My home county! Lots of you told me that you would like to see a gluten free Somerset guide, so here you will find some tips and recommendations for that beautiful part of England.

I live in Bristol and grew up in Somerset, so am enjoying discovering all the county has to offer. My parents (of whom my mum is coeliac too) still live in Bath and helpfully shared their recommendations with me too.

I have listed cities and villages in alphabetical order, to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

The guide isn’t all-encompassing and I will add more places as and when I visit them. If you have any local tips you would like to see included in this gluten free Somerset guide, please do email them to me at


This small market town near the Mendip Hills has a couple of gluten free friendly food options:

  • The Almshouse Tea Shop – homemade gluten free cakes usually available. Able to cater gluten free breakfasts too.
  • The Oak House – gluten free options available on their lunch and dinner menus, although limited for dessert choices.


My hometown. Bath is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City and a fabulous weekend break destination in the South West. Cute boutiques and gin bars are dotted around the city centre, plus loads of independent restaurants. Head to the surrounding countryside for glorious walks and classic country pubs. As I am from Bath originally I have lots of gluten free tips, all written up in my Bath gluten free guide. Hit the link below to view it in full.


Another market town, set amidst the Somerset levels on the river. Here are some gluten free Bridgwater options in case you happen to be visiting or in the area:

  • The Great Escape – very good for gluten free as staff have good knowledge and plenty of the menu items can be adapted.
  • Piggy’s Sandwich Bar – decent gluten free options, including quiche, bread and cakes. Their Facebook page normal details the gluten free options they have available that week, which is very useful.
  • Green Olive Mezze – this Mediterranean restaurant has a gluten free menu available and are very accommodating of gluten free diners.
  • Admiral’s Table – this pub has a NGCI (non gluten containing ingredients) menu…the annoying way of saying gluten free but made in a mixed kitchen. There is plenty of choice though so perhaps pop in to chat to them if you are coeliac to confirm they can cater for you.
  • Taart – this cafe usually has gluten free options and cakes available.
  • Prezzo – Italian chain restaurant with gluten free menu and Coeliac UK accreditation.


Somerset seaside town with Britain’s shortest pier and some nice coastal walks. Time for gluten free fish and chips:

  • Esplanade Fish Bar – gluten free fish and chips cooked in a dedicated fryer.
  • Crafty Tea Cup – this colourful cafe offers some coeliac-friendly gluten free options. They also offer dairy free and vegan choices.


A great base for visiting beautiful Cheddar Gorge and the nearby cave system, Cheddar offers a few gluten free options:

  • Lion Rock Tea Rooms – in the gorge itself, these tea rooms have a separate gluten free menus (breakfast, lunch, kids and afternoon tea) and are very welcoming of coeliac guests. They even offer a full gluten free afternoon tea, which is a wonderful find! Other menu highlights include scones, pancakes, full English breakfast, Ploughman’s lunch and chocolate fudge cake.
  • Cafe Gorge – opposite Lion Rock Tea Rocks, this cafe also offers a selection of gluten free choices.
  • Edelweiss Restaurant – located in the village next to the river, this cafe restaurant offers a range of gluten free options.
  • The Bath Arms – this pub offers some good gluten free choices, which are clearly marked on the menu. Rumour has it they even offer gluten free fish and chips, but please do call to check about the fryer situation on the day if you have your heart set on them.
  • Holly House – another tea rooms en route to the gorge. I couldn’t find any recent information but older reviews on Trip Advisor mention that they had a very good gluten free offering.

Chew Valley Lake

Not a huge destination in itself but nice for a lunch stop if you are passing. There’s a fab chippy here that offers gluten free food:

  • Salt & Malt – crispy, crunchy battered fish with piles of chips and a side of mushy peas. All the batter here is gluten free and they are clued up re cross contamination, using a dedicated fryer for the chips. They also have gluten free tartar sauce, curry sauce and chip vinegar.


On the sea, close to Bristol and with some nice views and plenty of gluten free choices:

  • Tiffin Tea House – just by the pier. My parents have been here a few times and say they usually have gluten free bread available at lunch and some cakes options available for afternoon tea. It’s in a lovely spot overlooking the Severn Estuary.
  • Teatro Lounge – a cafe in the same building as the Curzon cinema offering various gluten free options on its menu.
  • Scoozi Ristorante – this Italian restaurants offers a gluten free menu, which includes a wide range of gluten free pasta dishes and risotto.
  • Clevedon Fish Bar – Tuesday night is gluten free night!


Frome has evolved into something of a hipster weekend destination now, with its cobbled streets and independent shops appealing to Londonites heading for some Somerset fresh air. It has changed so much over the last decade and now has quite a wide array of cafes and restaurants offering coeliac friendly gluten free options:

  • The Garden Cafe – one of my top Frome picks as they have such a cute terrace out back! Garden Cafe is very coeliac friendly with a gluten free option available for most of the menu items, all clearly marked up.
  • The Shop Next Door – linked to the Garden Cafe is this shop, which sells loads of gluten free products, as well as some fresh baked gluten free goods. When we visited they had gluten free pastry tarts and bliss balls on the fresh counter.
  • Sagebury Fine Foods – a cheese shop and deli with a couple of tables for eating in. Gluten free options are limited (the wider menu isn’t huge either) but they do have a couple of choices, which are shown in a little dedicated section of their menu.
  • Frome Wholefoods – across the road from Sagebury you will spot this health food shop, which sells a range of gluten free products.
  • Cafe La Strada – lots of gluten free options include gluten free cakes. My mum (also coeliac like me) is a fan of this cafe and has eaten here a few times. The gluten free cakes are stored on their own shelf.
  • Barnacle Bill’s – perfect for your classic British fish and chips, Barnacle Bill’s offer battered gluten free fish and chips every day of the week.
  • Nook – a very cool little cafe with tonnes of gluten free options, poke bowls, acai bowls and breakfast bowls. I spied lots of dairy free and vegan options too as everything is marked clearly on the wall menu.
  • The River House – a few gluten free options available at this popular cafe, usually including a cake option. Check about cross contamination though as their small kitchen gets very busy.
  • Eight Stony Street – gluten free pizzas available here, but please check how they are cooked if you are coeliac.
  • White Row Farm Shop and Cafe – loads and loads of gluten free options on sale in the shop. Amazing pastas, cakes, homemade sausages etc. The cafe offers various gluten free options including fish and chips. They have a designated gluten free fryer and offer both dine in and takeaway options.
  • Mes Amis Cafe – in Beckington near Frome, this cafe offers a selection of gluten free and vegan options. Options include cakes and light meals.


The perfect base for the bracing uphill walk to Glastonbury Tor, one of the most famous landmarks in the county and the subject of legend!

  • Hundred Monkeys Cafe – gluten free options are clearly marked on the menu and there is a good array of choice at this cafe.
  • Bocabar – this restaurant offers gluten free bread and the staff can talk you through the gluten free dishes available on the menu.
  • Knights Fish & Chips – offers coeliac safe gluten free fish and chips every Thursday.
  • Rainbows End Cafe – gluten free options available.
  • Abbey Tea Rooms – gluten free cakes and even a gluten free afternoon tea available here.

Heading to Glastonbury festival and looking for gluten free foodie tips? I have been going to the festival for years and am still amazed at how gluten free friendly it has become. I have written a full Glastonbury Festival guide, which was last updated after the 2019 festival:


Full of independent shops and a nice place for a little afternoon wander. Plus there’s a fully gluten free cafe to try while you are there.

  • The Green House – a wonderful little place, which has a fully gluten free cafe tucked inside. They are very eco conscious too, which is great to see.


This village close to Yeovil has a great gluten free food option to try:

  • Chirpy Cottage – owner’s husband is gluten intolerant. They offer a huge array of gluten free options here, including quiches, pies, paninis and full English breakfasts.


  • The Flapjackery – huge topped and filled flapjacks, made safely using gluten free oats, plus other tasty treats like chocolate and fudge.


I’ve had a couple of places in Street recommended to me by my mum:


Equally for Taunton, big thanks to a local coeliac follower for sending me these some top recommendations for me to include here:

  • Mr Miles’ Tea Rooms – good selection of gluten and dairy free cakes, as well as afternoon tea and breakfast/lunch options. However, potentially no longer suitable for coeliacs as a follower told me there is now a big “may contain” disclaimer on the bottom of their gluten free menu and they did not feel comfortable eating there as a result. Up to you.
  • Cosy Club – great gluten free menu, coeliac friendly and little flags in your meals to reassure you that you have received a gluten free dish.
  • Albatross – this seafood restaurant has gluten free options and is able to cater for coeliacs.
  • Augustus – run by the same people as Albatross, with similar gluten free offering and even bake fresh gluten free bread for guests.
  • Sea Bass Chippy – gluten free battered fish and chips available every day, a local tip!
  • The Oggy Oggy Pasty Cafe and Takeaway – another follower recommended this place as coeliac friendly, with staff providing very helpful and honest advice about what to eat and what to avoid due to potential cross contamination. Gluten free pasties and cakes available.


  • The Good Earth Restaurant – gluten free cake options always available. This cafe restaurant makes and effort to cater for all dietary requirements, with gluten free options on the main menu too.
  • Chapter Two Cafe & Restaurant?
  • The Flapjackery – huge topped and filled flapjacks, made safely using gluten free oats, plus other tasty treats like chocolate and fudge.


Classic Somerset seaside, Weston-super-Mare reminds me of my childhood (and searching for the sea when low tide had exposed miles of muddy sand!). It’s no glittering destination but makes for a fun afternoon by the sea, classic British seaside style. Here are some gluten free options while you are there:

  • Sand Bay Tea Room – my mum said she had some good gluten free soup here and gluten free cakes.
  • Atlantic Fish Bar – gluten free fish and chips served on Sundays only.
  • Bistrot Pierre – this French chain restaurant offers a variety of gluten free options, clearly marked in the menu. I had a very good experience at the Bath branch.


  • The Emporium – this cafe always have some gluten free options on their menu.
  • Cow & Apple – a burger bar with gluten free buns available and coeliac friendly fries.
  • Tamburino – Italian restaurant who state on their website that most of their dishes can be made gluten free. They offer gluten free pizza bases but please enquire about any cross contamination risk if you are coeliac.

If you are looking for Bristol tips (Google tells me it’s not in Somerset, hence why it’s not included here!), check out my standalone gluten free Bristol guide:

I hope you found my gluten free Somerset guide helpful. If you live locally and have any extra gluten free Somerset tips please do send them to me at and I will add to the guide.

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