDA 12 Mozzarella Sticks (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special Pigs in Blankets Festive Feast (fridge)
  • ASDA Hash Brown Stars (freezer)
  • ASDA Free From Spicy Party Pack (freezer)
  • ASDA Potato Croquettes 276g (fridge)
  • ASDA Extra Special Extra Special Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps


  • ASDA Jingle The Reindeer Ice Cream Lollies 4 x 60ml (freezer)
  • ASDA Delish Jingle the Reindeer Ice Cream 900ml (freezer)

Iceland [2022]

To save you having to rummage through the freezers at Iceland, here’s a list of party food that is accidentally gluten free (with no may contain warnings). All items are frozen unless specified in brackets.

  • Cathedral City Mature Cheddar Cheese Bites
  • Iceland Cheddar Cheese Hash Brown Bites
  • Iceland Curly Fries
  • Iceland Hash Brown Onion Rings
  • Iceland Ridge Fries
  • Iceland Ready to Eat BBQ Chicken Wings (fridge)
  • Iceland Takeaway Salt & Pepper Crunchies
  • Mash Direct Salt & Chilli Wedges
  • Oumph! Crispy Buffalo Bites
  • Oumph! Spicy Drums
  • Punjab Pakora Chicken Pakora with Tomato & Mint Sauce (fridge)
  • Punjab Pakora Red Chicken Pakora with Tomato & Mint Sauce (fridge)
  • Punjab Pakora Vegetable Pakora with Tomato & Mint Sauce (fridge)
  • Scarily Spicy California Reaper Chicken Wings
  • TGI Fridays Loaded Potato Skins

Marks & Spencer [2022]

For top quality party food that you can feed to everyone without them suspecting gluten free, Marks & Spencers has the top spot. It’s pricey though so either splash out on your gluten free guests or mix and match with some gluten free party food from cheaper supermarkets:


  • M&S Collection 16 BBQ Pork Belly Squares 360g
  • M&S 16 Pigs in Blankets 380g
  • M&S British Outdoor Bred 12 Pigs in Blankets 282g
  • M&S Our Best Ever Pigs in Blankets 342g
  • M&S Cocktail Sausages 540g
  • M&S British 12 Mini Chicken & Garlic Kyivs 360g
  • M&S Collection 12 Sticky Asian Style Chicken Lollipops 320g
  • M&S Percy Pig Potato Shapes (Freezer)
  • M&S Dinky Roasted Chicken Sausages 225g
  • M&S Dinky Honey & Mustard Sausages 255g
  • M&S Dinky Pork Cocktail Sausages 255g
  • M&S 10 Mini Cottage Pies 400g
  • M&S 16 Chorizo Pigs in Blankets 260g
  • M&S British Meat Garnish Selection 648g
  • M&S Collection British Luxury Meat Garnish Pack 520g
  • M&S Vegan Garnish Selection Pack 309g
  • M&S Made Without Wheat Spring Rolls
  • M&S 10 Wild Canadian Scallop & Chorizo Skewers 520g
  • M&S Alpine Cheese Fondue 150g
  • M&S Continental Antipasti Wreath 300g
  • M&S The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Platter 471g
  • M&S Caramelised Onion Cheese Bake Hot Cheese Dip 150g
  • M&S 8 Fresh Herb Falafels 160g
  • M&S Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese Rollitos
  • M&S Collection Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Crisps
  • M&S Tortilla Stars
  • M&S Boxing Day Curry Tortillas
  • M&S Collection Turkey Feast Crisps
  • M&S Christmas Pigs in Blankets Combo Mix Crisps
  • M&S Christmas Turkey Feast Combo Mix Crisps
  • M&S Collection Smoky Ancho & Honey Nut Selection 340g
  • M&S A Taste of Christmas Nut Mix 350g
  • M&S Christmas Cheese Snowflakes 120g


  • M&S Caramelised Nut Selection 150g
  • M&S Salted Caramel Golden Blond Nut Selection 150g
  • M&S Blond Chocolate & Caramelised Pecans 300g
  • M&S Chocolate Nut Selection 400g
  • M&S Collection Medjool Dates Selection 225g
  • M&S Made Without Chocolate Yule Log 495g
  • M&S Colin The Caterpillar Candy Cane Fruit Gums 150g
  • M&S Santa Colin the Caterpillar Festive Faces 127g
  • M&S Choc Corn Wreath 490g
  • M&S Hazelnut & Caramel S’mores Frozen Dessert – chocolate meringue filled with hzaelnut semifreddo, salted caramel sauce and hzelnut pieces 695g
  • M&S Collection Raspberry, White Chocolate & Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta 900g
  • M&S 4 Toffee & Pecan Meringue Roulades Frozen 370g
  • M&S 4 Raspberry & Mascarpone Meringue Roulades Frozen 370g
  • M&S Collection Very Berry Pavlova Frozen 670g
  • M&S Made Without 5 Chocolate Fudge Cake Slices 127g
  • M&S Made Without Christmas Pudding 6 Month Matured 400g
  • M&S Collection Very Berry Layered Pavlova Frozen 590g
  • M&S Mini Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites 204g
  • M&S Berries & White Chocolate Mini Ice Cream Bites 204g

Morrisons [2022]

Morrisons have a bit more gluten free party food this year, plus some lovely festive items in their ambient free from range too. Here are a few bits I’ve spotted:


  • Morrisons 12 Christmas Chilli Cheese Bites (fridge)
  • Morrisons 9 Cheese & Bacon Loaded Shells (fridge)
  • Morrisons Pigs In Blankets 10 Pack 150g (fridge)
  • Morrisons 6 Salmon & Potato Bites With A Sweet Chilli Centre (fridge)
  • Morrisons 14 The Best Pork Belly Bites With Barbecue Sauce (fridge)
  • Morrisons Free From 12 Paneer Sticks (freezer)
  • Morrisons The Best 16 Gluten Free Caramelised Onion Cocktail Sausages (fridge)
  • Morrisons 12 Onion Bhajis (freezer)


  • Free From Reindeer Cake
  • Morrisons The Best Free From Yule Log 511g
  • Free From Mince Pies
  • The Best Free From Ginger & Butterscotch Pudding
  • Free From Cranberry & Orange Mini Bites
  • Free From Iced Fruitcake Slices
  • Free From Mini Chocolate Orange Yule Logs
  • Free From Mini Christmas Cupcakes
  • Scotts Gluten Free Miniature Christmas Cupcakes

Sainsburys [2022]

There are a few gluten free party food canape options tucked into the main Christmas ranges this year. Plus some tasty free from treats to enjoy:


  • Sainsbury’s Sticky Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Taste the Difference x8 270g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Truffle Flavoured Pigs in Blankets, Taste the Difference x10 210g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s 12 Caramelised Pigs In Blankets 300g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice 12 British Pork & British Bacon Pigs In Blankets 260g (fridge)
  • The Jolly Hog 10 Pigs in Blankets with Black Treacle Streaky Bacon (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s 12 Jalapeno & Cheese Pigs in Blankets (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s 12 Mozzarella Sticks (freezer)
  • Sainsbury’s 12 Nacho Cheese Triangles (freezer)
  • Sainsbury’s Festive Sticky Fig & Port Baking Camembert, Taste the Difference 570g (fridge)
  • Mozzarella Sticks Takeaway Sides (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Jalapeño Poppers x10 200g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Kansas City BBQ Cooked British Chicken Wings 525g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Scottish Smoked Salmon Canapes x12 120g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked British Pork Ribs Smokey BBQ Sauce 646g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Slow Cook British Pork Ribs With a Sweet Honey Glaze 646g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked British Pork Ribs with Spicy Firecracker Glaze 646g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked Pork Ribs in a BBQ Sauce 450g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked Mini Pork Ribs with a Chinese Style Marinade 340g (fridge)
  • Mini Cheese & Bacon Potato Shells x9 (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Fabulous Festive Cheesemas Tower 450g (fridge)
  • Plant Pioneers Smoky No Cheese Bake with Garlic 150g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Baking Camembert, Taste the Difference, Autumn Edition 290g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Star-Shaped Cheddar with Chilli & Honey 150g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Figs in Blankets Flavour Crisps, Taste the Difference 150g
  • Sainsbury’s Seasonal Edition Truffle & Wild Mushroom Flavour Crisps, Taste the Difference 150g
  • Sainsbury’s Christmas Baubles Salted Tortilla Chips 200g
  • Sainsbury’s Continental Meat & Cheese Select 215g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Italian Inspired Meat Selection 180g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Mature Cheddar Bake with Garlic Herb & Black Pepper, Taste the Difference 150g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Festive Red Cabbage Coleslaw, Taste the Difference 200g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Maple Bacon Nut Mix, Taste the Difference 250g
  • Sainsbury’s Pigs in Blankets Flavour Puffs 250g
  • Sainsbury’s Rudolph Noses Olives 160g (fridge)
  • Sainsbury’s Turkey & Stuffing Flavour Lattice 125g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Lightly Salted Tree Tortilla Chips 200g
  • Sainsbury’s Turkey Gravy Flavour Crisps, Taste the Difference 150g


  • Sainsbury’s Free From Chocolate Yule Log, Taste the Difference 462g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Iced Fruit Cake, Taste the Difference 783g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Mini Mince Pies, Taste the Difference x9 275g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Mince Pies x4 230g
  • Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Mini Cupcakes x9 165g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Spiced Ginger Crumble Slices x4 152g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Chocolate Orange Brownie Slices x4 132g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Iced Fruit Cake 295g
  • Sainsburys’s Cherry Tiffin Stacker, Taste the Difference 150g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas Pudding 100g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas Pudding, Taste the Difference 100g
  • Sainsbury’s Free From Christmas Pudding 400g
  • Sainsbury’s Christmas Black Forest Style Nut Fruit & Chocolate Mix, Taste the Difference 225g
  • Sainsbury’s Chocolate Coated Deglet Nour Dates 220g
  • Sainsbury’s Lemon & Berry Meringue Stack, Taste the Difference 512g

Tesco [2022]

Tesco are back again this year with plenty of gluten free party food, plus some brand new choices for both meat-eaters and veggies, but please check the label of any old favourites.

I noticed a couple that were gf last year are not coeliac friendly this year – including some of the pigs in blankets. Here is a round up of savoury and sweet products for your festive parties:


  • Tesco Breaded Cheese Selection 240G (fridge)
  • Tesco 20 Pork & Apple Pigs In Blankets 400G (fridge)
  • Tesco Finest 12 Chorizo Pigs in Blankets 252g (fridge)
  • Tesco Katsu Breaded Prawns (fridge)
  • Tesco Finest 10 Pork & Truffle Bon Bons (fridge)
  • Tesco 12 Salmon Bites 240G (fridge)
  • Tesco 12 Cheese Bites 200G (fridge) – potato and cheese croquettes in a gf crumb
  • Tesco 12 Cod & Chorizo Bites 200G (fridge)
  • 12 Ham & Cheese Croquettes (fridge)
  • Tesco Finest 10 Pigs In Blankets 210G (fridge)
  • Finest Crinkle Cut Pigs In Blankets Crisps 150G
  • Tesco Pigs In Blankets Combo Mix 150G crisps
  • Free From Onion Ring Crisps
  • Tesco Cheese Balls Snacks 300G
  • Free From Pigs in Blankets Popped Chips
  • Free From Turkey & Stuffing Tortilla Chips Christmas Trees 150G
  • Tesco Finest Caramelised Onion Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps 125G
  • Tesco Finest 3 Cheese Flavour Hand Cooked Crisp 150G
  • Tesco Finest Christmas Pudding Flavour Hand Cooked Crisps 150G
  • Tesco Turkey & Stuffing Bites 300G crisps
  • Tesco Finest Turkey & Sage Butter Flavour Crisps 150G
  • Tesco Finest Crinkle Cut Glazed Ham Flavour Crisps 150G
  • Tesco Free From Sea Salt & Chilli Crackers 160G
  • Tesco Free From Onion & Herb Crackers
  • Tesco Finest Bacon Wrapped Scallops 128G (frozen)
  • Tesco Finest 10 Bacon Wrapped King Prawns 160G (frozen)
  • Tesco 20 Pigs In Blankets 400G (frozen)
  • Tesco 56 Pork Cocktail Sausages 672G (frozen)
  • Tesco 14 Onion Bhajis 210G (frozen)
  • Tesco Classic Cheese Selection 450G (fridge)
  • Tesco German Style Meat & Cheese Selection 120G (fridge)
  • Tesco Finest Cheese Selection 480G (fridge)


  • Tesco Chocolate Orange Popcorn 200G (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Blonde Chocolate Flavour Popcorn 200G (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Finest Free From Cranberry & Amaretto Cookies (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From Dark Chocolate & Mint Shortbread (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From 12 Tiffin Selection Box (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From Chocolate Yule Log
  • Tesco Finest Free From Honeycomb Dome (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Free From Chocolate Christmas Tree Biscuits 112G (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From Fruit Cake Slices (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Free From 4 Deep Fill Mince Pies 220G (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Free From 4 Iced Topped Mince Pies 225G (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From Mince Pies 4 Pack 200G
  • Tesco Free From 9 Mini Mince Pies
  • Tesco Free From, Caramelised Apple Crumble Pies (gluten and milk free)
  • Tesco Finest Free From 4 Praline Brownie Slices
  • Tesco Finest Salted Caramelised Nut Selection 225G (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Nut Selection 225G (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Finest Stem Ginger Chocolate Cracker (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Nut Tray 285G (regular Christmas section)
  • Tesco Chocolate Orange Truffles with a Ganache Centre (regular Christmas section)

Waitrose [2022]

Waitrose has a few lovely gluten free party food items so far, hopefully more soon as they tend to hold off releasing their full range until mid-December. Here’s what I’ve found so far:


  • Waitrose Christmas 12 Breaded Cheese Selection 230g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas 12 Ham & Cheese Croquettes 240g (fridge)
  • Waitrose 16 Cocktail Sausages Wrapped in Bacon 264g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas 12 Tomato & Mozzarella Arancini 240g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas 14 Pigs in Blankets 294g (fridge)
  • Waitrose No.1 Pork Chipolatas in Air Dried Bacon 258g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Pastrami Smoked Scottish Salmon 100g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas Gruyère Fondue 200g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Baking Camembert with Red Onion Relish 290g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Three Cheese Bake 150g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Cooked Tikka Chicken Mini Fillets 175g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Cajun Chicken Mini Fillets175g (fridge)
  • Waitrose The Levantine Table Chicken Shawarma Spiced Kebab 110g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas Brussels Pâté 250g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas Ardennes Pâté 250g (fridge)
  • Waitrose Christmas Turkey & Stuffing Tortilla Chips 200g
  • Waitrose Christmas Roasted & Salted Nuts with a Hint of Hickory Smoke 210g
  • Waitrose Christmas Rose Harissa Spiced Nut Mix 205g
  • Waitrose Christmas Mixed Nuts 300g
  • Waitrose Christmas Walnuts 250g
  • Waitrose Christmas Cashew Nuts 300g
  • Waitrose Christmas Brazil Nuts 250g
  • Waitrose Free From Buttered Onion & Herb Stuffing


  • Mini Gluten Free Panettone 100g
  • Waitrose Christmas 2 Gluten Free Mince Pies
  • Waitrose Free From 2 Choc Orange Tarts
  • Waitrose Gluten Free 4 Fruit Cake Slices
  • Waitrose Free From Christmas Cake 480g
  • Waitrose Free From Orange Almond Slices
  • Waitrose Free From Christmas Pudding 100g
  • Waitrose Free From 4 Mince Pies
  • Waitrose Free From Butter Shortbread
  • Waitrose Free From Stem Ginger Cookies
  • Waitrose Free From Choc Chunk Cookies
  • Waitrose Free From 4 Bakewell Slices
  • Waitrose Free From 4 Cherry Bakewells
  • Waitrose Free From 5 Chocolate Cake Slices
  • Waitrose Christmas Maple Caramelised Cashews 175g
  • Waitrose Christmas Chocolate Orange Spiced Nut Mix 220g
  • Waitrose Christmas Fruit & Nut Mix 300g
  • Waitrose Christmas Caramelised Nuts 210g
  • Waitrose No.1 Chocolate Cherry & Nut Selection 280g
  • Waitrose No.1 Hand Finished Medjool Dates 235g
  • Waitrose No. 1 Chocolate Coated Fruit & Nut Treat Box 275g

There you go! If you have spotted any especially great gluten free party food items that I have missed, give me a shout at Oh also, if you prefer to make your own canapes, check out my recipes:

Happy Christmas everyone! x

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