There are hundreds of brilliant restaurants in London and I have tried my fair few since I moved to London a decade ago. Gluten free offerings are easy to find and there are many places that can cater ably for coeliacs. The gluten free London scene also features some dedicated gluten free bakeries and other eateries, which is ideal for nervous gluten free diners.

Of course, among all the good’uns there are some very non-coeliac friendly places too. Places that claim to serve “gluten free” food without a second though for cross contamination and others that simply don’t have a basic understanding of gluten free. But don’t fret, stick with my handy guide and you should be able to find a tasty and trust-worthy gluten free spot in London. All restaurants featured here have been tried and tested by me personally. I had a good experience when I visited (otherwise they would not be included), however PLEASE ask questions and make your own judgement for each. Processes may have changed since I visited and coeliacs like me have to be extra careful. This is intended as a guide only.

Gluten Free London

My gluten free London restaurant guide is broken down into sections as there are simply too many to feature on a single page! The full guide is a work in progress so keep checking back for regular updates. New sections will be published as the weeks go by and new restaurants added as I try them.

100% Gluten Free London Restaurants, Cafes and Bakeries

Fully gluten free facilities that are a safe bet for coeliacs. Luckily London has quite a selection to choose from, including bakeries, restaurants and cafes that are fully gluten free. You can find the details here:

Gluten Free Friendly Restaurants by Area

There are lots of other gems to be discovered, with a many restaurants having a very solid gluten free offering and coeliac-friendly processes. See the specific area guides below for more info. If you are visiting London briefly I recommend the Central London and East London guides:

London Gluten Free Friendly Chain Restaurants

I have also compiled a separate list detailing chain restaurants that can cater ably for gluten free diners. Some are accredited by Coeliac UK and all recommendations here at least have solid processes in place to avoid cross contamination:

  • London Gluten Free Friendly Chain Restaurants

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Enjoy London! x