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Gluten Free Bargains UK: Weekly Round Up

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Guys and gals welcome to my weekly gluten free deals and bargains round up! Gluten free shopping can be so expensive, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of the bargains when you spot good offers in supermarkets. I for one have a freezer full of gluten free bread that I bought for cut price.

So this weekly round up simply focuses on the best gluten free deals I have found in whatever supermarkets I visit or have looked at online each week. When I make updates I will be sure to post a link on my Instagram page and in my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe via this link).

Gluten Free Deals & Bargains This Week

All items featured here were gluten free at the time of writing.


It seems that all the gluten free special buys have gone now, so most stores will be back to the usual range. Outside of specifically free from items, Aldi have special offers each week on six different fruit and veg – perfect for some healthy bargains.

Super 6 Fruit & Veg

ONLY 59P – 65P – this week the offer covers salad potatoes (59p), satsumas, leeks, unwaxed lemons, sprouts and onions (only 65p).


Offers are pretty slim on the ground this week at Asda, as many of last week’s deals have ended with no replacements yet. You can find modest new deals on some BFree products and Amy’s ready meals. The best gluten free deals this week are to be found outside of the free from aisle.

BFree – Bake at Home Demi 2 Baguettes

SAVE 50P – £2.00. These baguettes are pretty good and bake up nicely at home. I use them to make little bite-sized bruschetta for dinner parties sometimes as they are just the right size cut into rounds.

Freaks of Nature – Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Pudding

SAVE 50p – £1.50. These little pots are both gluten and dairy free and can be found in the fridge section. This offer also applies to their sticky toffee and cherry bakewell puddings.

Knorr – Stock Pots 4 Pack

SAVE 45P – £1.00. The Knorr range of stocks are all gluten free and it is my go to brand. This is new offer in stores this week.

Gosh – Falafel and Bites 200g

SAVE 68P – £1.50. The Gosh range is all gluten free and their 200g packs seem to all be on offer this week. I really like the Mediterranean falafel in this range and find them really handy to add some non-bread carbs to lunchboxes and salads.

Kirsty’s – Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza

SAVE 50P – £3.00. I’ve not tried this gluten free dairy free pizza, but you’ll find it in the free from freezer section. The roasted vegetable variety of this pizza is on offer too.

Amy’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Ready Meals

SAVE 20% (roughly) – various prices across the range.

Daura – Gluten Free Beer 4 Pack

SAVE £1 – £5.00. A great gluten free beer, currently on roll back in Asda.

Manomasa – Tortilla Chips, Various Flavours

SAVE 99p – £1.00. Legit our favourite crisps, these Manomasa tortillas are brilliant and absolutely worth stocking up on now for the festive period. All flavours are gluten free but you’ll find them in the standard crisp aisle.

Yushoi – Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Baked Pea Snacks

SAVE 79P – £1.00. I haven’t tried these pea flour based snacks but they are a lighter alternative to crisps and are gluten free.

Heinz – No Added Sugar Beanz in a Rich Tomato Sauce

SAVE 70P – £1.00 for three small tins. Handy for kids lunches and long life so a good time to stock up.

Philadelphia – Various Tubs 180g

SAVE 95P – £1.00. Time to stock up for all your winter cheesecake-making needs!

Popchips – Various Flavours

SAVE 79P – £1.00. This is a really nice alterative to crisps and their flavours are all gluten free.


GO TO MORRISONS NOWWWWWW. Morrisons is worth a visit this week purely for the HUGE array of gluten free products they have just launched, from bake and home croissants and pastries to chocolate yule log reindeer cakes. But wait, there’s more…

As for deals and offers, they have some absolutely amazing deals at the moment. Firstly, they still have that brilliant deal on Gu pots (better than half price) and all other deals from last week too. Secondly, a bargainous new deal on pasta (60p!!!), 1kg of gluten free oats for £1.20 (instead of £3.50) and lasagne sheets for 35 PENCE. I’ve added the major savings here, but you will also find smaller savings off other items in the range. A clear winner this week for gluten free bargains.

Gu – Fabulously Free From 2 Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecakes 2 x 82g

SAVE £2.00 – now only £1.50. A brilliant offer on these Gu pots and the best deal I have ever seen on them. Deal also applies to the strawberry rhubarb and Spanish lemon gluten free cheesecakes. Offer valid until 19th November.

Morrisons – Gluten Free Oats 1kg

SAVE £2.30 – only £1.20!!!!! An absolute bargain. I am going to be stocking up on this as we eat loads of porridge and gluten free oats are usually pretty expensive.

Morrisons – Free From Fusilli/Macaroni 500g

HALF PRICE – now only 60p. I have tried their pasta and think it is really good so will be making a trip to Morrisons this week to stock up!

Morrisons – Gluten Free Lasagne Sheets

SO CHEAP (save 85P) – now 35p. I literally cannot believe how good this offer is. As I mentioned above their pasta is really good so GO GO GO before I buy the entire stock myself.

Morrisons – Free From Dinosaurs Pasta

SAVE 30P – only 45p. Perfect for kids (and big kids), I’ve tried this one too and it’s fab. Offer runs until 2nd December.

morrisons gluten free pasta

Warburtons – Gluten Free Crumpet 2 Packs

HALF PRICE – now 50P. These handy little packs of crumpets are one of my favourite travel items at the moment as they are perfect for that first breakfast when you arrive at your destination. A bargain at this price. Until 29th December

Prewetts – Chocoful Gluten Free Biscuits

SAVE 75P – now £1.25. Another excellent product sold at a fantastic price. These remind me of Rocky Robin bars, lovely thick chocolate over a crunchy biscuit centre. All individually packaged and perfect for lunchboxes.

Morrisons – Free From Vegetable Gravy Granules

SAVE TWO THIRDS – now 60p. Honestly, never have I seen such immense gluten free deals.

Morrisons – Free From Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix

SAVE £1.25 – only 45p. What a bargain!!!! Time to stock up in time for Christmas and for all foreseeable roast dinner plans.

Morrisons – Free From Crackers

SAVE £1.40 – only 60p. Cheeseboard sorted.

Morrisons – Free From Choco Pillows

SAVE 80P – only £1.00.

Morrisons – Free From Yorkshire Pudding Mix

SAVE LOADS – only 15p! I didn’t see this one online or in store but one of my followers kindly told me about this extra deal and she stocked up.

Morrisons – Free From Flapjacks

SAVE 60P – only 80p.

Schar – Curvies

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. This new product from Schar launched this week in Morrisons on an introductory offer. I loved these, they taste just like pringles and come in plain or BBQ flavours.

Dr. Oetker – Unicorn Confetti Sprinkle Mix

SAVE 55P – now £1.75. Not all sprinkles are gluten free but these ones are and I love the vibrant colours. On offer until 1st January.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Multiseed Farmhouse Loaf

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. This gluten free bread works really well for toasties. The white variety of this loaf is included in the deal too. Offer runs until 29th December.

Rakusens – Gluten Free Snackers

SAVE 50P – now only £1.00. Lightly salted crackers, which I haven’t tried before but it’s a pretty good offer so maybe I will! Offer runs until 5th January 2020.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Artisan Tiger Bloomer 

SAVE 50P – now £3.00. This is an expensive loaf but has quite a fan club so could be worth trying as a treat. Offer runs until 29th December.

Nine – Peanut Seed Bars 4 Pack

SAVE 60P – now only £1.90. The cocoa raspberry seed bars in the same range are also included in the offer. Until 26th November.

Schar – Gluten Free Grissini/Cream Crackers

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Until 31st December.

Lazy Day Foods – Ginger Tiffin

SAVE 55P – now £1.45. These are free from dairy and are vegan too, a really great line! Until 15th December.

Prewett’s – Savouries Oaty Bites Parmesan

SAVE 65P – now £1.35. Offer also applies to the mature cheddar variety. Until 15th December.

Dr. Oetker – Unicorn Confetti/Mermaid Treasure Sprinkle Mix 

SAVE 55P – now £1.75. Sprinkles sometimes contain wheat starch but this variety are safely gluten free and I regularly use them for baking. Until 1st January.

Genius – Oat Raisin & Honey Bakes

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Offer also applies to the oat and choc chip bakes. Until 3rd December.

Gregory’s Tree Double Fruit Twists Blueberry & Raspberry

SAVE 35P – now 30p. I tried these recently and really enjoyed them – they’re a bit like a fruity red liquorice but gluten free. Until 15th December.

Squirrel Sisters – Raspberry Ripple Raw Energy Bar

SAVE 45P – now 75p. Until 15th December.

Kirsty’s – Ready Meals, Various Flavours

SAVE 50P – now £2.50. And on their gluten free veggie sausages. Until 5th January.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Wraps

SAVE 20P – now £2.30. Not much of a saving I guess, but better than nothing and this applies to their white, beetroot and protein wraps! Until 29th December.


Lots of change on the offers front at Sainsburys this week – a couple of old offers are still valid but there are lots of new ones too, including some very good offers on Deliciously Ella snacks.

Deliciously Ella – Double Chocolate Caramel Cups

SAVE 50p – now £1.00. The newest addition to Ella’s healthy snack range is on offer this week and they are yummy!

Deliciously Ella – Nut Butter Balls

SAVE 80p – now £1.00. The Deliciously Ella nut butter balls are also on offer, and these are probably one of my fave snacks at the moment. I was never a protein ball girl in the past, but these converted me.

White Rabbit – Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

SAVE £1.00 – now £4.00. The White Rabbit pizza bases are fab, but it’s a shame they don’t sell the non-vegan varieties in Sainsbos anymore. Either way, these dairy free vegan pizzas are decent enough.

Kabuto – Rice Noodle Pots

SAVE 70P – now £1.30. The rice noodle varieties in the Kabuto range are both gluten free and make handy lunches.

Freaks of Nature – Dairy & Gluten Free Double Chocolate Ganache

SAVE 50p – £1.50. Coconut and cashew base chocolate pots.

Quaker – Gluten Free Porridge Oat Sachets

SAVE £1.20 – now £2.00. A great deal for winter breakfasts, you get 10 sachets of porridge oats in these packs. Make sure you pick up the gluten free variety.

Genius – Seeded Loaf/White Loaf/Brown Loaf

SAVE 30P – now £2.50. Pretty sure Genius have finally dropped the base price of these loaves too as they used to be £3.00. About time…

Schar – White/Brown Ciabatta Rolls

SAVE 50P – £1.50. These Schar rolls are really good for long-life bread and have long been a staple in my store cupboard. Schar gluten free baguettes also have 50p off this week.

Schar – Gluten Free Pannini Rolls

SAVE 50P – £1.50. A trio pack out decent-sized pannini rolls. You need to toast these or heat them in a pannini maker then they are yummy.

Eat Natural – Bar Trio Packs

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Most of these bar flavours are gluten free but please check as a couple are not.

Doves Farm – Gluten Free Cereal Range

SAVE 60P – now £2.40. A nice gluten free cereal range with a few varieties. The DF cereal flakes remind me of special K!

Amy’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Chinese Noodles & Veggies in a Cashew Cream Sauce

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.50. This Amy’s ready meal is back on offer this week. Find in the free from freezer section. Other varieties of ready meal also in this offer too.

Amy’s Kitchen – Gluten Free Vegan Mexican Burrito Bean & Rice

HALF PRICE – now £1.00. Mexican burrito bean & rice in a gluten free tortilla.

Aunt Bessie’s – Duck Fat Roast Potatoes

HALF PRICE – £1.40. These premade roast potatoes are gluten free and could be handy if you aren’t confident at making roasties at home. Pop them in the freezer and grab them for Sunday roasts or even Christmas dinner.


Only one new offer at Tesco this week, on Pizza Express gluten free pizza, and most of the rest of the deals still stand.

Mrs Crimbles – 5 Jammy Loaf Cakes

SAVE £1.00 – now £1.50. These little lunchbox loaf cakes are lovely and soft, with 5 mini cakes in each pack. The double chocolate variety is yummy too and also on offer. Offer runs until 25th November.

Tesco – Party Food 12 Tomato & Mozzarella Sticks 240G

3 FOR 2 – yaaaaas the Tesco Christmas party food is edging its way back onto the shelves. Gluten free varieties so far include these mozzarella sticks, ham and cheese croquettes and loaded potato skins. Offer runs until 10th December.

Livia’s Kitchen – Bites and Nugglets

SAVE 50P – now £1.00. The whole Livia’s range is gluten and dairy free, with a focus on healthy ingredients. The salted caramel millionaire bites are my favourite. Offer runs until 19th November.

Napolina Gluten Free Organic Chickpea Fusilli

SAVE 25P – now £1.75. Lighter alternatives to standard gluten free pasta, this chickpea fusilli and the red lentil penne are on offer. Offer runs until 19th November.

Tesco – Gluten Free Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich

MEAL DEAL £3 – plus snack and drink. The Tesco festive sandwich hops on into the meal deal offer this week, let’s hope it stays put for the rest of the Christmas season…it’s marked to run until 5th January!

Genius Gluten Free Fibre Fest Cob

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.40. I really like these Genius cobs, they are much better than their standard loaves. The protein punch cob is also included in the deal. Offer runs until 25th November.

The Free From Kitchen Co. – Rich Brownie Chocolate Slab

SAVE £1.00 – now £1.50. This dairy free range is on offer again, as are the cheaper bars under the same brand with 50p off. Until 19th November.

Moma – Porridge Sachets

SAVE £1.24 – now £1.75. For a pack of 5 gluten free porridge sachets. Almond butter & salted caramel, coconut and chia varieties. Offer runs until 19th November.

Moma – Porridge Pots 55G

SAVE 40P – now 90p. Handy pots for work breakfasts or a warm snack on the go. Offer runs until 19th November.

Gu – Fabulously Free From 2 Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecakes 2 x 82g

SAVE £1.20 – now only £2.30. A good offer, but it’s got nothing on the Morrisons deal! Until 3rd December.

Pizza Express – Gluten Free Margherita Pizza

SAVE £1.00 – now £4.00. One of my favourite gluten free pizzas, it’s so gooood! Until 3rd December.


All of last week’s offers have ended and there are some new gluten free deals on the Waitrose supermarket shelves this week.

Prewetts – Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

SAVE 59P – now £1.70. Lovely biscuits, plus the same offer applies to other varieties in the range.

Pieminister – Gluten Free Pies

SAVE £1.00 – now £3.50. Try the Heidi, it’s my fave!

Warburtons – Gluten Free Crumpets

SAVE 55P – now £1.50 per pack. I really rate these crumpets.


Iceland have recently launched a new gluten free frozen range, all items beings very reasonably priced. The range includes:

  • Southern fried chicken goujons; cod fish cakes; beef lasagne; hot & spicy chicken steaks; chicken nuggets; chicken burgers; and
  • Veggie burgers.

All very junk food, but nice to have the option right!?

They also have a few gluten free items in the new vegan range as well, so it’s worth having a closer look in Iceland this week if you regularly shop here.

That’s all for now folks, keep an eye out for updates!

If you found this round up helpful, why not check out some of my other gluten free articles or recipes while you are here:

Laura x

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