The Queen of festivals, you really cannot beat Glastonbury for the ultimate UK music festival experience. Luckily for us coeliacs, having a gluten free Glastonbury Festival is EASY! I have been going for years (this will be my 9th Glasto) and it just gets better for gluten free choices each time.

Take a haul of gluten free snack supplies and a camping stove if you want to save some money, otherwise let loose into the festival and gorge on some amazing gluten free meals. These days there are tonnes of stalls with gluten free options, including some fully gluten free stands, meaning you can relax and enjoy the festival.

The one meal I find tricky is breakfast (unless you head to the Goan Seafood Company for some kedgeree), so take some breakfast bars or similar to kick start your day. 

Gluten Free Food Options at Glastonbury Festival 2024

The following food traders should be offering gluten free options at Glastonbury 2024 – I’ve have confirmation from a few of them (marked below) and others I am guessing based on their previous offerings. Scroll down for more info about each, then always ask the trader before ordering, in case I’ve got it wrong (I’m only human!):

*This stall uses products that may contain gluten, so coeliacs may wish to avoid.

Other potentials that may have gf options: Casita, Hidden Pizza, Paletas, Teriyaki Shack, The Gravy Train, The Fritter Shack

You’ll find full details for these stalls below, as well as some other places that I had found gluten free options at in previous years.

Gluten Free Glastonbury Festival Stalls

Calamari Canteen (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

I’ve not tried this stall before but their menu looks delicious and they were really helpful when I messaged them. Loaded boxes of fries and cajun chicken or jumbo shrimp, cajun surf n turf, buffalo blue fries and halloumi bites. Everything is gluten free aside from the fried calamari, which are cooked in a different fryer out back away from the main fryer that is used to cook the chips and halloumi. Then the chicken and shrimp are cooked on the grill. Sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to try their food!

Loki Poke (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

A local favourite of mine in Bristol, the lovely folk at Loki Poke are going to be at Glastonbury this year. They serve up delicious poke bowls and their entire menu is gluten free and coeliac friendly.

Chip Off The Block (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Fully gluten free, this van serves up triple cooked cheesy chips only – ideal for those late night hunger pangs after a good dance! They’re going to be located in Silver Hayes opposite the Lonely Hearts Club.

Dosa Deli (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Delicious South Indian Street Food. The entire stall was gluten free last time we visited, HOWEVER they tell me their new stall Dippy Dogs is not and that the two share equipment, hence there is a risk of cross contamination. They wash the equipment, so you decide whether you want to go for it or not.

In the past (before the cc risk) I had really enjoyed dosa wraps (made with naturally gluten free lentil flour) with chilli tomato chutney and paneer cheese filling, bombey bhel and coconut chutney sauce. Add a gluten free onion bahji on the side if you are extra hungry.

Paellaria (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Yummy gluten free paella (or have a bi-ella, which is half chicken and chorizo paella and half squash, chickpea and bean paella). Their stall is usually completely gluten free and a Glastonbury staple for me.

That’s Nacho Burrito (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

I’ve not tried them at Glastonbury, but had them at another festival and the team were brilliant at making a coeliac safe burrito bowl for me.

The Happy Maki (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Specialising in vegan sushi and with some gluten free options available. This year everything will be gluten free, they told me when I messaged them. They’ll be located behind the Lonely Hearts Club.

I tried them at the 2019 festival and cannot sing their praises enough. When I told them I was coeliac a staff member prepare my wrap away from all the others (as back then they used a couple of non-gf sauces), using fresh ingredients, clean gloves and board etc. I was very impressed at how helpful they were despite having a massive queue. So delicious! And they have gluten free tamari instead of soy sauce.

Hippy Happy Hoppers (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

I’ve not tried this newer-addition to the Glastonbury food truck scene, but they kindly confirmed to me that their hoppers are gluten free and coeliac friendly. They offer spinach and halloumi and cheese and chorizo flavours.

They said their dahl and salad is also gluten free but they can’t be 100% that these are coeliac friendly due to preparation in the same area as gluten-containing foods.

Flavors of Africa

Serving Nigerian food and in past years they were completely gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. Dishes include jollof rice, bean cake, bbq chicken, plantain and spinach stew.

Buddha Bowls (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Winners of the people’s choice awards at Glastonbury in 2016, this is one of my favourite places to eat. Their buddha bowls have been completely gluten free in previous years and are the perfect hit of filling, healthy food. Massaman curry with new potatoes, pineapple and soya chunks with kimchi pickle, steamed greens, brown rice, omega seeds and halloumi. The dish is vegan too if you have it without the halloumi.

The Jerk Yard (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

I’ve not checked this one out in person, but when I messaged the team behind the Jerk Yard they told me all their meals are gluten free.


Proper gluten free pizza, and in previous years they have always had strong measures to prevent cross contamination, at the Dough stand. They previously have use rice flour for all their pizza dusting, making it much safer for us coeliacs and I really enjoyed their pizza (with no ill effects). Fingers crossed they are still as good in 2024!

Goan Seafood Company (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

This Goan fish curry stall is usually fully gluten free and dairy free, plus largely nut free. Get there before midday for some brekfast kedgeree. A veggie curry option is also available.

WHERE: West Holts, right next to the bar at the top of the field, to the right of the stage as you face it.

The Cake Hole

The Cake Hole had an EPIC array of gluten free cakes at previous festivals, including gluten free sticky toffee pudding! The answer to my hungover prayers.

Carlito Burrito

Carlito Burrito tell me that all their burritos are gluten free if you have them as a rice bowl rather than wrap. The bowls will feature refried beans, Mexican red rice, chipotle sour cream, pico de gallo salsa, choice of fillings and fresh lettuce. 

Fish Finger Heaven

Fish Finger Heaven usually offer gluten free menu options, which have included gluten free fish finger butties and potato waffles with cheesy beans all prepared in a cleansed area of the stall. They take cross contam really seriously (they do have normal bread too, but all done very separately) and have separate griddles, cutley, butter dish, etc, plus packaging is also kept separate to eliminate cross contamination as far as possible

Peckish Peacock (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Named “Food Festival Caterer of the Year” in 2018, Peckish Peacock will be located by the Pyramid stage. They serve up Indian veggie food and have quite a few gluten free options. Their previous gluten free options included: Pakora Snack Box (Indian fritters with onion dipped in gram flour and their homemade spice mix serve with chutney), The Lunch Box: Chickpea and spinach curry served with cumin rice, and The Peckish Peacock Special Box: Chickpea and spinach curry, cumin rice and pakoras served with chutney and mini popadoms.


South Indian vegan food, including huge dosas which my friends all loved. This stall was fully gluten free in 2019, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for them in 2024.

Green Brownie Bar

Gluten free brownies! The lovely Lorna at Green Brownie Bar has confirmed that they will have lots of gluten free brownie options again in 2019. There will also be some vegan gluten free ones.

The Duck Truck

Usually a few gluten free options at this food truck, namely duck and chips, duck salad or duck fat chips.

The Hippy Chippy

Serving up coeliac friendly chips at the festival for a few years, I always make a beeline for them at some point. When I lasted ate from their stall (2023 at Valley Fest), they confirmed everything was gluten free.

No Frickin Chicken (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

My fellow coeliac @kasiasplate just shared a helpful review after trying No Frickin Chicken at Download festival. She said they have great options, with the fryers being completely gluten free and them having very good processes in place to minimise the risk of cross contamination. Chick’n burgers (with good gf buns), popcorn chick’n and fries are some of the options available. Avoid the pepperoni as that contains gluten.

Moony’s Halloumi

Gluten free halloumi friessss.

Thai Mania (confirmed for 2024)

I’ve not tried this food stall before, but when I contacted them they told me all their curries are gluten free, as well as their pad thai. They said their stir fries can also be made gluten free – I would just check on the cross contamination front before you order.

Bunnyman’s Bunny Chow (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

I’ve not eaten from this stall, but reseatching options this year I saw they offer a gluten free loaded nachos option. So they could be worth checking out if you are passing.

Ice Green (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Not one I’ve tried before, but they have gluten free cones and gf ice cream flavours. If you are coeliac like me, you may want to see if they can scoop from a fresh tub for you, or enquire about processes.

The Gravy Train (CONFIRMED FOR 2024)

Poutine galore – they told me they will have gluten free (coeliac friendly) dishes this year, but didn’t provide any details. Find them by Left Field and Glade.

English Indian

An amazing new discovery in 2019 for me was this fully gluten free food stall, which my friends actually pointed out to me. From coeliac safe fish and chips to battered halloumi, their food is excellent and you can’t miss it if they are there again in 2024!

No Bones Jones

Serving up vegetarian and vegan food with lots of gluten free options previously including gluten free apple fritters with cinnamon sugar and sweet treats in previous years.