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Gluten Free Christmas Sandwich Round Up 2019

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Calling all gluten free festive Christmas sandwich lovers, here is a round up of those tasty seasonal sarnies in shops this year. There are even a couple of vegetarian festive choices to be discovered, which is fab to see!


Free From Turkey and Trimmings Christmas Sandwich – Gluten Free

  • This year’s gluten free festive sandwich offering from Coop is turkey with pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayo on seeded bread. Also dairy free.
  • Price: £3.15 and part of £3.50 meal deal.
gluten free christmas sandwich coop

Marks & Spencer

With a whopping three varieties of gluten free Christmas sandwiches this year, Marks & Spencers really are treating us to a festive smorgasbord!

Gluten Free Turkey Feast on Seeded Bread

  • The classic turkey feast, beloved by many free fromers, is back in M&S this year for the Christmas period.
  • Price: £3.90.
Gluten Free Christmas sandwich marks and spencer turkey feast

Gluten Free Brie & Grape with Ruby Port Chutney on Seeded Bread

  • The first of two veggie Christmas sandwiches available in M&S this year, my friend Cristina from @refrainfromthegrain says this is a great little sarnie and even better toasted!
  • Price: £3.90.
Gluten Free Christmas sandwich marks and spencer brie and grape

Gluten Free Cheddar & Chutney

  • I haven’t spotted this one in person yet but finally a Christmas sandwich flavour I can get behind! I’m a bit weird with turkey sandwiches and the brie and grape wasn’t tingling my tastebuds. Who doesn’t love a good old cheese and chutney festive sarnie?!
  • Price: TBC.


Free From Turkey Lunch (Turkey, Bacon, Pork Sage and Onion Stuffing, and Cranberry Chutney on Malted Bread)

  • Launched this week in Morrisons stores, but I haven’t found it in person yet so can’t give much more detail other than IT IS OUT THEREEEEE :).


Gluten Free Turkey Feast Wrap with a Gluten Free Sage and Onion Stuffing

  • The only gluten free festive wrap I have spotted this year, I really like the Sainsbury’s gluten free wraps and they are surprisingly filling.
  • Price: £3.00.
gluten free christmas sandwich sainsburys turkey feast wrap


Gluten Free Turkey & Stuffing with Chunky Cranberry Sauce

  • Great to see another gluten free festive sandwich included in the meal deal! The bread on the Tesco sandwiches is pretty good, and as one of the cheapest in the bunch it is worth trying if you like festive flavours. Also dairy free.
  • Price: £2.80, also part of the meal deal.
gluten free christmas sandwich tesco turkey and stuffing


Gluten Free Turkey Stuffing and Bacon Sandwich

  • Please double check the packaging when you pick one up to be sure you have the gluten free version as the gluten version has almost identical packaging. Also dairy free.
  • Price: £3.50.

On the Naughty List

Pret’s Christmas Lunch on Gluten Free bread

  • Not suitable for coeliacs due their kitchen processes (and let me stress that this is not just another mixed facility warning, there is a serious cross contamination risk – read here for full info), but if you are not sensitive to traces then you might want to give this half sandwich a try.
  • Price: £3.75 takeaway/£4.50 dine in.
Pret Christmas Lunch on Gluten Free bread

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Enjoy! x

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