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Gluten Free Bargains UK: Weekly Round Up

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Guys and gals welcome to my weekly gluten free deals and bargains round up! Gluten free shopping can be so expensive, it makes a lot of sense to make the most of the bargains when you spot good offers in supermarkets. I for one have a freezer full of gluten free bread that I bought for cut price.

This weekly round up simply focuses on the best gluten free deals I have spotted in supermarkets each week. When I make updates I will be sure to post a link on my Instagram page and in my weekly newsletter (you can subscribe via this link).

Gluten Free Deals & Bargains This Week

All items featured here were gluten free at the time of writing.


I have seen that Aldi have a few gluten free products in the Special Buys section at the moment, including the Old El Paso fajita kits for almost half the normal price. Outside of specifically free from items, Aldi have special offers each week on six different fruit and veg – perfect for some healthy bargains.

Super 6 Fruit & Veg

ONLY 69P – this week the offer covers lychees, salad potatoes, conference pears, limes, grapes snack pack and sweet pointed peppers.


Not much change at Asda this week, aside from a brilliant new offer on GU pots, plus savings on Freaks of Nature puds and Daura beer. They hold their slashed prices on the Genius range too, plus plenty of other gluten free savings to be had:

Kirsty’s – Gluten Free Ready Meals

SAVE UP TO 85P – a variety of savings on the products in this ready meal range. Find them in the freezer section (free from).

Nairn’s – Gluten Free Oatcakes

SAVE 30p – now £1.50. A lower price for these excellent gluten free oatcakes. My non-gluten free family like them so much they reckon they are better than the gluteny variety! You’ll find the same saving on Nairn’s breakfast breaks too.

Nairn’s – Pop Oats

SAVE 30P – now 50p. These are a really nice, light savoury snack and a good alternative to crisps if you can tolerate oats.

Genius – Fibre Fest Wraps

SAVE 50P – £2.30. Handy as a lighter lunch option, these wraps are very nice.

Genius – Protein Punch/Fibre Fest Pasta

SAVE 50P – now £1.25.

Cornetto – Gluten Free Cornettos

SAVE £1.00 – £2.50. For a pack of four. Not seen these on offer before! They are really nice and worth a try if you haven’t had them before.

Quaker – Gluten Free Porridge Oats

SAVE 49p – £2.00. A good price for these premium brand gluten free porridge oats.

Genius – Gut Lovin’ Cob

SAVE £1.49 – £2.00. A brilliant saving on this gluten free cob, one of my favourites in the Genius range. It’s one of the only gluten free breads I eat untoasted.

Genius – Gut Lovin’ Deli Rolls

SAVE 39p – now £1.40. Like the cob, these gluten free rolls are really excellent and worth trying.

GU – Free From Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecakes

SAVE £1.50 – a fab price for these gluten and dairy free cheesecake pots.

Mrs Crimble’s – Lunchbox Loaf Cakes/Madeleines

SAVE 25P – now £2.25. These little cakes are lovely – super soft and a wonderful small treat. The lunchbox cakes come individually sealed and are great for popping in your bag when you are out and about.

Schar – Wholesome White/Seeded Loaf

SAVE 45P – now £2.00. One of the most reliable gluten free brands, Schar breads do need toasting but they are long life and very handy to have stashed in the cupboard.

Schar – Gluten Free Fibre Crispbread

SAVE 30P – now £1.20. Ideal as a lighter alternative to bread if you are counting calories this January.

Schar – Gluten Free Fruit Bars

SAVE 30p – now £1.50. Gluten free fig rolls, I haven’t actually spotted these before so can’t tell you what they are like but I know my mum will be happy to see these!

Hellman’s – Vegan Mayo

SAVE 90P – now £1.25. For any vegan gluten free followers, this is a very good offer at the moment.

Love Corn – BBQ Crunchy Corn

SAVE £1.00 – now £1.00. I’ve not tried this before but could be a tasty gluten free savoury snack – adding to my list!

Daura – Gluten Free Beer 4 Pack

SAVE £1.00 – now £5.00. A great gluten free beer.

Freaks of Nature – Cherry Bakewell Puddings

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. For a pack of two dairy and gluten free desserts. Other flavours available too.

Nature’s Path – Nice and Nobbly Granola

SAVE 99P – now £2.00. One of my faves, the orange packet variety is especially good and I would recommend.

Knorr – Stock Cubes 10 Pack

SAVE 99P – £2.00. The Knorr range of stocks are all gluten free and it is my go to brand. Their stock pots are also on offer and gluten free.

Manomasa – Tortilla Chips, Various Flavours

SAVE 99p – £1.00. Legit our favourite crisps, these Manomasa tortillas are brilliant and absolutely worth stocking up on now for the festive period. All flavours are gluten free but you’ll find them in the standard crisp aisle.

Kettle Chips – Various Flavours

SAVE £1.25 – now £1.00. Loads of gluten free flavours in the range (marked on the back of the packet) and a steeeal at this price.

Strong Roots – Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. These are lovely and I think the whole range is gluten free, certainly these fries are.


Morrisons still have some absolutely amazing deals at the moment. Some of the bargains running include pasta for 60p, 1kg of gluten free oats for £1.20 (instead of £3.50) and crackers for 60 pence. I’ve added the major savings here, but you will also find smaller savings off other items in the range.

No change this week:

Morrisons – Gluten Free Oats 1kg

SAVE £2.30 – only £1.20!!!!! An absolute bargain. I bought six bags the other day haha, as we eat so much porridge and it is usually really expensive to get gluten free oats.

Morrisons – Free From Fusilli/Macaroni 500g

HALF PRICE – now only 60p. I have tried their pasta and think it is really good, having used a load for my homemade pasta bake the other day.

Morrisons – Free From Dinosaurs Pasta

SAVE 30P – only 45p. Perfect for kids (and big kids), I’ve tried this one too and it’s fab. This might actually be the new permanent price for this item, which would be fantastic.

morrisons gluten free pasta

Old El Paso – Gluten Free Enchillada/Fajita Kits

SAVE 75P – now £3.75. Fab kits that are worth getting on offer. The OEP wraps are some of the best available in the UK. Until 28th January.

Gu – Free From Cheesecakes

SAVE £1.50 – now £2.00. This brilliant offer is back! Until 26th January.

Morrisons – Free From Choco Pillows

SAVE 80P – only £1.00. Possibly the new regular price.

Morrisons – Free From Crackers

SAVE £1.40 – only 60p. These have been restocked and the offer is back!

Morrisons – Free From Flapjacks

SAVE 60P – only 80p.

Meatless Farm – Various

SAVE 50P – various. The Meatless Farm range is gluten free and the offer applies to the full range. Until 2nd February.

Freaks of Nature – Sticky Toffee Pudding Pot

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Offer applies to all items in this range of gluten and dairy free puddings. Runs until 5th April.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Seeded Sandwich Thins

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Until 23rd February.

Gosh – Sweetcorn and Quinoa Bites

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. Until 26th Jan.

Kikkoman – Gluten Free Tamari

SAVE 60P – now £2.00. My go to brand for tamari, this a is great equivalent to soy sauce. Offer runs until 28th January.

Heck – Sausages

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. Offers runs until 2nd Feb.

Filippo Berrio – Olive Oil

SAVE £1.75 – now £2.50. Does anyone else get the advert song stuck in their head every time they read this brand name?! Offer runs until 28th January.


Sainsburys are ramping up the gluten free offers gradually, with all of last week’s deals still standing plus some new ones from White Rabbit, Bambeanies, BFree, Schar and Warburtons.

White Rabbit – Gluten Free Pizza

SAVE £1.00 – now £4.00. Really yummy gluten free pizza, with vegan and dairy free options included in the range.

Rainforest Foods – Bambeanies Cereals

HALF PRICE – now £1.75.

BFree – Sweet Potato, Banana and Apple Kids Wraps

HALF PRICE – now £1.25.

Amy’s Kitchen – Ready Meals

SAVE 50p-£1.00 – now £2.50. On various ready meals in this frozen gluten free range.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Sandwich Thins

SAVE 50p – only £2.00. Lovely little sandwich thins that make a nice alternative to standard bread, especially for a slightly lighter lunch.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Wraps

SAVE 80p – £2.00.

Nature’s Path – Mesa Sunrise

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00.

Cornetto – Gluten Free Ice Creams 4 Pack

SAVE £1.00 – £2.00. These are yummy and it’s great to see them on offer.

Kabuto – Rice Noodle Vegetable Laksa/Chicken Pho

SAVE 70P – £1.30. A handy lunch on the go or a quick bite when you are time poor, these Kabuto pots are really nice and don’t taste like junk food.

Knorr – Stock Cubes 20 Pack

SAVE £1.05 – now £1.95. One of my favourite gluten free stock brands.

Schar – Curvies

SAVE 50P – now £2.00.

Schar – Gluten Free Wholesome Vitality Loaf

SAVE 60P – now £2.00.

The Paleo Foods Co. – Berry & Almond Grain-Free Granola

SAVE £1.30 – now £2.70.

Kind – Gluten Free Almond & Mint Bar with Dark Chocolate

SAVE 30P – now £1.00.

Häagen-Dazs – Ice Cream Pralines & Cream/Salted Caramel/Vanilla

SAVE £1.70 – now £2.50. Omg my faveeeeee ice cream. I am defo buying some of this!

Tideford Organics – Minestrone with Gluten Free Pasta

SAVE 75p – now £2.00. A hearty gluten free fresh soup with pasta.

Pom-Bear Original Potato Snack 6x15g

SAVE 70P – now £1.00.

Genius – Gluten Free Loaves

SAVE 30p – £2.50. I’m not the biggest fan of these loaves but they do freeze well and are a handy staple.


Tesco have some really good savings for Clubcard holders at the moment, with special prices on many gluten free items. They also have a whole host of other great offers, including a number of significant half price deals. I’ve listed my favourites below but there are lots of other more minor savings in store:

Genius – 2 Brioche Burger Buns

HALF PRICE – now 75p. These Genius buns are lovely and soft and absolutely some of the best burger buns I have tried. Make the most of this offer if you have some freezer space! Until 27th Jan.

Kirstys – Luxury Chocolate Torte/Apple Pie Slices

SAVE £1 – now £2.00. These have moved from the free from freezer section to the regular dessert freezer section due to their popularity. Offer runs until 27th January.

Freaks of Nature – Sticky Toffee Pudding Pot

SAVE 50P – now £1.50. Offer applies to all items in this range of gluten and dairy free puddings. Runs until 4th February.

Genius – Triple Seeded Rolls

HALF PRICE – now £1.00. Another excellent half price deal on Genius. These rolls are not as good but are decent enough (better than their slice loaves, that’s for sure!). Until 27th Jan

Old El Paso – Gluten Free Fajita Kit

SAVE £1.55 – now £2.95. The wraps in this kit are excellent. Offer runs until 26th Jan. You can also buy them separately for £2.50 (until 11th Feb) in Tesco at the moment.

New York Bakery – Gluten Free Bagels

SAVE 50P – now £2.00. One of the newer gluten free bagel releases, I still haven’t tried these as have heard mixed reviews about whether they are any good. I think I’ll give them a try now that they are on offer though. Offers runs until 27th Jan.

Eat Natural – Gluten Free Granola

SAVE £1.00 – now £2.00. Offer valid until 21st Jan.

Cornetto – Gluten Free Ice Creams

HALF PRICE – now £1.50. What a bargain! These are really good and especially worth buying when at this price. Until 27th January.

Genius – Fibre Fest Cob

HALF PRICE – now £1.70. Another great deal. This gluten free cob is excellent and is one of the few breads I eat without needing to toast. Until 27th January.

Deliciously Ella – Nut Butter Balls

SAVE 80P – now £1.00. I really like these tasty snacks, and I’m not usually a healthy snack sorta gal! Until 21st January.

Mrs Crimbles – Lunchbox Loaf Cakes

SAVE £1.00 – now £1.50. Deeelightfully soft little cakes, individually packaged and perfect for on the go. Comes in a pack of 5. Until 27th January.



Waitrose have some strong New Year’s offers both inside and outside of the free from aisle:

Gu – Gluten Free Cheesecake Pots

SAVE A THIRD – now £2.33.

Moma – Bircher Museli

HALF PRICE – now £1.79.

Nairn’s – Biscuit Breaks

SAVE A THIRD – now £1.23.

Warburtons – Gluten Free Wraps

SAVE 25% – now £2.18

Kikkoman – Gluten Free Tamari

SAVE A THIRD – now £1.76.

Waitrose – Gluten Free Breaded Chicken

SAVE £1.00 – now £3.00.

White Rabbit – Gluten Free Pizza

SAVE £1.00 – now £4.00.

Whole Earth – Peanut Butter

SAVE A THIRD – now £2.36.

Mini Babybel


New Covent Garden – Fresh Soups

HALF PRICE – now £1.05. A few of the varieties in the range are gluten free and these soups are lovely.

Clarence Court – Burford Brown Large Eggs

SAVE A THIRD – now £1.93. In case you want to treat yourself to some fancy eggs for brekkie :).


That’s all for now folks, keep an eye out for updates!

If you found this round up helpful, why not check out some of my other gluten free articles or recipes while you are here:

Laura x

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