*2022 updates coming soon*

For many of us, gluten free Christmas sandwiches have come to mark the start of the festive season! Getting our first bites of those classic Christmas flavours. Despite most grab n go gluten free sandwiches having disappeared from the shelves this year, there are luckily a few festive options appearing.

Welcome to my little round up of which gluten free Christmas sandwiches available this year! I’ll add new finds as more Christmas sarnies are released, but if you spot any I’ve not listed here please do take a snap and DM me @myglutenfreeguide on Instagram/Facebook or email me laura@mygfguide.com. Then I’ll get your find added.

Gluten Free Christmas Sandwiches 2021


2021 Free From Turkey Feast Wrap

  • This year’s gluten free festive sandwich offering from Coop is a wrap filled with turkey, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry chutney and mayo.
  • Price: £3.00.
Image credit: thegrocer.co.uk

Marks & Spencer

The first of the Marks & Spencer gluten free Christmas sandwiches has been confirmed as the classic…

Gluten Free Turkey Feast on Seeded Bread

  • The classic turkey feast, beloved by many free fromers, is back in M&S this year for the Christmas period.
  • Price: £3.90.
Image credit: Erin – coffee_kisses


I’ve not seen it personally but Coeliac Sanctuary shared this find recently, a gluten free xmas sarnie in Sainsburys! Look out for purple packaging:

Gluten Free Turkey Feast


Also back again this year and featuring in the Tesco meal deal…

Gluten Free Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich

  • This festive offering from Tesco is back again in 2020. Here’s a snap of it from last year.
  • Price: £2.80, also part of the meal deal.
Image credit: Emily Forde


And let’s not forget Waitrose…

2021 Gluten Free Turkey Stuffing and Bacon Sandwich

  • Turkey breast, pork and chestnut stuffing, cranberry and redcurrant chutney, turkey stock mayonnaise and bacon. Please double check the packaging when you pick one up to be sure you have the gluten free version as the gluten version has almost identical packaging. Also dairy free.
  • Price: currently on offer for £2.62, then will be £3.50.

Let’s see if any others hit the shelves in the coming weeks. I’m waiting to see whether Morrisons will bring back their gluten free Christmas wrap, or whether M&S will have brie and grape again. But don’t worry friends, as soon as I know I’ll get adding them to this guide!

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Enjoy! x