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Gluten Free Bargains UK: Weekly Round Up

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LAST UPDATED: 24TH MARCH (Aldi, Asda, Coop, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco)

Guys and gals welcome to my weekly gluten free deals and bargains round up! Gluten free shopping can be so expensive, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of the bargains when you spot good offers in supermarkets. I for one have a freezer full of gluten free bread that I bought for cut price.

This weekly round up simply focuses on the best gluten free deals I have spotted in supermarkets each week. When I make updates I will be sure to post a link on my Instagram page and in my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe via this link).

Gluten Free Deals & Bargains This Week

All items featured here were gluten free at the time of writing.


I have seen that Aldi have a few gluten free products in the Special Buys section at the moment, including the Old El Paso fajita kits for almost half the normal price. Outside of specifically free from items, Aldi have special offers each week on six different fruit and veg – perfect for some healthy bargains.

Super 6 Fruit & Veg

ONLY 65P – this week the offer covers mini oranges, red onions, asparagus, baby corn, mange tout and baby potatoes.


There’s lots of change at Asda this week, with a flurry of new deals hitting the shelves, including on Barilla pasta and Kikkoman tamari sauce. Here are the best gluten free deals on the shelves this week:

Kirsty’s – Roasted Vegetable/Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza with an Italian Stonebaked Base

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.50. These gluten and dairy free pizzas are on offer this week. I haven’t tried the personally so cannot give a first hand review, but hear generally good things about this range. Find them in the freezer section.

Nature’s Path – Gluten Free Granola

SAVE 99P – now £2.00.

Kikkoman – Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce

SAVE 79P – now £2.00. The best gluten free soy sauce I have tried.

Schar – Mini Baguette

SAVE 50p – now £1.50.

Schar – Hamburger Buns

SAVE 85p – now £2.00.

Schar – Gluten Free Salti Crackers

SAVE 55P – now £1.75. Such a yummy snack, these chocolate wafers are too easy to eat.

Nairn’s – Gluten Free Flatbread

SAVE 25P – now £1.50. These are such lovely crackers, the rosemary variety are my faves. A few other items in the Nairn’s cracker range are on offer too.

Barilla – Gluten Free Spaghetti

SAVE £1.00 – now £1.49.

Schar – Margarita Pizza 2 Pack

SAVE £1.50 – now £3.50. Find these in the freezer section.

Nairn’s – Pop Oats

SAVE 30P – now 50p.

Genius – Gluten Free Vegetable Quiches

SAVE 50P – now £2.50 for two. Find them in the free from freezer section.

Genius – Gluten Free Pies

SAVE 50p – now £2.99. For a pack of two pies, available in either steak or chicken and gravy flavours. Find them in the free from freezer section.

Genius – Gluten Free Fibre Fest Wraps

SAVE 50P – now £2.30. Scotch pancake-style gluten free pancakes from Genius.

Genius – Sliced Triple Seeded Farmhouse Loaf

SAVE 62P – now £1.88. A good price for a large gluten free loaf and this makes good cheese toasties. In my experience, it does need refreshing in a toaster at least before eating.

BFree – Gluten Free English Muffins

SAVE 50p – £2.00.

Nakd – Bar 3 Packs

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Asda – Free From Brown Seeded Bloomer Slices

SAVE 77P – now £1.75.

Daiya – Chocolate Cheezecake

SAVE £2.00 – now £3.50. Find this gluten and dairy free cheesecake in the freezer section.

Nature Valley – Protein Bars Multipack

SAVE 89P – now £2.00.

Kettle Chips – Potato Crisps

SAVE 99P – now £1.00. One of the best crisps on the market and all their flavours are gluten free (check the back of the packet for the “gluten free” wording, just in case they change anything).

Smarties – Multicoloured Mini Eggs

SAVE 11P – now 89p. Although Smarties are NOT gluten free, the Smarties multicoloured mini eggs are. Note the orange eggs have a may contain warning, so steer clear of those ones.

Knorr – Stock Cubes 20 Pack

SAVE 98P – now £2.00. The entire range is gluten free.


I’ve not been able to find a full overview of the Coop offers online, so here are the ones I spotted this week:

Cadbury – Dairy Milk Giant Buttons 119g Share Bag

SAVE 60P – now £1.00. Until 7th April.

Cathedral City – Mature Cheddar 350g

SAVE £2.25 – now £2.75. Until 14th April.


Morrisons still have some absolutely amazing bargains running on own-branded gluten free items include pasta for 60p, 1kg of gluten free oats for £1.20 (instead of £3.50) and crackers for 60 pence.

There are a few offers on other gluten free items outside of their own brand range too, as listed below:

Kirsty’s – Gluten Free Apple Pie

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. I still have not tried these but hear very good things about them from my gluten free friends. Find them in the freezer section. Offer runs until 21st April.

Morrisons – Gluten Free Oats 1kg

SAVE £2.30 – only £1.20!!!!! An absolute bargain. I bought six bags the other day haha, as we eat so much porridge and it is usually really expensive to get gluten free oats.

Morrisons – Free From Fusilli/Macaroni 500g

HALF PRICE – now only 60p. I have tried their pasta and think it is really good, having used a load for my homemade pasta bake the other day.

Morrisons – Free From Dinosaurs Pasta

SAVE 30P – only 45p. Perfect for kids (and big kids), I’ve tried this one too and it’s fab. This might actually be the new permanent price for this item, which would be fantastic.

morrisons gluten free pasta

Mrs Crimbles – Large Choc Macarons

SAVE 20p – now £1.00. One of the cheapest gluten free sweet treats on the market, especially at this price. Offer runs until 5th April.

Morrisons – Free From Choco Pillows

SAVE 80P – only £1.00. Possibly the new regular price.

Morrisons – Free From Crackers

SAVE £1.40 – only 60p. These have been restocked and the offer is back!

Morrisons – Gluten Free Stuffing Mix

SAVE £1.25 – now only 45p. Absolute bargain.

Morrisons – Free From Flapjacks

SAVE 60P – only 80p.

Freaks of Nature – Sticky Toffee Pudding Pot

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Offer applies to all items in this range of gluten and dairy free puddings. Runs until 5th April.

Heck Sausages

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. The range is all gluten free I think, but do double check the back of the pack in case there are new varieties I have not checked. Offer runs until 29th March.

Warburtons – Tiger Bloomer

SAVE 50P – now £3.00. A luuuuurverrrly gluten free loaf. Until 12th April.

Morrisons – Free From Salmon Fishcakes

SAVE 40P – now £1.60. For a pack for two, find in the freezer section. Offer runs until 7th June.

Kirsty’s – Gluten Free Ready Meals

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. The kids meal range is on offer too, with 30p off. Until 24th May.

Nature’s Path – Nice & Nobbly Granola

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. Offer runs until 7th June.


No change at Sainsbury’s this week, aside from a new deal on Bambeanies. There are some good offers on Genius in particular, plus lots of other smaller savings to benefit from:

Rainforest Foods – Bambeanies Super Crispies Cereal

HALF PRICE – now £1.75.

Pieminister – Gluten Free Pies

SAVE £1.00 – now £3.50. Suuuuuuch good gluten free pies.

Nature’s Path – Gluten Free Mesa/Maple Sunrise

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00.

Nuii – Ice Cream 3 Pack

SAVE £1.40 – now £2.50. A good saving on these magnum-style chocolate covered ice creams.

Mrs Crimbles – Coconut Macarons

SAVE 20P – now £1.00.

Deliciously Ella – Baked Oat Bar 3 Pack

SAVE 75P – now £1.75. Available in Cacao & Almond, Apricot & Coconut or Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon flavours.

Sainsburys – Free From Spinach & Ricotta Tortelloni

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Really great fresh pasta, I buy myself this one as a treat lunch. It’s one of my favourite fresh gluten free filled pastas. The fresh tagliatelli and prosciutto filled pasta are also on offer.

Difatti – Gluten Free Gnocchi

SAVE 30p – now £1.65. I’m quite partial to this gluten free gnocchi too, definitely worth a try if you haven’t had it before.

Genius – Gut Lovin’ Cob

SAVE £1.50 – now £2.00. A great offer, these cobs are really good.

Genius – Plain White Wraps

SAVE 50P – now £2.00.

Schar – White/Brown Ciabatta/Pannini Rolls

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Nairn’s – Gluten Free Flatbread

SAVE 25P – now £1.50. These are lovely, especially the rosemary variety.

Troo – Gluten Free Granola Blends

SAVE £1.00 – now £3.00. Gluten free granola mixes in plastic-free packaging. You’ll find them in the normal breakfast section, not the free from section.

Genius – Gluten Free Brioche Burger Buns 2 Pack

SAVE 50p – £1.00. These are brilliant – definitely one of the best gluten free burger buns on the market.

Pom-Bear Original Potato Snack 6 Pack

SAVE 70P – now £1.00.

Freaks of Nature – Dessert Pots

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Gluten and dairy free desserts in a range of flavours.


Virtually no offers from Tesco this week, as all of last week’s deals have ended. I’ll check again in a couple of days’ time in case they bring more deals in:

Cornetto – Gluten Free Ice-Cream Cone 4 Pack

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. These gluten free ice creams are really yummy, with a lovely crunchy cone. Until 30th March.

Gu – Free From Cheesecake Pot Duos

SAVE £1.50 – now £2.00. These are both gluten and dairy free. Offers runs until 7th April.



To save £10 off your first shop at Waitrose and free delivery, use code AQ1FM21.

No gluten free offers in Waitrose this week, which is a bit of a shocker. There are a few naturally gluten free product offers but nothing incredible that is worth mentioning here.


That’s all for now folks, keep an eye out for updates!

If you found this round up helpful, why not check out some of my other gluten free articles or recipes while you are here:

Laura x

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