This gluten free budget meal plan features 14 delicious family-friendly recipes and full shopping list, to save you time, effort and money. It’s the latest in my gluten free meal plan series.

I’ve worked in all my top money-saving tips, such as:

  • embracing frozen veg, alongside fresh
  • using a whole chicken (rather than individual joints)
  • bulking out meat sauces with tinned lentils and vegetables
  • avoiding expensive Free From products
  • learning to make gluten free flatbread and muffins from scratch
  • using the same spices and condiments in many different ways

Trust me, all these things make no different to the quality and flavour of your meals. Yet, they combine to save you a LOT of money.

All the recipes and shopping list are contained in the PDF linked below (scroll down past the intro and Q&A section). Please do feel free to share it with as many people as you like, it is completely free. And you do not need to be gluten free to enjoy this plan :).

If you have any questions, send me a friendly email to Laura xxx

p.s. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, or expert. This is a simple meal plan featuring recipes I would feed my family.

Can I Really Make 14 Meals for £50?!

Yes! Creating this gluten free budget meal plan was a real labour of love. I did a lot of stringent planning and testing, to keep these recipes as cost-effective as possible, while still being totally delicious and gluten free.

It really upset me that some families may struggle to feed themselves, and I guess this is my way of trying to help a tiny bit. Showing people how to really make the most of a food shop and learn some new tips and tricks.

Plus, every household is currently facing additional costs. Reducing the amount you spend on food, while still eating well, can alleviate a lot of stress and worry.

How Many People Does This Gluten Free Budget Meal Plan Serve?

I’ve based it on a family of four, with two young children. My kids are 4 and 1 (although my 1 year old eats as much as a 4 year old!).

If you have older children, you will want to increase portion sizes slightly.

If you are a smaller household, you can either scale back recipes or (my advice) enjoy the leftovers!

Can I Make Ingredients Swaps?

Yes of course, please feel free to tailor the plan to your tastes. I focused on the cheapest options, but you may find alternatives that are good value due to them being in season.

Plus, if you already have some of the ingredients (spices, stock cubes, ketchup etc) in your store cupboard, you’ll already have made a cost saving there.

I’m Not Gluten Free, Can I Make This?

Totally. Many of these recipes are naturally gluten free. Simply use gluten-products in place of gluten free bread, pasta etc.

Get the Gluten Free Budget Meal Plan

Download the meal plan by clicking here or on the large image below. It will download a PDF copy of the gluten free budget meal plan, containing all the recipes and shopping list.

If you are looking for more meal plans, I have another 7 weeks’ worth:

Happy Cooking! Laura xxx