Travel can sometimes be a daunting prospect for celiac travellers, but Europe is a great destination to consider. With gluten free bakeries and celiac friendly eateries galore.

Of course, not everywhere in Europe is celiac friendly (I’m looking at you, France…with the exception of Paris). So to get you started on your adventure planning, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of some of the Best Gluten Free Cities in Europe.

These are all incredible cities to visit, with a really great gluten free food offering available. I have celiac travel guides for many of them, having done a lot of European travel myself. Or I have linked to other resources from celiac bloggers I know and trust.

1. Rome

The Italian capital is an absolutely stunning historic city to visit, and has to be my top choices for gluten free travel in Europe. There are so many gluten free bakeries, dedicated gluten free restaurants and celiac accredited restaurants across the city.

Read all about Gluten Free Rome in my celiac travel guide, and you’ll be enjoying gelato, pizza and pasta before you know it!

2. London

I lived in London for 12 years and it’s a wonderful place to be celiac. I’ve got quite a number of London gluten free guides on this website, but try starting with my Central London Gluten Free Guide or my 100% Gluten Free London Guide.

It’s such a cool city, with plenty of history to soak up, incredible monuments and afternoon tea to be enjoyed! Oh speaking of which, you should read my London Gluten Free Afternoon Tea Guide too :).

Photo by Marcin Nowak

3. Barcelona

One of my favourite European cities, Barcelona is very loveable and very gluten free friendly. There are a number of fully gluten free bakeries and plenty of restaurants that can cater ably for celiacs.

See the Sagrada Familia then enjoy an amazing gluten free bagel and beer. Explore Gaudi’s houses ona walking tour, then feast on gluten free baked goods in between stops. Heaven! Read all about it in my Gluten Free Barcelona Guide.

4. Lisbon

Another incredible city, Lisbon has that Mediterranean vibe steeped in history with a dash of super cool thrown in. We have spent a couple of blissful weekends wandering around the city.

Gluten free in Lisbon is pretty easy, and we enjoyed gluten free pastel de nata, tapioca crepes and much more. Read my Gluten Free Libson Guide for all the details. Oh there’s also a fully gluten free gelateria!

My last tip – consider a Lisbon-Porto roadtrip, visiting Sintra along the way. It’s fantastic and you can use my Gluten Free Porto guide when you get to the other end :).

5. Budapest

A bit of a curve ball, Budapest is unexpectedly wonderful for gluten free. It is one of my top city break destinations too – quirky bars, outdoor thermal spas, beautiful buildings and plenty of good gluten free things to eat.

You can find details of gluten free bakeries, restaurants and more in my Gluten Free Budapest Guide. I’ve been three times and would visit again in a heartbeat!

photo credit: Lucy Clay

6. Florence

Another Italian beauty, Florence is an art lovers paradise. Plus you’ll find plenty of celiac friendly places to grab a bite. We had wonderful pizza, ate at a fully gluten free restaurant and stayed at a very celiac friendly hotel.

All the info you need can be found in my Florence Gluten Free Guide.

7. Paris

France is generally terrible for gluten free travellers, with the exception of Paris. The capital has a number of gluten free bakeries and safe places to eat. You will need to do a bit of planning and research, as many mainstream restaurants may not be so celiac friendly, but it’ll be worth it.

I’ve been a number of times with work but haven’t gotten round to writing a guide yet (watch this space). In the meantime check out this guide from my trusty celiac blogger fried Rachel.

Photo by cyril mazarin

8. Edinburgh

This Scottish city is packed with character and charm, making it a natural stopping off point on many European itineraries. It’s also a haven for celiacs, with a dedicated gluten free brewery, bakeries and more.

For Edinburgh tips read this Edinburgh Gluten Free Guide from my celiac friend Rebecca. She lives in Edinburgh and her recommendations are all well considered.

Photo by E Mens

9. Amsterdam

A city of bikes and canals, Amsterdam is another European highlight. I’ve not been for years, but I am always seeing posts about how good the gluten free food is there.

I’ll have to pull a guide together soon, to share all the wonderful tips I have been sent by celiac traveller followers.

Photo by Gaurav Jain

10. Oslo

I went to Oslo on a solo trip when pregnant with my daughter, and had a wonderful time roaming around. It’s a great mix of hip, modern architecture and grand classic buildings. Lots of cool little areas to discover.

I combined it with a rail trip over to Bergen, via the Fjords, highly recommended! The train journey alone was a stunning trip. Read about Gluten Free in Oslo in my guide (I also have a Bergen Guide if you need).

Photo by Phil Aicken

I hope I have given you lots of inspiration for you next gluten free city break in Europe. For more travel ideas, have a nosy of my full Gluten Free Travel Guides series, cover 60+ destinations worldwide. And come and follow my on Instagram or Facebook @myglutenfreeguide, where I always share my top tips.

Happy travels! Laura xxx