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10 Gluten Free Valentines Gift Ideas

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The season of romance is upon us and if you’ve a coeliac Valentine you had better buy them a tasty gluten free Valentine’s gift. Or get creative with a homemade gift recipe instead.

I’ve rounded up the best gluten free Valentines gifts available for UK-wide delivery. Plus am sharing a selection of easy bakes and chocolate truffles you can make at home.

If you’ve any other great finds you think I am missing, DM me on social media (@myglutenfreeguide) or drop me an email

1) Mannadew Gluten Free Pastries “Lovers Box Selection”

Wow, these incredible gluten free pastries just got romantic, with their Valentines Lover’s Box selection. Gluten free croissant pastry filled with homemade nutella, dark chocolate and almond, pistachio cream and white chocolate macadamia. Absolutely a Valentine’s gift I would like to receive (hint hint Dave)!

2) Eat n Mess Valentine’s Selection

For delicious baked goods (think cookies, cake pops and brownie dippers), Eat n Mess is a sure fire bet. Their gluten free treats are second to none and they do a gorgeous selection of Valentines day goodies, with lots of different priced options.

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3)The Bonbon Banquet

A lovely small company offering gluten free brownie traybakes and treat boxes. Their Valentines Bonbon Banquet box contains brownie dippers, cookie dippers, dipping sauces and mini marshmallows.

4) Vida Bakery Gluten, Dairy & Vegan Treats

No specific Valentines day treats here, but Vida do a delectable range of goodies available for nationwide delivery. From single serve cake tubs and cookie boxes to DIY kits and cookie dough (the cinnamon rainbow is my fave).

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5) Heart-Shaped Gluten Free Bagels

For a romantic savoury option, it’s gotta be the gluten fre eheart-shaped bagels from mygfgbakery. Their bagels are AMAZING and definitely worth trying if you’ve not had them before.

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6) Gluten Free Valentines Doughnuts

Proper doughnuts, fried and delicious. This Valentines doughnut from wildcraftbakery will have your coeliac jumping for joy!

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7) Triple Chocolate Truffles

Treat your Valentine to some delicious homemade chocolate truffles. A batch of these can be popped in a pretty box or gift bag, then stored in the fridge until Valentines Day. You can even get extra romantic with some heart-shaped sprinkles on top. A sure fire hit!

8) Red Velvet Cake

It’s a pretty colour, it tastes amazing, you can’t beat a good gluten free red velvet cake and I’ve a fab recipe for you! Or go small scale and bake red velvet cupcakes instead :).

Use my American-style cookie recipe to make a giant gf cookie embellished with a message of love! Just make the dough, form into a large cookie shape and decorate with chocolates and sweets. Then bake on a baking sheet until the centre of the cookie is just baked.

10) Double Chocolate Pretzel Bites

A foolproof homemade gift idea, these gluten free pretzel bites only need 3 ingredients and minimal effort. But they are ADDICTIVELY GOOD. My advice, make a double batch as you’ll definitely scoff a few while making them.

I hope you’ve found a couple of ideas you like. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Laura xxx

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