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Gluten Free Birthday Cakes – What’s Available and Where to Buy Them

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Gluten free birthday cakes are quite widely available in supermarkets now, but not always easy to spot unless you know what to look for. Many people shopping for gluten free birthday cakes might not actually be the gluten free person in the first place, simply kind family or friends shopping for a coeliac’s birthday. Whether you are gluten free or not, this guide should help you track down a great option for that gluten free birthday celebration.

I’ve rounded up all the gluten free shop bought birthday cakes first, then have added a section about ordering bespoke cakes from bakeries, plus finally have linked to a few of my favourite gluten free cake recipes in case you fancy getting your bake on at home. I’ve also included some tips on how to keep your baking safely gluten free in that last section.

Shop Bought Cakes

In this section you will find a range of gluten free cakes, from full size gluten free birthday cakes to yummy cupcakes and loaf cakes that would be suitable for a celebration.

Gluten Free Birthday Cakes & Other Cakes

1. Carl The Caterpillar Cake, Tesco, £6.00

Usually lurking in both the free from section and the regular celebration cake section of the bakery within Tesco superstores. Free from gluten, wheat and dairy (contains egg).

2. Frida The Caterpillar Cake, Asda, £6.25

Carl’s rather gruesome sister (no offense, Frieda) who you can find in the free from section of Asda. Free from gluten and milk.

3. Free From Madeira Celebration Cake, Asda, £7.00

A classic iced sponge cake with some star icing decorations, a great base that you could add some extra decorations to personalise this gluten free party cake. Serves 10. In the free from section. Free from gluten and dairy.

4. Deliciously Free From Madeira Celebration Cake, Sainbury’s, £7.00

Madeira cake layered with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting, decorated with soft icing. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten and dairy (contains egg).

5. Free From Celebration Cake, Morrisons

6. Deliciously Free From Seriously Chocolate Cake, Sainbury’s, £8.00

Chocolate flavoured cake with chocolate flavoured frosting and chocolate decorations. Serves 10. In the free from or celebration cake section. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy (contains egg) and nuts.

7. Hand Finish Gluten Free Chocolate Cake, Coop, £3.50

I love this chocolate cake. It is one of the best I have tried and reminds me of proper chocolate fudge cake. It’s a fairly small size but would be the perfect mini cake to serve to coeliacs at a party. In the free from section.

8. Tesco Finest Free From Carrot Cake, £3.00

This is a really yummy little gluten free cake, with delicious cream cheese frosting on the top and very soft carrot cake sponge. in the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

9. Gluten Free Carrot Cake, Sainsburys, £3.00

Gluten free carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. In the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

10. Tesco Finest Free From Victoria Sponge Cake, £3.00

A classic sponge that might be a bit boring as a birthday cake but some people do love a good slice of Victoria sponge! In the free from section. Free from wheat and gluten.

11. Made Without Wheat Carrot Cake, M&S

Ooo another really good gluten free carrot cake. Find in the Made Without Wheat ambient (shelf) section. Free from gluten.

12. Deliciously Free From Chocolate Small Cake, Sainsbury’s, £3.00

Gluten free chocolate cake layered and topped with Belgian chocolate buttercream. In the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

13. Tesco Finest Free From Chocolate Cake, £3.00

I would go for the Coop cake over this one, but this Tesco one is pretty tasty too. Find in the free from section. Free from gluten and wheat.

14. Propermaid Gluten & Dairy Free Victoria Cake, Ocado, £11.99

A triple-layer gluten and dairy free victoria sponge cake. Order online.

15. Free From Chocolate Cake, Morrisons

This mini cake is really delicious, like a chocolate fudge cake and I think the same as the Coop version.

16. Asda Extra Special Free From Belgian Chocolate Cake, £3

A small but yummy-looking chocolate cake similar to the Morrisons one featured above.

Gluten Free Loaf Cakes & Tray Bakes

1. Free From Vanilla Traybake, Tesco, £4.00

A simple madeira sponge cake topped with vanilla dairy free buttercream and assorted sweets. Free from gluten, wheat and dairy (contains egg).

2. Free From Chocolate Celebration Tray Bake, Morrisons

Free from gluten, wheat and milk, I forgot to check the exact price but remember thinking it was very good value! Useless, aren’t I…

3. Free From Raspberry & White Chocolate Loaf Cake, Asda, £3.50

I think this is actually part of the Asda Christmas range, but it would be a great addition to a birthday party spread too and I haven’t seen this flavour variety in any other supermarkets. Free from gluten.

4. Free From Lemon Loaf Cake, Tesco, £2.50

A simple lemon loaf cake – not the most exciting choice but it’s an option plus it is dairy free. Free from gluten, wheat and dairy (contains egg).

5. Free From Chocolate Loaf Cake, Asda, £3.00

This has generous chocolate frosting and chocolate curls on top. I haven’t tried it but it looks fairly yummy. Free from gluten.

6. Free From Gluten Free Lemon Loaf Cake, Asda, £2.50

Another simple lemon loaf cake. Free from gluten.

Gluten Free Cupcakes & Slices

1. Deliciously Free From Mini Cupcakes, Sainsburys, £2.50

Brand new to Sainsbury’s are these packs of 9 mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, which are getting great reviews already. Free from gluten and wheat.

2. Free From Mini Cupcakes Lemon & Raspberry, Tesco, £3.50

I really like the look of these 9 mini cupcakes in lemon and pistachio and raspberry and white chocolate flavours, topped with buttercream and decorations. Free from gluten and wheat.

3. Free From Unicorn Cupcakes, Asda, £2.50

Asda definitely win the most kid-friendly cupcakes competition and have a few different varieties in their range, which would look fantastic on a party table. Gluten free.

4. Free From 4 Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes, Asda, £2.50

Asda definitely win the most kid-friendly cupcakes competition and have a few different varieties in their range, which would look fantastic on a party table. Free from gluten.

5. Free From Red Velvet Cupcakes, Asda, £2.00

With geneous servings of icing on these cupcakes, they are definitely one I would consider for my gluten free party! Free from gluten.

6. Free From Butterfly Buns, Asda, £2.00

Pack of 6 sponge butterfly cakes. Free from gluten.

7. Free From Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes, Tesco, £1.50

Gluten free cupcake 2 pack, topped with vanilla frosting, sprinkles and a chocolate flake. Free from gluten and wheat.

8. Deliciously Free From Chocolate Cupcakes/ Vanilla Cupcakes, Sainsbury’s, £1.50

New cupcake duos from Sainburys, which look pretty decent and are easy to find in the free from section. Free from gluten.

9. Free From Lemon & Poppyseed/ Chocolate & Hazelnut Individual Cupcake, Waitrose, £1.25

Tucked away in the regular bakery section are these individual serving gluten free cupcakes. I’ve tried and enjoyed both varieties and they are perfect to grab for a gluten free birthday party guest. Free from gluten.

10. Genius Gluten Free Chocolate/Lemon Cupcakes, Various Supermarkets (inc Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys), £2.25

Not the best cupcakes if you can find others I would opt for those instead, but these are good for gluten and dairy free party goers. Free from gluten, wheat and dairy.

11. Gourmet Gluten Free Cupcakes, Lola’s, from £3.50

Lola’s stalls can be found across London only, but they do excellent Coeliac UK-accredited gluten free cupcakes. I urge you to treat your gluten free friend to one of these excellent cakes if you are London-based! My favourite is the chocolate and raspberry variety but all of them are great. The Lola’s stalls nearly always have a few gluten free cupcakes in stock but you can also order online.

12. Free From Caramel Flavour Mini Cupcakes, Waitrose

Lovely little bitesize caramel cupcakes. Free from gluten.

13. Free From Angel Slices, Tesco, £1.80

These gluten free sponge slices are gorgeous. Really soft and lovely and my husband said he wouldn’t be able to tell the different between these and the gluten-containing variety he normally eats. There are 5 in a pack and they are free from gluten and wheat.

14. Free From Lemon Slices, Tesco, £1.80

Free from wheat and gluten.

15. Made Without Wheat, Zesty Lemon Cake Slices, M&S

16. Deliciously Free From Lemon Cake Slices, Sainbury’s, £2.00

4 lemon flavoured cake slices with lemon flavoured icing. Free from gluten, wheat and dairy (contains egg).

17. Free From Coffee & Walnut Slices, Tesco, £1.80

Free from gluten and wheat.

18. Free From Coffee Cake Slices, Morrisons, £1.65

Coffee flavoured sponge topped with vanilla frosting and a dusting of cocoa wrapped in handy packs of 2. Gluten, wheat & dairy free.

19. Free From 5 Pecan & Butterscotch Cake Slices, Asda, £1.80

I haven’t tried these but they sound like a good flavour combo. Free from gluten.

20. Free From 4 Lemon Slices/Angel Slices, Asda, £2.20

Simple cake slices, a good addition to your party spread. Free from gluten

21. Made Without Wheat, Chocolate Fudge Cake Slices, M&S

These are soooooo goooooood. Proper fudgey chocolate cake slices and you would never guess they were gluten free. But they are!

22. Free From Chocolate Slices, Waitrose, £2.50

Chocolate brownie sponge topped with chocolate icing. Free from gluten wheat and dairy.

23. Tesco Finest Free From Millionaire Slices, £2.50

This four pack Millionaire slices is free from gluten and wheat. Marks & Spencers and Waitrose also do their own versions of these, both of which are EXCELLENT.

Bespoke Bakery & Online Orders

If you are planning on ordering a bespoke gluten free birthday cake you will find lots of brilliant local bakeries able to provide these services. Simply do a search in Google.

Wildflours Bakery – Glasgow

When ordering, be sure to ask whether the cake is suitable for coeliacs (if relevant) and whether they can ensure that there is either no risk of cross contamination or minimal risk. They should be using clean equipment and preparing the cake in a dedicated gluten free area ideally.

There are a couple of nationwide options too:

Sponge Cakes

  • This online company offer an array of gluten free large sharing cakes, in flavours such as carrot cake, hazelnut praline and millionaires cake.

Marks & Spencer Online

Making a Gluten Free Birthday Cake at Home

Baking a gluten free birthday cake at home is much easier than many people think. Gluten free flour and other ingredients are widely available, including in all major supermarkets. Simply have a look in the free from section (ask staff to direct you if you are not sure where to find the section).

If you are not gluten free yourself but are baking for a gluten free friend or relative please bear cross contamination in mind. You should:

  1. clean any baking kit really well to ensure there are no traces of gluten left over from previous bakes and wash your hands well
  2. try not to use gluten flour in the kitchen at the same time as it really gets in the air, but perhaps move the gluten free cake to another room or ensure well-covered before you start
  3. keep the gluten free cake entirely separate from any other gluten-containing party food, as if items touch they will be contaminated with gluten, so serve any gluten free food on a dedicated plate
  4. use a dedicated knife to cut and serve the cake, not one that has been used for other cakes
  5. birthday candles – remember to use fresh candles rather than reusing old ones, as those may have been used in gluteny cakes.

Here are some recipe ideas to get you started:

I hope you found this article help. If you are looking for more gluten free food or coeliac life tips, please check out some of my other guides while you are here:

Laura x

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