It’s not long until Christmas but don’t panic if you have been too busy to start preparing for gluten free Christmas dinner or have last minute guests. There are loads of cheats and quick fixes available in supermarkets this year to make you gluten free dinner as simple as (gluten free) pie. Plenty of time for a quick supermarket dash.

Bread Sauce

We tried this cheap and easy gluten free bread sauce from Tesco recently – it tastes lovely with turkey and saves the effort of making from scratch. I had actually never tried bread sauce before, but will definitely be adding it to our gluten free Christmas dinner.


There were so many to choose from, I had to write a whole other post on gluten free dessert options! Find it here or make my gluten free lemon meringue yule log.

Every supermarket seems to be selling gluten free mince pies this year, with some even having multiple varieties. See my Gluten Free Mince Pie Round Up for the full list!


No gluten free Christmas dinner is complete without gravy! For gravy granules, try the new Bisto gluten free gravy granules (found in the free from section in Sainsburys) or Isabels gluten free gravy granules (check her website for your nearest stockists). For fresh gravy, Asda are doing some brilliant gluten free ones this year.


Obviously meat itself is gluten free, but you can get some good gluten free prepared/prestuffed joints this year in Marks and Spencer. I found tonnes of options when we popped in a couple of days ago, such as this turkey with gluten free stuffing and bacon.

Pigs in Blankets

All the supermarkets seem to be stocking gluten free pigs in blankets this year, so you shouldn’t have a problem tracking some down. For extra special ones, try the venison pigs in blankets from Asda or the pigs in blankets wreath from Marks & Spencer.

gluten free party food chorizo pigs in blankets

Roast Potatoes & Vegetables

I am big fan of Mash Direct, who offer lots of pre-prepared potato and veg options, all of which are gluten free. I whipped up a super quick and easy gluten free Christmas roast dinner using their gluten free roasties and vegetables recently (alongside my slow roast honey ham). They also do some lovely breakfast items and veggie main options. Check their website for stockists, including some Asda and Morrisons stores.

If you fancy making your own red cabbage from scratch, try my mum’s braised cabbage recipe – it is naturally gluten free and a total winner.


There are so many brilliant gluten free stuffing choices available this year. From Tesco and Paxo sage and onion stuffings to Sainsburys and Asda meaty pork stuffings, we are spoilt for choice.

Vegetarian Mains

Aldi melting camembert-centre nut roasts.

Clives nut roast.

Linda McCartnery Lincolnshire Veggie sausages with gluten free puff pastry – veggie wellington.

Yorkshire Puddings

My go-to gluten free Yorkshire pudding mix is the one by Isabels. It has never failed me. Find the mix in various supermarkets, including Sainsburys and Asda.

There you go, panic over! Hit the shops asap and soon you will be sipping prosecco on the sofa, without a care in the world. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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Laura x