Whether you are newly diagnosed or a coeliac disease veteran, we are all always learning new things about coeliac life. I have been coeliac for 20 years now but still pick up handy tips here and there, as well as finding new pitfalls and gluten free gems.

In this section you will find a whole host of coeliac tips and tricks to help you navigate coeliac disease and maintain a safe gluten free lifestyle. You might even be looking to cater for a family member or friend with coeliac disease, or trying to work out where to start with your gluten free shopping. Don’t fret, you’ll find the answers via the links below.

I’ve broken the list down into topics, to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Also feel free to contact me directly if you can’t find what you need – my email address is mygfguide@gmail.com. Laura x


What Is Coeliac Disease?

  • Coeliac Disease in a nutshell. For full, detailed information please visit the NHS website or Coeliac UK – links to both can be found at the bottom of this page.

Eating Out

Eating at Mixed Facility Restaurants as a Coeliac

  • A guide to best practices when dining out as a coeliac. Some coeliacs prefer to steer clear of mixed facility restaurants entirely, but many others feel comfortable as long as precautions are taken. This article details my stance and approach to dining out.

UK City Gluten Free Guides

  • Coeliac friendly, gluten free guides to key UK cities and counties. And a lotttt of London guides, given that I live here!

At Home

Catering For Gluten Free & Coeliac Guests (coming soon)

Keeping Your Kitchen Coeliac Safe (coming soon)

My Top Gluten Free Products

  • The market is saturated with tonnes of brilliant gluten free products now, but there are also plenty of duds out there. Here’s my guide to the best products out there, to help new coeliacs know where to start when shopping for gluten free food.


  • Dozens of gluten free recipes can be found on this website too, from cakes and bakes to midweek meals and family feasts, I have got you covered.


On this website you will find more than sixty different gluten free travel guides, all coeliac friendly and written by me personally. I love to travel and one of my main aims is to give other coeliacs the confidence to get out there and explore the world.

You can find all the guides here on my travel page.

Amazing gluten free patisserie at a fully gluten free bakery in Dusseldorf

General Resources

  • Coeliac UK – the main charity supporting coeliac disease sufferers in the UK and a wonderful source of information. Be sure to check them out.
  • My Gluten Free Guide Instagram – follow me on Instagram for daily coeliac tips, including restaurant recommendations, recipes and product reviews.
  • Oh Crumbs – The Gluten Free Podcast – a weekly podcast series focused on coeliac disease and gluten free life. Hosted by me and Sarah Howells.
  • 12 Coeliac Bloggers You Need to Follow – more coeliac blog recommendations. There are a lot of “gluten free” blogs out there so use this list to find the most reliable coeliac-friendly bloggers out there.
  • NHS – Coeliac Disease – if you think you might have coeliac disease have a look at this helpful NHS page for details about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.