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What I Eat in a Day: Featuring the FREEE by Doves Farm Gluten Free Range

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To mark Coeliac Awareness Week I have partnered with FREEE by Doves Farm, one of the gluten free brands you will always find in my store cupboards at home. I have been using their gluten free flours for years but did you know that the full FREEE by Doves Farm range features a really wide selection of gluten free products, many of which are also dairy free and vegan!

With such a huge and varied range there really is something for every time of the day, whether you want a quick snack on the go or are preparing to cook a family feast. As a coeliac, I stick to a strict gluten free diet and brands like FREEE by Doves Farm have really made my life easier over the years in creating brilliant new gluten free dishes. I picked some of my top products from the FREEE by Doves Farm range to show you what I typically eat in a day. A little insight into my coeliac life.


The most important meal of the day. I used to always skip breakfast but ever since being pregnant with my daughter I am mega hungry first thing. Getting the family up and out can be quite a rush in the morning so I tend to keep breakfast quick and simple.

If I am at home, I often opt for a bowl of cornflakes with milk and a side portion of fruit. The FREEE by Doves Farm Corn Flakes are really lovely and crunchy, with a wonderful flavour and not too sweet. They are organic and made of 98% maize, making them naturally low fat, and it’s great to find cornflakes without loads of stealth added sugar. My daughter Alba is quite partial to having them as a snack too!

When I a rushing out the door to take Alba to nursery, I might grab a FREEE by Doves Farm oat bar. Made using gluten free oats, they have a few different flavours in the range, from banana, apricot and apple to chocolate chip. I’ll sometimes have one of these as a mid-morning snack too, especially if my day has started really early. The Chocolate Chip Oat bars featured here are made with wholegrain oats and dark chocolate chips. They are free from gluten, milk, peanuts, egg and soya, plus are organic, vegan and high fibre.


As a freelancer I work from home so can nip to the kitchen to make myself a quick meal for lunch. If I am out and about for the day, it can be a good money saver to take homemade lunch with me. Gluten free pasta with lots of veggies and pesto is the perfect option for either situation. It’s quick and easy and using a vegetable pasta like the FREEE by Doves Farm Green Pea Penne is a great way to boost my fibre and protein intake.

Afternoon Snack

I have developed a real sweet tooth since I was pregnant with Alba and will often have a cup of tea with a couple of biscuits mid afternoon. I lead a very active lifestyle so this little indulgence is quickly balanced out. During the week I am quite time poor and prebaked cookies like these FREEE By Doves Farm Organic Chocolate Chip ones are what I grab. These are free from gluten, milk, peanut and egg, as well as being organic and vegan. They are wonderful crunchy and taste epic dunked in a nice hot cuppa :).

At the weekends, I love to bake. The FREEE by Doves Farm Choc Chip Cookie mix makes amazing cookies and is SO EASY to use. You only need to add a little water and oil et voila, perfect gluten free cookies that will leave your kitchen smelling amazing. I was really impressed with this little mix, especially as it is gluten, milk, peanut and egg free too.


I love to cook and can usually be found in the kitchen whipping up various dishes, with my trusty FREEE by Doves Farm gluten free flour by my side. Typical midweek meals for us are quick and easy to make, often vegetarian (we eat meat and fish too but are trying to cut down) and family-friendly. My sweet potato and halloumi fritters are made using FREEE by Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain White Flour and are always a crowd-pleaser.

There we have it, a typical food day for me featuring lots of yummy FREEE by Doves Farm gluten free products. For more information about the FREEE by Doves Farm Range visit their website and discover the vast number of gluten free products in their range.

The FREEE by Doves Farm gluten free range is available to buy online direct from their website or on Ocado. You can also find their products via major retailers nationwide including Sainburys, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco. Plus health food stores, farm shops and other independent retailers and wholesalers.

*This is a paid sponsored feature in association with FREEE by Doves Farm. I only ever advertise gluten free products that I personally enjoy and am happy to recommend to you all. All opinions on are my own and are 100% genuine.

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