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Gluten Free Bargains UK: Weekly Round Up

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LAST UPDATED: 27TH MAY 2020 (All supermarkets)

Guys and gals welcome to my weekly gluten free deals and bargains round up! Gluten free shopping can be so expensive, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of the bargains when you spot good offers in supermarkets. I for one have a freezer full of gluten free bread that I bought for cut price.

This weekly round up simply focuses on the best gluten free deals I have spotted in supermarkets each week. When I make updates I will be sure to post a link on my Instagram page and in my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe via this link).

Gluten Free Deals & Bargains This Week

All items featured here were gluten free at the time of writing. Always double check ingredients labels as a precaution.


I have seen that Aldi have a few gluten free products in the Special Buys section at the moment, including the Old El Paso fajita kits for almost half the normal price. Outside of specifically free from items, Aldi have special offers each week on six different fruit and veg – perfect for some healthy bargains.

Super 6 Fruit & Veg

ONLY 65-75P – this week the offer covers cherry tomatoes and mango (65p), rhubarb, flat mushrooms, asparagus and pomegranate (75p)

Special Buys

Aldi have some gluten free special buys on at the moment too. Note that while there are some good deals, not all products are discounted. It can be a handy way to pick up extra gluten free supplies though if you do your weekly shop in Aldi!

Schar – Gluten Free Wholesome Loaves

SAVE 75P – on offer for £1.75. Great little long life loaves, which toasts up nicely.

Schar – Gluten Free Ciabatta Rolls

SAVE 51P – on offer for £1.49. You can make brilliant mini pizza breads by slicing these rolls in half, topping with sundried tomato pesto and cheese and grilling :D.

Betty Crocker – Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix/Brownie Mix

SAVE 61P – on offer for £1.99. The devil’s food cake mix is lovely, making a really light chocolate sponge cake.

BFree – Pitta Breads

SAVE 50P – on offer for £2.25. Our go to pittas, these are lovely and puff up well when you toast or microwave to refresh them.

Old El Paso – Gluten Free Fajita Kit

SAVE £1.51 – on offer for £2.99. Fantastic gluten free wraps and a real handy meal kit to have in your store cupboard.

Schwartz – Gluten Free Seasoning Mixes

SAVE 26P – on offer for 99p.


All last week’s deals still stand, aside from the Schar frozen range offers. New deals can be found on the Gosh range. Here are the best gluten free deals on the shelves this week:

Schar – Wholesome White/Seeded Loaf

SAVE 70P – now £1.75. Great little long life loaves, which toasts up nicely.

Warburtons – Gluten Free White/Multiseed Loaf

SAVE 25P – now £1.50.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Brown Loaf

SAVE 35P – now £1.75.

Genius – Crumpets 4 Pack

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Crumpets 2 Pack

HALF PRICE – now 50p.

Nature’s Path – Gluten Free Granola

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00.

Genius – Gluten Free Pancakes 4 Pack

SAVE 40P – now £1.50.

Gosh – Falafel/Bites 200g Packs

SAVE 68P – now £1.50.

Schar – Gluten Free Jaffa Cakes

SAVE 20P – now £1.00.

Schar – Mini Dippers

SAVE 50P – now £1.00.

Schar – Curvies Plain/BBQ

SAVE 50p – now £2.00. I love these Pringle style crisps faaaaar too much!

Nature’s Path – Organic Gluten Free Granola

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. Really nice granola with big crunchy clusters.

BFree – Sweet Potato Wraps

SAVE 75P – now £2.75.

BFree – Stone Baked Pittas

SAVE 50p – £2.00.

Strong Roots – Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. Find these in the normal freezer section.

Nairn’s – Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks Chocolate Chip

SAVE 30P – now £1.50.

Haagen Daz – 450ml Tubs

SAVE £2.00 – now £2.50. Some varieties are gluten free, including my fave salted caramel.


I’ve not been able to find a full overview of the Coop offers, hopefully will have more next week:

Ben & Jerry’s – Phish Food/Karamel Sutra

SAVE £2.00 – now £3.00. Until 16th June.


Morrisons really have established themselves this year as the only supermarket offering massive savings for gluten free customers. They have been running their bargain prices on their own brand range for months now. They also occasionally add new products to the promotion.

They’ve also launched a gluten free food box, with core supplies for anyone not able to visit stores physically.

They have loads of brilliant deals this week, here’s what to look out for:

Nairn’s – Pop Oats

SAVE 60P – now 20p. Brilliant value, these are a yummy alternative to crisps. Offer runs until 19th July.

Doves Farm – Gluten Free Fibre Flakes

SAVE £2.25 – now 75p. Absolute bargain! Until 19th July.

Ice King – 4 Gluten Free Choc & Nut Ice Cream Cones

SAVE £1.50 – now 50p. Another cracking saving! I’ve not tried these but at 50p for 4 they could be rubbish and I wouldn’t feel like I’d wasted any money trying them. Until 19th July.

Morrisons – 4 Free From White Pittas

SAVE £1.50 – now 50p. Woohoo! Until 19th July.

Morrisons – Free From Seeded/White Sandwich Thins

SAVE £1.35 – now 45p. Perfect for fitting into the freezer. Until 19th July.

Morrisons – Gluten Free Oats 1kg

SAVE £2.30 – only £1.20!!!!! An absolute bargain. I bought six bags the other day haha, as we eat so much porridge and it is usually really expensive to get gluten free oats.

Morrisons – Free From Fusilli/Macaroni 500g

HALF PRICE – now only 60p. I have tried their pasta and think it is really good, having used a load for my homemade pasta bake the other day.

Morrisons – Free From Dinosaurs Pasta

SAVE 30P – only 45p. Perfect for kids (and big kids), I’ve tried this one too and it’s fab. This might actually be the new permanent price for this item, which would be fantastic.

morrisons gluten free pasta

Morrisons – Free From Choco Pillows

SAVE 80P – only £1.00. Possibly the new regular price.

Morrisons – Free From Crackers

SAVE £1.40 – only 60p. These have been restocked and the offer is back!

Morrisons – Gluten Free Stuffing Mix

SAVE £1.25 – now only 45p. Absolute bargain.

Morrisons – Free From Flapjacks

SAVE 60P – only 80p.

Schar – Wholesome Loaf

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Offer runs until 9th June. The Schar frozen pizzas also have 50p off.

Morrisons – Free From Salmon Fishcakes

SAVE 40P – now £1.60. For a pack for two, find in the freezer section. Offer runs until 7th June.

Genius – Gut Lovin’ Cob

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.50. Until 9th June.

Kirsty’s – Italian Stonebaked Gluten Free Frozen Pizzas

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. Until 23rd June.

Nature’s Path – Nice & Nobbly Granola

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. Offer runs until 7th June.

Gu – Free From Cheesecake Pots

SAVE £1.50 – now £2.00. Offer runs until 2nd June.

Schar – Curvies

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Offer runs until 9th June.

Morrisons – Vanilla Sponge Cake/Chocolate Brownie Mix

SAVE 50P – now £1.10. Offer runs until 9th June.


All change in Sainsburys on the offers front this week. Here’s a round up of the best savings:

Nairns – Gluten Free Flatbread

SAVE 25P – now £1.20.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Toastie Loaf

SAVE 50P – now £1.75

Genius – Gluten Free Sliced Loaves 535g

SAVE 40P – now £2.50.

Schar – Waffles

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Black Farmer – Gluten Free Pork Sausages

SAVE 50P – now £2.50.

Eat Natural – Bar Trios

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Ugo Thrive – Chickpea Fusilli

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Kettle Chips – Various Flavours 150g

HALF PRICE – now £1.00.

Schar – Mini Baguettes

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Warburtons – Crumpets 4 Pack

SAVE 50P – now £1.50.

Pom-Bear – Original Potato Snack 6 Pack

SAVE 70P – now £1.00.


Not much change at Tesco this week, nearly all of last week’s offers still stand. New deals can be found within the Moma and Livia’s ranges. Here are the main savings to be found on gluten free products:

Moma – Porridge Almond Butter & Salted Caramel 5X55g

HALF PRICE – now £1.50. Until 31st May.

Livia’s Kitchen – Nugglets/Millionaire Bites

SAVE 50P – now £1.00. Until 16th June.

Schar – Delishios

HALF PRICE – now 50p. Until 31st May.

Schar – Sweet Brioche Buns

HALF PRICE – now £1.00. Until 31st May.

Nairns – Gluten Free Chocolate Chip/Ginger Biscuit Breaks

SAVE 80P – now £1.00. Until 31st May.

Genius – Gluten Free Brioche Buns 2 Pack

SAVE 50P – now £1.00. Until 31st May.

Warburtons – Gluten Free White/Seeded Wraps 4 Pack

SAVE 80P – now £2.00. Until 31st May.

New York Bakery – Gluten Free Plain/Seeded Bagels

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Until 31st May.

Genius – Gluten Free White/Multiseed Rolls 4 Pack

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Until 31st May.

Deliciously Ella – Gluten Free Granola

SAVE £1.00 – now £3.00. Until 31st May.



No changes on the offers in Waitrose this week, you’ll find lots of savings on gluten free bread:

Schar – Deli Style Sourdough

SAVE 95P – now £2.00.

Schar – Wholesome Loaf

SAVE 55P – now £2.00.

Waitrose – Free From Seeded Rolls

SAVE 50P – now £2.00.

BFree – Brown Seeded Loaf

SAVE 59P – now £2.50.

Waitrose – Free From Sandwich Thins

SAVE 40P – now £1.60.

Difatti – Gluten Free Gnocchi

SAVE 45P – now £1.95.

Kirsty’s – Gluten Free Ready Meals

SAVE 25%

The White Rabbit Co – Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

SAVE £1.00 – now £4.00.

Prewetts – Chocolate & Ginger Cookies/Quadruple Chocolate Cookies/Oat & Raisin

SAVE 25% – now £1.70.

Waitrose – Free From Cherry Bakewells

SAVE 20% – now £1.80. The chocolate brownies and chocolate slices are also 20% off.

Prewetts – Chocoful Biscuit Bars

SAVE 25% – now £1.53.

Other offers include Deliciously Ella, rolled gluten free oats, Nature’s Path granola and Heck sausages.


That’s all for now folks, keep an eye out for updates!

If you found this round up helpful, why not check out some of my other gluten free articles or recipes while you are here:

Laura x

*This article contains some affiliate links, meaning no additional cost to you but enabling me to keep running as a free website that is open to all :).

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