There are so many gluten free blogs on the internet these days, lucky readers are spoilt for choice :). Today I am going to be sharing some of my favourite fellow coeliac bloggers with you!

All the accounts listed below are run by coeliacs and I would consider them to be reliable sources of gluten free information. A real bible for gluten free is Coeliac UK too, so while not a blog I would highly recommend that to all new coeliacs. Remember there are lots of unreliable general gluten free blogs out there too, so do not believe everything you read on the internet.

There are also some lovely coeliac accounts that I haven’t listed here, so this is by no means a definitive list, simply a starting place :). [Of course, there are some wonderful general gluten free bloggers too, but I’ll cover those another day.]

Coeliac Bloggers

1) My Gluten Free Guide

First up, a shameless shout out for my own blog, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts. I started my blogging journey on Instagram and my account is very active, with new coeliac friendly gluten free tips every day!

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease over 20 years ago and aim to share my experience with my audience. I cover everything from recipes and meal ideas, to travel tips, restaurant recommendations and product reviews. Be sure to click here and check my Instagram out if you are not already following me.

For the homepage of my blog click here, or to browse my popular Pinterest account click here. You can also find me chattering away on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Gluten Free Blogger

Sarah is a good friend of mine and we met entirely through blogging. She is coeliac and takes a lot of care to ensure her recommendations are totally gluten free. Oh she also bakes some wonderful sweet treats. She is based in Devon, UK. Here is a link to her blog, plus you can also find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as @gfblogger.

3) Gluten Free Alice

Alice is a must follow for any gluten and dairy free people out there. Another lovely coeliac I have met through Instagram, she always finds the best dairy free friendly foods and can often be found blogging about gluten free vegan products too. Here is a link to her blog and her social handle is @glutenfreealice.

4) The Sightseeing Coeliac

I LOVE Rachel’s Instagram as it is packed with wonderful gluten free travel tips and she is a very cautious coeliac. She travels a lot, both for work and for fun, so be sure to check her out @thesightseeingcoeliac for some amazing holiday inspiration. Her blog features some handy travel guides too.

5) Refrain From The Grain

The Queen of hilarious Instagram captions, this account is essential reading for gluten free Londoners. Cristina finds the most incredible gluten free food in London and is always on the hunt for new gluten free-friendly restaurants. She is coeliac and a total babe to boot. Check out her blog or find her on Instagram @refrainfromthegrain.

6) Gluten Free Fi

Fi is a Belfast-based gluten free and lifestyle blogger and she is an absolute gem. Despite both being UK-based we actually met in person last year in Vancouver, Canada (of all places) and were soon chattering about all things coeliac life. Follow her on social media @glutenfreefi for her hilarious Instagram stories, guest-starring her husband Andy, baby Arlo and Bruiser the dog.

7) Allergy Free Tummy NZ

Lex is a very lovely New Zealand-based coeliac blogger, who is also dairy free. Follow her for gluten free recipes, healthy living inspiration and adorable pics of her kids! You can find her at @allergyfreetummynz.

8) How to Coeliac

For a dose of comedy, check out Morgan’s coeliac humour videos over on Instagram. They never fail to make me chuckle! She also regularly bakes New Zealand-inspired (her home country) treats, which are fab if you want to try making something a bit different.

I hope you find some new coeliac blogger favourites here. If you fancy hanging around here for some more gluten free tips why not have a read of one of these:

Enjoy! x