The tables were turned on Oh Crumbs podcast this week as Sarah interview ME about my gluten free life. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 20 years ago and have lots of gluten free knowledge to share about cooking, travel and much more. We touch on some very personal topics this week in the hope this might be helpful for some of our listeners going through similar experiences, including fertility issues. 

Sarah quizzed me about:

  • my coeliac diagnosis,
  • anaemia and severe weight loss as symptoms of CD,
  • life before and after diagnosis (including some tricky teenage years),
  • Laura’s gluten free travel adventures
  • infertility fears, how not to let them get you down and why you shouldn’t give up hope,
    coeliac pregnancy and tips for how to stay healthy, getting glutened when pregnant,
  • why travelling with a newborn is actually much easier than you would think,
  • weaning a child at risk of coeliac disease and
  • how to handle cross contamination when you are the coeliac parent to a (hopefully) non-coeliac child.

Before the interview, we talk about gluten free afternoon tea and pastries in London, a gluten free baking course in Devon, katsu curry, our VERY different opinions about gluten free Christmas products being launched so early and the variety of coeliac symptoms that people can experience. 

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