Kent is a wonderful county that I have had the joy of discovering through day trips and weekend breaks. We have just got back from a little staycation in the South Kent countryside and it’s about time I published this gluten free Kent guide.

Kent is very easy to reach from London and you will find plenty of gluten free options scattered across the county. Whether you are looking for a quick bite, takeaway fish and chips, a picnic on a vineyard or a slap up, sit down meal, you’ll find some recommendations in this gluten free Kent guide to suit you.

I have aimed to showcase some of the best gluten free choices Kent has to offer. However if you are local I am sure you have plenty more tips and I would love to hear them. Do ping me an email (Laura – with any recommendations.

I’ve already had some wonderfully helpful tips from followers, so a big thank you to all who have helped with this guide so far.

Towns are listed in alphabetical order and if you scroll down to the bottom of this article you will find my gluten free Kent interactive map. This map allows you to easily see the gluten free options in your area of choice.

Gluten Free Kent Guide


  • Amici – this Italian restaurant offers a gluten free menu, including various pasta dishes, bruschetta and risotto. You can view the gluten free menu on their website.
  • Catch Fish & Chips – accredited by Coeliac UK, Catch only offer battered gluten free fish and chips all day on Wednesdays and after 5pm on Saturdays. However, on other days of the week they can do you grilled gluten free fish and chips safely instead.
  • The Old Mill – this pub has a good number of gluten free options marked on their menu. Coeliacs note the deep fryers are contaminated with gluten the chips here are not safe for us!
  • The Woolpack – a 10 minute drive from Ashford in Warehorne, this pub came as a reader recommendation. They can cater for coeliacs, but be sure to book well in advance as it is a very popular eatery.
  • Eastwell Manor – North of Ashford, I read reviews saying that this hotel and spa offers gluten free afternoon tea here. Maybe give them a call if you are searching for an afternoon tea and spa day in the area.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Ashford:

  • Pizza Express – Coeliac UK accredited Italian chain restaurant with gluten free pizza, pasta, dough balls and more.


Lovely Broadstairs is a great destination for an outing with kids. There’s a nice sandy beach, colourful rows of beach huts and some fab food on offer:

  • The Charles Dickens – this pub offers a gluten free menu with lots of choices, from ploughmans to fish and chips (check about current fryer situation when you visit). They also have a kids menu section on the gluten free menu – you can view it on their website.
  • Wyatt & Jones – lunch at Wyatt & Jones is my top recommendation here. Their menu was naturally almost all gluten free when I visited (aside from the bread and two dishes), but do give them a little call to 1) reserve a table and 2) double check options. Their menu is heavy on fresh fish and seafood and my meal was exceptionally good. The freshest salmon tartar with avocado, whole plaice with caper butter, crispy triple cooked potatoes with garlic and rosemary, roasted rainbow beetroot and wonky summer squash with crispy shallots.


Historic Canterbury is a fab town to visit and we enjoyed whiling away the hours exploring its streets. There are loads of independent shops to discover and some ace gluten free dining options:

  • Oscar & Bentleys – a fully gluten free restaurant in the centre of Canterbury, this is a great spot for a meal or for an afternoon cuppa and a cake (I had a lovely slice of chocolate cake last time we were there). The owners have a coeliac in the family so ensure the kitchen is fully gluten free and treat other allergens seriously too.
  • The Jackdaw Inn – the head chef of this pub contacted me to say that he caters for coeliacs and offers Kentish cider batter fish and chips on the menu. They have loads of other great gluten free options too (menu is approx 90% gf) and he used to work at Oscar & Bentleys so has a full understanding of gluten free requirements.
  • Cafe des Amis – for coeliac friendly Mexican food, with a good number of menu choices available for gluten free diners.
  • The Pig Hotel – near Canterbury, this hotel can cater well for coeliacs diners (who don’t need to be a hotel guest to eat at the restaurant here). This was a reader recommendation, with staff cited as being super helpful and very knowledgeable about gluten free.
  • The George & Dragon – near Canterbury in Fordwich – Coeliac UK accredited pub with gluten free battered fish and chips on the menu.
  • Mama Feelgoods – near Canterbury in Chalkpit Farm, this cafe offers gluten free bread as an option for its sandwiches and sometimes has gluten free cakes. Please enquire re cross contamination.
  • Shelly’s Tea Rooms – West of Canterbury in Chilham, they bake various gluten free goods from scratch, such as scones and cakes. They even do a gluten free afternoon tea! Enquire before you visit as they are currently only offering takeaway.
  • Kitch – this cafe is gluten free friendly, with various options on its menu for gluten free customers.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Canterbury:

  • ASK Italian
  • Nandos
  • Prezzo
  • Zizzi


  • The Fryer Tuck – reviewers mention coeliac friendly gluten free fish and chips here, but please do give them a call first to check this is still the case.


  • Gallery Kitchen Cafe – this cafe has won Free From Eating Out Awards for their ability to cater for gluten free customers, so it’s worth checking out if you are in Faversham.
  • The Red Lion – south of Faversham in Badlesmere, this pub has a fully gluten free kitchen and is accredited by Coeliac UK! Their menu has some real treats on it, from fried chicken, pie and classic pub grub with (gf) chips, to tempura vegetables and katsu curry. They’ve yummy puddings too, including homemade tart and pancakes mmmm. OH and I’ve just seen their Sunday roast menu – they have gluten free (and dairy free) Yorkshire puddings!!!


Folkestone is now high on my list of places to visit next, after recently learning more about the town. It has a large art community, a lighthouse champagne bar on the pier (!), a secret speakeasy in a potting shed and some lovely streets to explore. Plus there are some strong gluten free choices I would like to check out in person:

  • The Little Fish Shop – gluten free fish and chips cooked in a dedicated fryer. Give them a call when you are on your way so they can heat up the fryers.
  • Marley’s – this restaurant has a host of wonderful reviews praising their gluten free choices and ability to cater well for us. There was even a hilarious review from a gluten-eater whinging about there being too many gluten free cakes on the menu. Places like this need our support! Their menu is clearly marked up to show gluten free choices, plus they even have gf kids menu choices.
  • Sotirios – this Greek restaurant has a separate gluten free menu listed on their website, with some delicious choices such as lamb kleftiko and halloumi skewers. They also have key lime pie listed as a dessert, yum!


  • The George & Dragon – Coeliac UK accredited pub with all sorts of treats on the menu, including gluten free battered fish and chips.


  • Reliance Fish Bar – with coeliac owners, this fish and chip shop can cater really well for gluten free customers. A local reader sent in this recommendation, saying he has always eaten there safely and that they have a dedicated fryer and processes to minimise cross contamination.

Herne Bay

A classic British seaside spot, Herne Bay is a nice place to stop for a potter on the pebbly beach.

  • Shakey Shakey – we had fab gluten free fish and chips here a couple of years ago, however the owners have changed since then. Reviews indicate that they still do good gluten free but do double check about the fryer situation in case processes are different now.
  • The Wallflower Cafe – this vegetarian cafe offers a range of gluten free cakes, including dairy free and vegan varieties.


A good place to head for lunch if you’ve been visiting Hever Castle:

  • King Henry VIII – reviewers say staff are very helpful with gluten free requirements and remembered throughout . The fryer is used for gluteny items so the chips are not suitable for coeliacs.


If you’ve been visiting Leeds Castle and your stomach is rumbling, head to:

  • The Dirty Habit – for a gluten free Sunday roast with gravy! They even have gluten free dessert options.


  • The Tickled Trout – just outside Maidstone, this pub offers some gluten free options and is recommended by the local coeliac group.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Maidstone:

  • Bill’s – casual brasserie with a good range of gluten free menu choices.
  • Cote Brasserie – Coeliac UK accredited French restaurant chain.
  • Miller & Carter – Coeliac UK accredited steak house (although annoyingly chips are not safe for coeliacs).
  • Nandos – chicken and chips.
  • Pizza Express – Coeliac UK accredited Italian chain restaurant with good gluten free pizza, pasta and doughballs.
  • Prezzo – Coeliac UK accredited Italian chain restaurant.


I’ve not visited Margate personally, so the following are recommendations I have saved on my own little gluten free want-to-try list. These are places I have seen positively reviewed or that have clear gluten free options on their website.

Coeliacs please always check about the cross contamination situation when you visit (and please do feel free to send me updates):

  • Ministry of Pies – this place is fully gluten free! Their food is also palm oil free and they have some veggie and vegan options. The menu includes pies, Sunday roasts, fish and chips and more.
  • Angela’s of Margate – a well reputed restaurant that is very capable at catering for gluten free customers. Fresh seafood with a focus on sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients.
  • Buoy & Oyster – this seafood restaurant has plenty of gluten free options marked on the menu. I’ve not eaten here but it’s definitely one I want to check out.
  • The Bus Cafe – this cafe in a converted double decker bus has lots of gluten free options, including gluten free bread available.
  • Cafe Darcy – reviews rave about this little cafe being gluten free friendly, with plenty of coeliac friendly options.
  • Naughty Floss – an allergen-free candyfloss stall located in Margate’s Dreamland amusement park.


We had a lovely little weekend break in Ramsgate. For my top tips and gluten free weekend recommendations checkout my “A Gluten Free Weekend in Ramsgate” guide, otherwise read on for my full roster of gluten free finds:

  • Alexandra Ristorante Italiano – I spotted that this Italian restaurant had a gluten free menu available on request.
  • Corby’s Tearoom – this tearooms was closed when we visited by their menu says they can offer gluten free breads, crumpets, scones and cakes. Hurrah!
  • Coco Latino – this little cafe seems to have a good array of gluten free options on their menu (vs the other brunch spot further along who told me “we offer gluten free bread as an option but have bread crumbs all over our kitchen so there will be cross contamination”…ummmmm okay then). They’ve a nice outdoor seating area looking onto the harbour.
  • Shakey Shakey Fish Bar – an extensive gluten free options, as well as a large vegan menu, with plenty of options for coeliacs. We had fish and chips, scampi and chips and a HUGE kids portion of cod bites and chips. They also have some sweet treats available, such as pineapple fritters are gluten free deep fired oreos.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Ramsgate:

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Set in the midst of beautiful countryside, we had a fantastic meal just outside Tunbridge Wells, thanks to a helpful reader tip (you guys are the best):

  • The Beacon – just outside of Tunbridge Wells is this absolutely wonderful restaurant, which I had a wonderful experience at. We visited for lunch and sat on their beautiful al fresco terrace, with views over their gardens and surrounding countryside. The menu is small plates style and all but one were gluten free when we visited. Staff were helpful and reassuring, telling me they had used clean oil to prepare our fried dishes etc. The food itself was outstanding and one of the best meals we have had in a while.
  • Juliet’s Cafe – lots of reviews recommend this place as offering gluten free breakfast, lunch and cake options.
  • The Hare – nearby at Langton Green is this Coeliac UK accredited pub, offering all sorts of yummy gluten free dishes on their menu including fish and chips.
  • The Nevill Crest & Gun – Coeliac UK accredited pub with gluten free battered fish and chips on the menu.
  • Thackeray’s – a helpful local reader says this is wonderful slap-up dining set in an old cottage. Ideal for birthday meals or other celebrations and they thought it was superb. “I told them I was coeliac when I made the booking, and they brought out so many little GF alternatives on the day, and obviously took so much care. The food was outstanding.”
  • The Black Dog Cafe – a local reader recommendation, she says this cafe has some decent gluten free options on their menu with gluten free bread available.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Tunbridge Wells:

  • Cote Brasserie – Coeliac UK accredited French brasserie chain.
  • The Ivy – European-style menu with gluten free options.
  • Pizza Express – Coeliac UK accredited Italian restaurant chain.
  • Wagamamas – limited options, but reassuring processes with a manager supervising your order.
  • Zizzi – Italian chain restaurant with plenty of gluten free options.


Sevenoaks has some wonderful parkland and countryside around it, so it a great place to head for a walk and a bite to eat. Below are a few gluten free friendly eateries you may like to try, plus I also found the page for the Coeliac UK local Sevenoaks group. Their members have created an incredibly helpful map with their recommendations for the surrounding area, which is worth checking out.

  • Buck’s Head – a lovely country pub that you can pair with a stroll in neighbouring Knowle Park. While I have eaten here a few times, I understand their menu/ownership has changed since I last visited (it used to be very gluten free friendly), with fewer options than previously but their website does still state that they can cater for gluten free customers. Worth giving them a call before you visit to check about that week’s menu.
  • Eat n Mess – a MUST visit if you are in the area, Eat n Mess produce some of the best gluten free treats around. Owned by the lovely Danielle and Matt, the cafe is 90% gluten free with good measures in place to avoid cross contamination. Whether you want brunch, a toastie, a little treat or a big box full of gluten free cookies, cakes and pop tarts, this is one of my favourite eateries in Kent.
  • The Giggling Squid – this Thai restaurant group seems to cater well for gluten free (and diary free) diners, with dishes containing gluten marked on the menu.
  • The White Hart – they offer an extensive gluten free menu here, which you can view on their website. Lots of yummy choices, ranging from pub classics to light bites and even a children’s gf menu. They also have gf battered fish and chips, but please check about the fryer situation when you visit.
  • The White Rock Inn – near Sevenoaks, this pub has a few dishes that can be made gluten free. They are indicated on their menu, which you can view online.

You’ll also find the following gluten free friendly chain restaurants in Sevenoaks:


  • Hunnybeez Cafe – lots of reviews rave about the gluten free options at this place, even mentioning fish finger sandwiches!
  • The Lemon Tree – definitely worth investigation as reviews mention a gluten free menu and some good gf food on offer here.


I have to admit, when I went to Whitstable I really struggled to find gluten free food. However, it seems I was looking in the wrong places as I’ve since had a couple of places recommended to me:

  • The Whitstable Oyster Co – I haven’t eaten here myself but one of my readers raved about it to me. She sais it is right on the seafront set in an old oyster store, with super fresh seafood on the menu. There’s a cocktail bar upstairs with sea views and there are plenty of gluten free choices on the menu.
  • The Harbour Garden Cafe – just as I was finishing up this guide I spotted that one of my coeliac pals (Cristina at @Refrainfromthegrain) had enjoyed a good gluten free meal here. She raved about their gluten free bread and had a lovely al fresco seafood feast.


  • The Moat – a local tip noted that this country pub has lots of gluten free options (or options that can be made gluten free) on their menu.
  • Tony’s Chippy – nearby in Borough Green, do gluten free Wednesdays. You can get coeliac friendly battered fish and chips.


I hope you’ve found this gluten free Kent guide handy! There will be plenty of other gluten free spots I have missed, so please do send any tips to

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