No need to turn the oven on if you want a delicious treat, simply make one of these gluten free no bake desserts! From cheesecake and banoffee pie, to truffles and millionaires slices, there is something here for everyone.

1. Easy Millionaires Shortbread

One of my all time favourite treats, these no bake millionaires only need 5 ingredients and have a base made of shop-bought gluten free biscuits. It’s a really time saver and means you don’t have to crank up the oven.

gluten free no bake millionaire

2. Tiramisu

A brilliant gluten free no bake dessert to make, tiramisu is a classic Italian dish. It features layers of coffee-soaked gluten free savoiardi sponge fingers and vanilla mascarpone cream, finished with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

gluten free no bake tiramisu

3. Raspberry White Choc Cheesecake

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this no bake cheesecake has the classic pairing of creamy white chocolate and fruity raspberries. You can make this with either frozen or fresh raspberries – I’ve included instructions in my recipe for each.

gluten free no bake cheesecake

4. Festive Rocky Road

Let’s kick off the festive treats with this seasonal rocky road. With a biscuit, pistachio, cranberry and chocolate base, white chocolate and sprinkles topping and chocolate figurine to finish, they are epicccc.

gluten free no bake rocky road

5. Banoffee Pie

Buttery biscuit base (sorry if I’ve just put Gregg Wallace’s viral track in your head there), smooth caramel, bananas, cream and chocolate make for one dreamy combination. Always popular, this is a great one to make for the masses.

gluten free no bake banoffee pie

6. Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Cheesecake Tart

A beautiful dessert that also tastes incredible. This no bake cheesecake tart is sure to wow your guests. It has a biscuit case, white chocolate cheesecake filling and zingy passion fruit syrup topping.

gluten free no bake passion fruit cheesecake

7. Triple Chocolate Torte

A biscuit base topped with milk and white chocolate mousse, finished with dark chocolate ganache, this stunning gluten free no bake dessert is actually very simple to make!

gluten free no bake torte

8. Milk Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

An elegant way to serve cheesecake, by simply forming it into these little bars. Drizzled with chocolate and topped with raspberries, they look patisserie-worthy and taste gorgeous.

9. Triple Chocolate Truffles

Three types of chocolate ganache rolled to create one indulgent truffle. These are a lovely dessert-time treat alongside a peppermint tea. They make a brilliant homemade gift too.

10. Oreo Cheesecake

Gluten free oreos can be found widely in shops now, so I turned them into a decadent cheesecake! Oreo base, creaming white chocolate cheesecake filling and oreo cheesecake topping.

11. Christmas Pudding Truffles

Another brilliant little truffle to make for after dinner coffees, or as a homemade gift for friends and family. These truffles use shop-bought Christmas pudding so are very easy to put together.

gluten free christmas pudding truffles

12. Jazzies

Not technically a dessert I guess, but these are a fun way to decorate desserts and cheesecakes! All shop-bought jazzies seem to contain gluten, so I made my own at home. Super easy, super tasty!

gluten free jazzies

13. Toblerone Cheesecake Tart

A Toblerone-packed cheesecake tart, which slices beautifully into individual portions.

gluten free toblerone

14. Smores Cheesecake Pots

These brilliant single-serve cheesecake pots combine the elements of smores – toasted marshmallows on top, molten chocolate underneath, cheesecake topping and a biscuit base. Soooooooooooo good!!!

15. Double Chocolate Pretzel Bites

You MUST make these. Incredibly easy, every-so-munchable, my friends and family adore these pretzel bites and loads of them make them regularly. That combination of salty pretzel and sweet chocolate is a winner!

16. White Chocolate & Gingerbread Cheesecake

A lovely festive gluten free no bake cheesecake, with option raspberry coulis for serving. The flavours in this cheesecake are divine. I used homemade gingerbread people to top mine. However, there are gluten free shop bought options this year if you want to skip that step.

17. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Rice Crispie Treat Bars

Calling all PB and chocolate fans, these moreish bars are the perfect afternoon treat. Classic crispy cakes with a peanut butter twist, drizzled in copious amounts of chocolate to finish.

18. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Terrible photo, amazing-tasting cheesecake. Double the topping quantity if you want to create a seriously-loaded cheesecake, or make it per the recipe for this slimmer cheesecake.

19. Churros Dippers French Toast

My latest discovery, how easily you can turn Schar ciabatta rolls into the tastiest dessert. Think sugared doughnuts or cinnamon churros – drooooool!

20. Fluffy Pancakes

Stack em up for a brilliant gluten free no bake dessert, with chocolate and ice cream on top. These fluffy gluten free pancakes are a reader favourite!

Enjoy! Laura xxx