Ever get fed up of alwaysssss having to toast gluten free bread before you eat it? Well now you don’t have to! With their new recipe Schär Wholesome Loaf, Schär have mastered the softness of a fresh loaf in a long life loaf. No toasting needed, I’ve been LOVING having a ready-to-go option for sandwiches.

Schär have been working on improving the recipe of their Wholesome Loaves recently and I am really happy to be working with them to help spread the word about how fab the new bread is. You can’t help but love a brand that puts so much effort into making their existing gluten free products even better. In my opinion it shows Schär are really focusing on the gluten free community’s feedback and our needs.

I thought you might all be interested to see a little taste test and comparison between the old Wholesome White loaf and the new recipe loaf. The old loaf was one I enjoyed, but I would always toast it before use. The new loaf makes a meeeeeean sandwich, with lovely soft squishy slices of bread – scroll on down to see the difference.

Awesome Sourdough Texture and Taste

First up, the new loaves have pink “now even softer” wording on the front label. There may still be some old recipe loaves in stores while stocks are updated, so be sure to pick up the right loaf. The new loaf is on the left below, with the old loaf on the right.

The Wholesome White loaf is a classic white loaf with a lovely sourdough texture and taste. It tastes really good and has a slightly chewy texture, more like gluteny bread than classic gluten free bread (no crumbly slices here hooray!). This texture sets the new loaf apart from the old loaf, which wasn’t quite a pliable and was slightly tougher.

Super Soft Slices – No Need To Toast!

The new recipe loaf is just so soft! It springs back when you squish it, is really flexible and a pleasure to eat. It has been so long since I’ve enjoyed a shop-bought gluten free loaf that is properly soft.

I toast most gluten free bread to refresh it, and would typically do this with the old recipe loaf. However, the new recipe Wholesome White loaf can be enjoyed straight from the pack, no toasting needed. It’s perfect for packed lunches and picnics, as you don’t need to worry about the bread going horribly hard (as toasted gluten free bread sometimes does when cooled).

About the New High Fibre Recipe Loaf

The new Wholesome White Loaf recipe is high in fibre, with ingredients including quinoa, millet and sourdough. Plus it’s a good source of calcium (which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes). It’s also low fodmap, contains no artificial preservatives and is gluten/lactose/egg/wheat/palm oil free.

Where Can I Buy It?

Supermarkets nationwide are selling the new recipe Wholesome White Loaf. Head for the free from section in your local Asda, Booths, Co-op, Morrisons, Nisa, Ocado, Sainsburys, Spar, Tesco or Waitrose. The loaves will be on offer across various supermarkets this May and June. Time to stock up!

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting launches from Schär soon. I’ll be reviewing them here! In the meantime, check out the Schär website for full information on their wonderful gluten free range at www.schaer.com/en-uk.

*This is a paid sponsored feature in association with Schär. I only ever promote products that I personally enjoy and am happy to recommend to you all. All opinions on www.mygfguide.com are my own and are always 100% genuine.